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3 Tips on Working Through Transitions of Life

3 Tips on Working Through Transitions of Life

3 Tips on Working Through Transitions of Life

Life is full of transitions – some feel great, while others feel not so great. However, regardless of whether the transition is welcomed or not, it just may be causing you some stress.

This time of year is full of transition – especially if you live in the upper Midwest. Did you see the weather that we are already getting here? Yikes!photo-4

Whether you are working through a transition of the season or a major life transition, these three tips may help you weather the storm.

1. Flexibility is Important

The number one tip on working through transition is to stay flexible. Regardless of what type of change you are experiencing – flexibility is an important piece to reducing stress and enjoying the journey.

Life is not stagnant, nor would we want it to be that way. There are lessons around every corner, and remaining flexible allows you to find those lessons and learn.

2. Find the Silver Lining

Yes – even though I am not a fan of snow in early November – or anytime for that matter, lol – I can find the silver lining in that cloud. The snow fills the water table and keeps our earth healthy.

Finding the silver lining in the transition allows you to change your feelings about what is happening. Sometimes you need to dig deep to find that positive spin on a situation, but it really does make a difference with how much stress you feel during the change.

3. Find Support

The good news is: You never need to do transition alone. There are people waiting to help you through the process. Whether you find a close friend or loved one, mentor, counselor or coach, there is always help available. Find the support you need to work through the change. You might be surprised about how a new set of eyes gives you a much needed change in perspective.

Change is natural, and so is transition.  Even though it may not feel great right now, the end result can be a change in the outcome of your life.  Move through it with Joy, I am here to support you. [no pun intended, lol]

5 Steps to Improve Your Time Management and Avoid Distractions

5 Steps to Improve Your Time Management and Avoid Distractions

5 Steps to Improve Your Time Management and Avoid Distractions

Staying Focused Is Time Management for the Important Things in Your Life

staying focusedMost everyone is aware of how difficult it can be staying focused.  With all the distractions around us, whether it’s the numerous interruptions caused by  technology, your family’s needs or your finances; not to mention your health, relationships and many other areas of your life – it is a miracle that we get anything done!

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Life Purpose – is it Real?

Life Purpose – is it Real?

Big questions often asked in life are “Why Am I Here?” or “What Is My Purpose in Life?”

purpose in lifeThese questions are inquiries about your gifts, your passions, your contributions to the world. It’s about being in tune with who you really are and it comes from a very deep core level inside of you, and for many of you, when you have clarity on your purpose in life, it will feel like a spiritual experience.

I’ll never forget the time I discovered my purpose in life. I was at an Anthony Robbins 10 day Coaches Training Program. One of the processes we worked through was discovering, or uncovering, whichever way you want to look at it, our purpose in life. We worked on it for a few days throughout the training.

By the end of the third day I was fairly close to what I wanted, so I got up the next morning for my daily morning walk through the hillsides of San Diego, and was compelled to sing my Purpose Statement, and as I sang this…”I am Joy I am Enthusiasm, Visionary Child of God, I Inspire Action in All His People, Awakening Souls Throughout the Universe”, and as I sang “Universe” the path I was walking on curved around the hillside and right there in front of me was the most spectacular sunrise I’ve ever seen, rising in the middle of two hillsides, and it immediately brought me to tears. That’s how I knew I was spot on with my purpose in life statement.

That was in 2000, and it has clearly guided me in my life ever since.

Find your Purpose in Life

Here are some questions you can begin asking to be thoughtful and curious about your purpose in life. Make a commitment to yourself that you are taking this exercise very seriously, and that your 30 day outcome is that you will know in your heart, what your Purpose in Life Statement is. It’s certainly worth focusing on for 30 days of your life.

  1. What are the values that guide my life? Are you guided by honesty, compassion, intelligence, strength…what are the top 5-10 values that you live by?
  2. When I’m at my very best in my life, who am I ‘being’? If you’re musical, are you ‘being’ creative, open, relaxed? Who are you really ‘being’ when you’re ‘doing’ something you love.
  3. What is my vision for my life? Who do you truly want to become, when you take away all the old stories, beliefs or rules that might limit you. Who are you, really?

Imagine how different your life will be when you’re no longer asking yourself the ‘what is my purpose’ question.  Rather, you’ll be living it every day.

Transition, Fresh Start, New: Autumn a Season of Birth

Transition, Fresh Start, New: Autumn a Season of Birth

Transition, Fresh Start, New: Autumn a Season of Birth

Somewhere along the way, I realized that the new year doesn’t begin for me in January. The new and fresh has always come for me in the Fall. Ironically, as leaves are falling like rain, crunching beneath my feet with finality, I am vibrating with the excitement of birth and new beginnings….
My year begins in Autumn. ~Betsy Cañas Garmon

As you walk along your path this Autumn it is easy to let the beauty and serenity of the season pass you by. It is easy to look ahead to the cold, dark nights of winter, (especially here in Minnesota1) or the dawning of a new year. Yet what could change if our views moved from endings to new beginnings?fall trees

Something to consider: If it weren’t for Autumn, new seeds would never fall or have time to blossom into next year’s harvest …

Fall isn’t just about beauty, crisp days or pumpkins – it is time of letting go and sowing for the future.

Before you prepare to head into the colder days of winter or the holiday season; this time, right now, is the perfect time to begin setting the seeds for spring. What action do you need to take right now to make that happen? What do you want your spring to look like – full of life and expansion?

Ah, very good.  🙂 Then now is the time to begin.

Happy New Beginnings to you!

Until next time …



Fall: A Season for Gratitude

Fall: A Season for Gratitude

As summer ends and we transition into fall, it is not uncommon to hit a panic button with thoughts like, “I’m not close to hitting my goals”, “How am I ever going to get ahead this year”, or “I can’t believe I’m no further than I was last year”.

However, it is also a great time to look at all that we’ve accomplished.


When I see the leaves being to change, that’s the message I see.  The oaks, elms and the soon-to-be glorious maples are thanking Mother Nature for their re-birth in Spring and the activity and growth of summer.

They aren’t looking at what they didn’t accomplish, instead they are basking in all that they are.

I want to say thank you to all of my family, friends and colleagues who have, once again, provided me with the energy and enthusiasm that I’ve enjoyed so far this year.

For all of you reading this—whenever you see a red-orange flash of color in the trees – remember …

Fall is not the beginning of the end…of the year.  It’s a time to be grateful for what we have and what we’re experienced so far this year.

Finding the Right Coach Training Program

Finding the Right Coach Training Program


JoyCropped-1A few years ago I decided to exhibit at a national coaching federation conference. I was excited to have my business on display at this national event, since I was also putting the finishing touches on my Speed-to-Advancement’ (STA) Coach Training and Business Building Program.

What I discovered when I arrived was that there were a lot more coaching company exhibitors than I expected.  And even more unexpectedly, a large percentage were coaching companies offering coach training.

Now although I love having colleagues, and I have certainly gotten use to a lot of colleagues in my industry, I was surprised at what I noticed was included in other training programs.

There were many helpful systems like newsletter templates or email marketing campaigns for online training purposes, yet these tools are not enough, and frankly contribute to the cause of so many coaches closing their doors.

Coaching template systems are not going to help you grow a business – they are not enough!

Where is the business foundation in these systems? Where are the fundamentals? Where is the total package?

Why is it that so few coach training companies actually help coaches take their business to the next level?

Coaching companies and marketing companies from all over the world market their products to coaches. Why? Because coaches are seekers. Coaches are always looking to educate themselves or find the best ways to make their business a success. They are looking for the shiny objects, yet what they find often disappoints.

That’s why STA was created!

I was trained in 3 different coaching modalities, and then looked around and noticed that most of my classmates decided to take a j.o.b.  It took me a while to figure out that while they may have learned coaching skills in addition to online templates, they had no idea how to run a business.

STA helps take the guess work out of creating a successful business.

And as a successful business coaching company since 2002, we train you in what we’ve learned are the most important knowledge, skills and abilities to acquire.  You’ll work directly with Joy.  We don’t complicate it.  We train on both the skills of coaching, and the art of entrepreneurship.

You learn how to grow a business, make money, and find support. You have it all – value creation, marketing, sales, delivery, and high profit margins!

If you are interested in becoming a coach,  here is the complete system that gives you what you need:

We would love to have you join us!

Many Moods of Transition

Many Moods of Transition

Can you believe that it is September already? Where did the time go?

Fall seems to be a time of transition; whether it’s going back to school, or moving forward with the decision to start your business, or maybe saying joy kidsgoodbye to your kiddos as they move on and leave after college…

These transitions are often accompanied by an array of moods. From excitement to anticipation to melancholy – the fall season often feels like a roller coaster ride.

What got me thinking about these transitions and moods …

A few weekends ago I said goodbye to my youngest son as he headed to Colorado to join his sister. He’s very excited about the move – and has a bit of anxiety as he hasn’t checked off ‘finding a job and a place to live’ just yet.

His sister is thrilled to show him the ropes. It sure is nice that brother and sister WANT to, and are excited to be together!

For me, saying goodbye to my kiddos as they begin their future adult life from another state – well that brings up all kinds of emotions, especially because that is 3 for 3. All three kiddos have officially left the nest and decided the cold MN winters just aren’t for them.

So for now I’m feeling melancholy.  Guessing I did a good job raising smart, independent young adults – yet wishing they were a little closer to home.

And I’m also curious…wondering what’s next on my life and business adventure, while being open to feeling the many moods that transition brings.

How about you – what transitions are you noticing taking place as you head into fall?

Step Out of Fear and Into Action

Create Your Excellent Life by Stepping Out of Fear and Into Action

Life CoachIs it possible to step out of fear and easily move towards your goals?

Whether you are looking to grow a business or advance your career, sometimes it can be uncomfortable! Many times when we are moving forward or stepping out of our comfort zones we can have days that fear is running our life. However, problems arise when we let that fear lead us and become part of our decision making process.

So, how do you step out of fear and into action? These tips may help…

1. Stop and recognize the fear. Before you can move away from fear, you need to recognize that it is present. When you are feeling disconnected from your goals or unmotivated, stop and determine what the cause may be.

2. Determine the best route. If you are struggling with the route you are on, find an alternative one. Don’t just stop or do nothing. Be creative and resourceful and choose to do something different.

3. Bring yourself back to the current moment. Typically when we are faced with fear, we are anticipating the future and future events, or we’re in the past rehashing something that we’re not thrilled about. Ask yourself if you are okay at this precise moment. Nobody can predict the future – not even you. Usually when you come back to present time, you can think more objectively.

4. Find your determination to excel. Dig deep if you need to and keep your eye on your goal. If you need to find support or experts to help, then be willing to do whatever it takes. Just keep that determination going.

Finding success is not always easy! Find a way to push yourself out of your comfort zone to truly live a remarkable life. And if you need help and support in the process – I’m always here.

Until next time …