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Living Your Best Life Starts With Loving YOU

So did you show yourself some love on Valentine’s Day?

living your best lifeTo many of you this may sound a little silly. I mean with the whole commercialism of Valentine’s Day, who thinks of showing themselves some love? For goodness sakes, I thought it was all about chocolates, cards, and roses. Does this mean there is more?

Of course we do know that HAS to be more,  but it raises a question. When is the last time you showed yourself some love?

Whether you are a business owner, a stay-at-home mom or a corporate executive, it is easy to forget about taking care of yourself. In fact, often you are the last person to feel the love. However, without it, you can quickly become exhausted and burned out.

15 Simple and Easy Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

  1. Schedule a relaxing vacation, even if it’s just a day-away from the usual
  2. Spend time outside your house and office doing your favorite activity
  3. Read a book that doesn’t involve business or self-help—preferably one that makes you laugh
  4. Watch your favorite movie and eat popcorn, and Milk Duds
  5. Take a day off  to do nothing except stroll in the park or have great coffee at your favorite spot
  6. Plan a day at the spa
  7. Go to your favorite restaurant
  8. Exercise for the enjoyment of it
  9. Buy yourself your favorite flower
  10. Hire someone to clean your house
  11. Sleep in for as long as you want
  12. Go dancing
  13. Take a long bath
  14. Toast yourself with champagne
  15. Write a thank-you note to you, listing all the things you do for you & why you deserve them

Showing yourself some care and love doesn’t need to be difficult or elaborate. However, it needs to happen and not just on February 14th.

Sharing love with others and living the best life possible, starts with your loving you!

How are you going to show yourself that you care? Make the commitment now.


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