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Finding the Right Coach Training Program

Finding the Right Coach Training Program


JoyCropped-1A few years ago I decided to exhibit at a national coaching federation conference. I was excited to have my business on display at this national event, since I was also putting the finishing touches on my Speed-to-Advancement’ (STA) Coach Training and Business Building Program.

What I discovered when I arrived was that there were a lot more coaching company exhibitors than I expected.  And even more unexpectedly, a large percentage were coaching companies offering coach training.

Now although I love having colleagues, and I have certainly gotten use to a lot of colleagues in my industry, I was surprised at what I noticed was included in other training programs.

There were many helpful systems like newsletter templates or email marketing campaigns for online training purposes, yet these tools are not enough, and frankly contribute to the cause of so many coaches closing their doors.

Coaching template systems are not going to help you grow a business – they are not enough!

Where is the business foundation in these systems? Where are the fundamentals? Where is the total package?

Why is it that so few coach training companies actually help coaches take their business to the next level?

Coaching companies and marketing companies from all over the world market their products to coaches. Why? Because coaches are seekers. Coaches are always looking to educate themselves or find the best ways to make their business a success. They are looking for the shiny objects, yet what they find often disappoints.

That’s why STA was created!

I was trained in 3 different coaching modalities, and then looked around and noticed that most of my classmates decided to take a j.o.b.  It took me a while to figure out that while they may have learned coaching skills in addition to online templates, they had no idea how to run a business.

STA helps take the guess work out of creating a successful business.

And as a successful business coaching company since 2002, we train you in what we’ve learned are the most important knowledge, skills and abilities to acquire.  You’ll work directly with Joy.  We don’t complicate it.  We train on both the skills of coaching, and the art of entrepreneurship.

You learn how to grow a business, make money, and find support. You have it all – value creation, marketing, sales, delivery, and high profit margins!

If you are interested in becoming a coach,  here is the complete system that gives you what you need:

We would love to have you join us!


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