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Joy Pecchia

Joy Pecchia is the Founder of BBD, creator of the Speed-to-Advancement™ (STA) Training System, and author and facilitator of BBD LIFT events targeting executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders. After a successful career as a corporate executive, Joy was inspired to give to others in a more expansive way through coaching, and became one of 30 Board Certified Coaches (BCC) in Minnesota. In addition, Joy received master certifications from Coaches Training Institute, META Institute and Robbins Research Intl (RRI). Joy has recognized a need to help prepare business leaders to navigate on-going change and offers mindful-based leadership development to leaders who are challenging the status quo.

In recent years, environmental, social, and economic issues have become top-of-mind concerns for our global society. Guided solutions are needed to solve these persistent problems. There is a great need for our business, community, national and world leaders to go beyond the status quo and begin using their influence to create meaningful and dynamic change.

With insights from her own successful corporate career and more than two decades of leadership and professional coaching and consulting, Joy Pecchia saw the leadership need and an opportunity.

At BBD we know that leaders need the self-understanding, mindfulness, and inner balance, along with professional skill-sets and tools, to lead their teams to success during times of volatility.

Leaders must also answer the call towards social responsibility by contributing to long term, trust-based relationships that impact their cultures of people, purpose and process.

BBD offers an array of proven tools, services and process models to help leaders discern the path forward and activate sustainable change in their lives, organizations and communities.  In addition to our high-end delivery model with a focus on catalyzing change and cultivating leaders, BBD is also a laboratory for new thought and action.

We’ve honed our strategic, leadership and coaching systems along with our team training programs to help leaders achieve new heights by capitalizing on change and complexity rather than resisting it.

The services BBD provides reflect the personal and professional values and responsibilities we believe in as business leaders, educators, coaches and consultants. 

Our methodology is values based authentic leadership, guiding people in positions and roles of leadership who care about causes beyond themselves and the goals of their organization.

Our goal is to take leadership development Beyond Boardroom Doors to prepare leaders to navigate on-going change while connecting with the passions and values that drive them to help lead authentically, boldly and effectively.   

Founder, Joy Pecchia

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