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Neither a Leader, Nor a Follower: Understanding the Importance of Leadership Development Coaching in the Workplace

The corporate environment has changed substantially over the last decade. Companies are no longer just seeking candidates with good grades, college degrees and nice suits.

While all the preceding qualities do increase the chances landing a job, what really sets them apart are their soft skills, in particular, their leadership skills.

So far, the results have been promising. However, the professional industry has now realized that while they are receiving candidates that possess this skill naturally, it’s just not enough. This is why many are turning to organizations like Beyond Boardroom Doors to help their employees develop leadership skills through active business coaching.

However, if this concept of bringing in a professional to teach leadership skills is new to you, let us clear some things out.

The Importance of Leadership Development

From a business standpoint, leadership development programs are not just an investment for your employees, but for your company as well. This skill gap has to be addressed. And by training all employees, regardless of their pay grade or management skill, you’ll have a better employee base that’s educated to do a better job. This in turn, provides your company with a more efficient workforce that not only displays professionalism but also dedication.

In short:

  • Retention will increase
  • Productivity will increase
  • Interdepartmental synergy will improve

Unique Leadership Styles

This investment will also give your employees the chance to recognize their hidden skills.

For example, while some individuals may be prone to leading through passion, others might want to excel through teamwork and compassion. Through this program, your employees will utilize various strategies for leadership to improve their methods, which will them make them a better worker.

In basic terms, the program will present the opportunity to help your employees define their personal leadership style in professional circumstances.

Working with Beyond BBD

If you believe that your employees and your company would benefit from a leadership training program, contact Beyond Boardroom Doors! As an organization dedicated to working with individuals and companies to help them recognize their true potential, we relish every opportunity to show the world the possibilities of leadership training and coaching.

Those looking for ongoing career coaching Minneapolis, give us a shout for more on our effective training programs and coaching sessions!


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  1. Chelsea Lewis Jul 26, 2018 - 09:54 AM

    Awesome post. Everything you wrote in this article is really important to boost the efficiency of a workplace. Thank you so much for posting this.

    • Joy Pecchia Nov 04, 2018 - 02:31 AM

      You’re welcome, Chelsea! I’m glad it was helpful for you.