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Corporate Limbo and Its Effect on Growth of Business

Can being in limbo really impact your growth of business?

Worse than a root canal, more frustrating than being put on hold by Accounts Receivable when THEY didn’t log your payment, more irritating than non-working signal lights at a busy intersection—asking for something and not knowing when or if you’ll ever get a reply!

Limbo—you don’t know when it’s going to end…you just wait, and wait…

Maybe even leading to an impact on your growth of business.

If you send a request for something—answer to a question, additional information, “please review”, and so on—and you are NOT in limbo, then everyone wants YOUR correspondence list!

What to do to free people from Limbo:


  1. Answer promptly.  Promptly for us is defined as 24 hours. (No-brainer here!)
  2. Reply with “I’m unable to focus on this right now, but will get back to you by….” And then actually do it!

While the second technique does run the risk of MORE emails to read—you will know what to expect.  You will have the opportunity to say “Please focus NOW—this is HOT.”

And both parties will receive validation that we ARE important to each other.  Working collaboratively means “never having to say you’re sorry” when you get the 2nd or 3rd request for the same thing!


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