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Top Activity on How to Develop Leaders

Looking for one of the best activities on how to develop leaders?

Whether you are looking to develop yourself or your management team, there are many tips and strategies available on how to take your leadership skills to the next level.

However, one of the steps that is often missed is going inward and learning who you are first. If you don’t know what makes you tick, then it is difficult to motivate and encourage others to become their best self too.

A great and inexpensive way to begin, is to start keeping a journal, or if you’d rather call a daily log–go for it.

Often when I bring up the idea of keeping a journal I get a lot of eyes rolling and deep sighs. For some reason, the thought of a middle school girl’s bright pink diary often comes to mind.

Just to give you a little peace of mind, this is not the type of journal I’m talking about.

If you take a look at this article written on Forbes by Daily Muse called, 6 Ways Keeping a Journal Can Help Your Career, there are some great points on how a journal can help with a career.

Taking it a step farther, a journal or daily log, can also help with your life, your business, and your leadership development.

Keep in mind what a journal looks like for each person is different. Some like to keep a voice recorder, some like to type it on a computer, and others enjoy the traditional paper and pen. The key is to find your style and stick with it.

Leader Development Through Journaling


1. Track good ideas. One of the most important impacts that a journal can have on your life and business is the ability to keep track of ideas that are good. The Forbes article talks about the timing of exceptional ideas and that they can come when you least expect them. When you have a journal nearby (or recorder or computer), you can add these ideas to your list.

2. Take away lessons. Throughout the course of a day, you are constantly learning lessons, good or bad. Keeping track of these lessons will give you a reference to refer to when needed.

3. Listen for advice. Whether it is a boss, coach, best friend, or a book, advice surrounds us on a daily basis. When you hear advice that is worth saving or even better savoring, write it down. You never know when you might need it again.

4. Blow off steam. There is no other place that is safer for blowing off steam than your journal. When you are angry or frustrated, it helps to get it out and then let it go.

5. Self admiration. You may think this sounds a little self indulgent, but if you can’t admire yourself, who else will? When someone compliments you, write them down. Keep track of what you do right and the successes you are experiencing, no matter how big or small.

6. Plan the future. One of the best actions to do with your journal is to dream and plan your future. Write down your future goals and where you want to be in 1, 5, even 10 years.

Keeping track of the intimate details of your inner thoughts, provides you a go to resource when you need it. Whether you are making long term goals, creating a great idea, or need a pick me up, your journal is one of the most valuable items for your personal and professional development–and it doesn’t need to cost a dime.

Do you journal? Share your experiences below or visit us on Facebook and share.

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Joy Pecchia, Executive Coach, Minneapolis



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