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Five Myths and Truths of Time Management

Five Myths and Truths of Time Management

How much are you really accomplishing every month – 25%, 50%, 75% of what you’d truly like to accomplish?  Are thestop watch pic jpi same items on your list month after month?  That’s so tiring, isn’t it?

We can all get stuck in the trap of ‘not enough time’.  Yet we all know that we’ve got the same 24 hours, 7 days a week.  So why are some people so much better at managing their time and moving towards their goals?  Here are a few Myths and Truths I’ve discovered in my own life and the lives of those I’ve coached:

Myth #1:

I’m Already Too Busy and Don’t Have the Time.

Truth:  I’m Creative and Resourceful and Will Find the Time.  Turn your self talk around, rather than letting it run your life.   What you’re saying to yourself ‘behind the scenes’ is either moving you towards or away from success.  Pay attention.

Myth #2:

Long-Term Planning Is A Waste of Time.

Truth:   Long-Term Planning Gives You More Time.  When you know where you’re going, you’re more apt to get there, right?  Nowadays long-term planning means looking out no more than three to five years.  Our world is changing too quickly; a ten or twenty year plan isn’t necessarily the preferred long-term track anymore.  There, it’s easier already, isn’t it.

Myth #3:

The Best Way To Achieve Is to Just Begin.

Truth:   The Best Way to Achieve is to Plan First, Then Begin. You can be more productive with your time when you know where you’re going.  Action without planning is the source of most failures. When you know where you’re going, you can figure out how to there, with both less effort and procrastination.

Myth #4:

It’s Hard Work To Schedule Your Time

Truth:  It’s Productive To Schedule Your Time.  You want to work smart, be focused and know you’ve accomplished what’s most important, right?  Scheduling is working smarter, not harder.  After all, it takes only about three weeks to create a new ‘scheduling’ pattern.  Scheduling your calendar every week to maximize your time is absolutely worth it.

Myth #5:

I Can Do It On My Own. I Don’t Need Help.

Truth:  I Can Achieve Much More With the Support of Others. Successful people surround themselves with the support of others. When you’re in action and the activity is not a natural strength of yours, bring in the experts who do it well.  That way you can focus on what you do well.  Doesn’t the thought of that already make you feel more happy and productive? 🙂

Joy is an experienced, Board Certified Coach who has guided many people towards successful time management.  Contact Joy at 952.471.2567 and begin your successful planning today!


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