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How Happy Are You?

Do you ever find yourself feeling out of sorts or like something just isn’t right?

How happy are youRegardless of whether you consider yourself an optimist or not, there are times when you may find yourself in a funk. Sometimes the gloom and doom can sneak up on you without even noticing that it is there. So, how do you kick it it to the curb and get back in touch with your happy place?

Some people are just naturally happy. Whether or not you are one of them doesn’t really matter. Regardless, you do have control over your overall happiness. In fact, you are the only person who has control over it. If you are looking for that magic pill, the following everyday habits are sure to help.

5 Habits of Highly Successful Happy People

 1. Set Your Intentions for The Day. When you wake up, before you place your feet on the ground, set your intention. How you begin your morning sets the stage for the overall feeling of the entire day. If you wake up feeling dread and full of worry, your day will be focused on those emotions. Change it up to something more positive and uplifting.

2. Smiling Does the Body Good. There are some days that you will need to fake it, but even a fake smile is better than a frown. In fact, your body and mind don’t recognize the difference, so be sure to turn that frown upside down. When you are talking, meeting people, or even walking down the street don’t forget to offer up your smile!

3. Take a Break for Some Fresh Air. Spending time outside can instantly make you feel better. Throughout your day, spend some time on a walk or just sitting on a porch. Breathe in the fresh air and notice what is around you. It really is amazing how quickly this perspective will change your attitude.

4. Surround Yourself With Uplifting Souls. Who you spend your time with makes an impact on your overall happiness. If you find yourself surrounded by people who are always complaining or looking at life through a negative filter, you may want to make some changes. Surround yourself with people who are positive and support you.

5. End Each Day With a Moment of Gratitude. The saying of “Never go to bed anger,” really is true. Regardless of how bad your day may feel, there is always something to be thankful for. Find the blessings in your day before you go to sleep and focus on those. There will be days when you need to dig really deep, but they are there if you do a little searching.

Happiness always come from within. Each and every day, no matter the situation, requires you to choose your attitude. Become aware of your outlook and implement habits that lead you to happiness.

What practices do you use to change your attitude? Share below-I’d love to hear.


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