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Most likely you were very courageous when you started your career or your business and began to chart a course toward success. Yet constant change and daily business operations can cause many leaders to lose perspective on where you ultimately need to take your career or your business to continue to excel.

At BBD, we have assisted privately and publicly-owned organizations in a wide range of consulting interventions in the United States and internationally. Our strength is to find strategic solutions to unusual challenges. We effectively combine knowledge and experience with a touch of intuition in our work.

SV: Strategic Visioning

Change is constant and technology has created even more rapid change. Let BBD help you stabilize and/or grow your business by ensuring all critical factors are represented in your business strategy. SV takes a wide and deep look at the current structure, culture, competing initiatives, internal and client-facing processes to help determine the reality of the strategies without serious disruption or intrusion.

ALP: Advancing Leaders Program

How can you provide much-needed professional development for your people without adding a burden on their already-full schedules? Without on-going attention to professional improvement, your team is not maintaining the status quo. They (and you) are likely losing ground with dynamic changes in your market, your customers and your company. You want (and need) the best of both: training and coaching! 


Take your entrepreneurial spirit and vision for your business entity and let BBD help you prepare to kick-off a thriving business or growth strategy. SmartStart provides both strategic and tactical support to new entrepreneurs as well as well-established businesses to launch, stabilize, re-orient or grow your company.

Leading your company is a pro-active and time-consuming responsibility. While many of your employees may be focused on daily or monthly tasks, your vision has to extend far into the future and deep into your organization. You take on that task willingly and consistently. You know that the decisions you make daily have far-reaching impact on your future, the quality of life for your employees, your industry and community; and ultimately, the business world at large.

Now is the time to stabilize, transform, improve, grow your company or your business and position yourself strategically for success. BBD works to remain at the cutting-edge of social, cultural, and business trends. Working with leaders to understand the unique challenges of each individual company, we apply our knowledge to develop a strategy that allows business to capitalize on key opportunities rather than accept the status quo. If you don’t capitalize on change, your competition will.

Looking for Solutions, not Quick Fixes?

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