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Leader Development: Simple Steps for a Successful Tomorrow

Leader development includes setting each and every day up for success.

Ever wonder what you need to do to set up your day for success?

Have you ever thought that this may actually need to happen the night before?

Taking the time to plan out your tomorrow may be the difference between a great day or an unproductive one. How you end your workday, sets up the scene for the success of tomorrow.

Are you ready to make your tomorrows the best that they can be?

5 Simple Steps that Set Your Tomorrow Up for Success


1. Pull out your today's to-do list. Before you close up business for the day, be sure you take one last look at your priorities. Even though every task may not be complete, be sure there is nothing left undone that was a 'must' for your day. It can be difficult to unplug after work when you have unfinished priorities roaming around in your mind.

2. Clean up your space. Sitting down in the morning to a messy work area can get the day started on the wrong foot. Be sure your desk is clean and in order for the next day. This also includes your desktop. If you have emails that need to be read or responded to, finish those prior to closing business for the day. Your morning will be much more efficient if you are working on the tasks of today, not the tasks of yesterday.

3. Make your list for tomorrow. A great way to end your workday is to have your list of priorities written down in your calendar for tomorrow. Even if you have unfinished business from today, transfer them over to the next day. Too many lines and check marks can start your day feeling cluttered. Start with a fresh slate.

4. Review your schedule. After your list is complete, take a look at your schedule for the day, so you know the appointments you have scheduled and if you need to start your day earlier than usual. You don't want to wake up to any surprises or missed appointments.

5. End your day on a positive note. Even if you've had the worst day ever, if you dig deep, you can find something that went well. Keep track of what went well, so you leave the day feeling empowered. Some individuals like to start a gratitude journal to reflect on the day and what went right. You may even want to leave yourself a positive note, so tomorrow you start the day with that thought.

Regardless of your long term goals, do remember to close up shop and have some fun doing what you enjoy. One of my motto's for success is to Work Hard, so I can Play Hard.

How do you prepare for your tomorrow? Do you need to make some changes? Comment below, we'd love to hear from you.


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  1. Gary Sep 04, 2012 - 12:36 PM

    Couldn't agree more…. Especially about the clean desk:-)

    • Joy Sep 04, 2012 - 06:10 PM

      I can finally check off ‘having a clean desk’.  Didn’t seem that important to me, yet starting with a clean ‘slate’ every morning does make a difference.  I highly recommend it!