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Accept the Unexpected …

Accept the Unexpected …

Recently, my partner, Gary asked me to host a dinner party at our house for 20 professionals from his company.

I generally really love hosting a wide eyed womangood party, but this was an extremely important party. Not only were the professionals an important part of his company [and they all flew in for the evening to meet the honored guest], the focus was around a new product launch, and the product creator was the honored guest. As you can imagine, I was paying extra close attention to all details.

As I was busy inviting guests into our home, I was anxious for the guest of honor to arrive. Gary had already told me that he was a tad bit eccentric. Tad bit?

The first guests who arrived were in business casual attire, well put-together, very matchy-matchy [which didn’t surprise me, as it’s a very conservative company]. Then, the man of the hour arrived…with loud, back slapping hugs and looking surfer-like with his long, curly hair, LOW riding jeans and flip flops. He definitely wasn’t matchy-matchy with the rest of the guests – in dress or in personality.

Remember how I said that I paid attention to all details for the night? I had googled the guest of honor and found out that he had been the manager of a popular rock band in a previous career. So, being on top of my game, I decided to play the music of that band. Because I was so extremely proud of myself, I asked him if he noticed the music. I wish I hadn’t done that. Let’s just say that didn’t quite go as planned. After he heard the music, he went into a [very unexpected!] loud, long, dramatic story of how the girl in the band was an ex-girlfriend who broke his heart. I was offered way more details of his heartbreak than I ever wanted to know. I quickly backed away and changed the music. So much for super-hostess details.

And that was just the beginning of the interesting events. The guest of honor was a free spirit for sure—definitely not the typical business professionals I’m accustomed to. Not only was his look non-Minnesotan and non-business casual, his vocabulary was – well let’s just say – VERY colorful, and it went right along with his colorful personality.

All in all, it was a very fun and interesting evening, definitely not our typical dinner party.

The evening and my reaction to it made me think about a few things …

1. Even when you think you have covered all the details, be flexible. You can’t predict the unpredictable so don’t let it derail you.

2. Is there ever a time when it is NOT okay to show the world who you truly are? Are there times when you need to be more or less of something?

I’d really love to hear your thoughts about being prepared for and accepting the unexpected. Go ahead and leave them in the comment section below. If you have a similar story to tell, please share that. I’m sure other readers would like to hear your story about when you learned to ‘accept the unexpected’.


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