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What to Expect from an Executive Coaching Session by Beyond BBD

All coaches in the executive coaching industry have a different method of approaching their client’s needs. But their main goal is the same:

  • To get their client’s priorities right,
  • To help them build self-awareness
  • To encourage them to excel in the workplace

Beyond Boardroom Doors Inc. employs a certain method of leadership coaching, professional training and life adventures to guide individuals to recognize their strengths as leaders.

Here are the details of what one can expect from an average training session.

What Happens in a Coaching Session

– We Map Out the Problems

A career coach helps their clients get from point A to point B without stumbling. We plan out every step in a person’s long-term career, and find ways to accomplish that goal.

We don’t avoid challenges. In fact, we seek them and offer support and feedback so clients can better improve their problem-solving skills.

– We Focus on Long-Term Goals

Career coaching encompasses all that’s necessary for a person’s long term career goals. We shine a light on the challenges ahead and help our client map out what they need for their long-term commitments and goals.

If there are any challenges ahead, we mitigate the effects and try to help our clients stay focused on their long-term plans.

– We Help Fill the Skill Gap

A typical coaching session focuses on skills we can improve on. For many, this involves working with trust issues, communication skills and team work.

We fill in the gaps and smooth out the edges that need to be fixed. We contribute to the client’s personality and help them get to the next level of their career smoothly and quickly.

– We See Beyond the Context of the Job

Every work environment requires a different set of skills that the client may not be aware of. We coach them to understand the big picture and take all things in context before they proceed with their job.

For instance, if you’re working at a non-profit, the organization would have a completely different atmosphere than that of any corporate office. In such cases, you need to see the context of the job and tweak your attitude so you can fit in well and lead without stepping on any toes.

– We Identify what’s Important

We help our clients realize what’s important and encourage them to align their behavior accordingly.

With a coach’s help, clients are able to navigate through the corporate world and plan their career according to the environment they have. We identify what needs to be done and let go of; this could be related to attitude, ideas and skills.

What Can Executive Coaching Do for You

Contact Beyond BBD today. As a leading life coach, Joy Pecchia from Beyond BBD can provide you ongoing career coaching to achieve your career goals.

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