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Don’t Mix Pizza and PowerPoints!

How many people do you know that regularly eat lunch at their desks.  Chew and  type…wipe the ketchup off the keyboard and answer another email…grab a bite of bagel or pizza and answer a call. Is this kind of multi-tasking efficient?  Maybe. (For sure, it’s messy and then you have to clean your desk in addition to everything else that needs to get done.)

It may be efficient once in awhile, when you absolutely cannot stop…but despite its appearance of staying focused on the task at hand—if you do eat lunch at your desk more than once a week, you will pay too dear a price. It’s been tested and proven that people who do not change their environment mid-day experience a tremendous energy lag in the afternoon.  It’s not the food (or lack of) that causes the drop in energy—it’s the environment. The same space, the same posture, the same air all day, and your body, and spirit, rebels.  The time saved by not stepping away to…anywhere else to eat is offset by the time wasted later on.

Leave your desk and go somewhere!  Anywhere else!  Just don’t look at the same papers and the same work while you’re supposed to be eating, and relaxing.  This is part of taking care of yourself, and doing what you need to be a whole, happy, successful and Joy-ful person.


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