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Many Moods of Transition

Many Moods of Transition

Can you believe that it is September already? Where did the time go?

Fall seems to be a time of transition; whether it’s going back to school, or moving forward with the decision to start your business, or maybe saying joy kidsgoodbye to your kiddos as they move on and leave after college…

These transitions are often accompanied by an array of moods. From excitement to anticipation to melancholy – the fall season often feels like a roller coaster ride.

What got me thinking about these transitions and moods …

A few weekends ago I said goodbye to my youngest son as he headed to Colorado to join his sister. He’s very excited about the move – and has a bit of anxiety as he hasn’t checked off ‘finding a job and a place to live’ just yet.

His sister is thrilled to show him the ropes. It sure is nice that brother and sister WANT to, and are excited to be together!

For me, saying goodbye to my kiddos as they begin their future adult life from another state – well that brings up all kinds of emotions, especially because that is 3 for 3. All three kiddos have officially left the nest and decided the cold MN winters just aren’t for them.

So for now I’m feeling melancholy.  Guessing I did a good job raising smart, independent young adults – yet wishing they were a little closer to home.

And I’m also curious…wondering what’s next on my life and business adventure, while being open to feeling the many moods that transition brings.

How about you – what transitions are you noticing taking place as you head into fall?


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