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Secrets About Leadership Training

Discover Why 40 Percent of an Organization’s Success Can Now Be Credited to Its Leadership

More and more attention is now being directed towards the importance of human capital and the ever increasing importance of leadership training.  It’s not just about the numbers.

The assets and liabilities on a company’s balance sheet now account for only 60% of its real market value and this number is going down!”
Dr. Lev, Professor of Finance and Accounting, NY School Of Business

leadership trainingWhen an organization places the spotlight on the balance sheet – as many do – numerous times they are not measuring the critically important human capital which accounts for 40% of their assets. There are inaccuracies in your financial snapshot when you do not take into account the intellectual property of your human capital within your organization.  The strength of your leadership and their specific, measureable goals must be taken into account when setting any specific measureable financial goals.

Yes of course the financials are very important when it comes to reporting for your shareholders, lenders, etc.  And that financial snapshot is only one way to measure the organization’s success– that must go hand in hand with your human capital goals.  All of the leaders in your organization – CEOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, etc.  absolutely must be empowered with accountability, authority and responsibility, now more than ever, as their contributions will continue to have more and more of a powerful influence on measuring an organization’s growth and strength.

Ongoing leadership training is critical to your leadership team’s success.

I can’t tell you how many times an organization gets off track because it’s so easy these days to go into overwhelm.  Leadership training will guide you and keep you focused on what you must be tracking and measuring to have long term growth and success.

Clients come to my company from over 100 industries, from entrepreneurial start ups to corporate executives – companies whose leaders need to reinvent themselves quickly.

A client on mine who was a former CEO of a bank, left to start up his own bank right before the economy crashed. He successfully raised $22 million of capital in 5 months (April-September) in arguably one of the most difficult times in many years.   Before he started raising any capital, he was focused on building his human capital, as we worked together on this critical first step – and with that vital team in place he was ready to focus and successfully raise the financial capital.

Leadership training will strategically position your organization for long term success – with focused planning and execution so you never have an issue with these balance sheet inaccuracies.

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