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LIFT™ Adventures

The more passionate you are about your career, the more vital it is to also include find the balance that renews your spirit, reflects on your meaning and purpose, and reconnects who you are with what you do.

To meet this pressing need, BBD’s LIFT™ Adventures involve programs for influential and advancing leaders and offer a transformational experience that engages you in an experiential learning process that is reflective, inspiring, and rejuvenating.

LIFT provides an opportunity for you to recognize the importance and power of your stories and how they influence your leadership capacity. LIFT also offers a place to consider how you choose to live and to lead authentically.

Participants cultivate both individual reflection and community while gaining proven tools for self-discovery and leadership development.

Wondering how to create a solid leadership plan?

ByESJ-004-e1447699159193Kick it off with a customized Adventure in the Carribbean!

If you’re serious about fast-tracking a clear, customized plan for your personal and professional growth, Joy is inviting you to join her for an amazing adventure, where she will support each of you by offering full integration of a focused plan specifically designed specifically for you. We’ll be discovering your personal WHY and you’ll learn the value of living life on your terms, with the foundation and clarity of your WHY guiding you throughout the year.

Joy loves seeing people have those ‘light-bulb’ moments, right on the spot – in person. To dig up these nuggets, it requires a lot of preparation, combined with thoughtful discussion and inner work -with insights from an expert who knows what works based on your uniqueness.

That’s why she gets so excited at the prospect of having you join her — on the beach! She’ll map out an entire Program that’s customized specifically for each of you that results in a simple, clear and focused plan to help you start living your life more authentically and on purpose. Free up more of your time spent on those all too familiar fears that creep in called procrastination, indecision and fear.

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Transform your life where it matters most.

new-years-day-972298_1920LIFT: Just what you need to bring that SPARK back into your relationship!

Relationships require that you cultivate essential relationship skills of Love Inspiration Forgiveness and Trust (LIFT!):

LIFT is a time for you and your partner to grow and also to have fun! You will create once in a lifetime memories and experience personal growth like never before. Our program makes it easy and enjoyable for you to discover new tools that will enhance your most important relationship.

We have combined essential resources specifically designed toward revitalizing and reinforcing a foundation of communication, love, and trust. All that’s necessary on your part is an interest and a willingness to improve. We’ll help you do the rest.

We will arm your relationship with the communication tools that will last long after LIFT has ended!

If you want your relationship to be an area of excitement, juice, passion and aliveness, then you want to be aware of the tools that can give you the ultimate advantage.

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Boat_Small“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover!” – Mark Twain

Great sailors are also great leaders and team builders!

Leadership and sailing – business and sport, actually have a lot in common.

There are many analogies between sailing skills and professional and personal leadership skills: from dealing with unexpected events and negotiating changes in the marketplace, to wind shifts out on the water. When methods suddenly change leaders need to react quickly, just as sailors do when suddenly hit by a fast moving squall. Solving problems and reaching goals require communication that works, whether on water or on land.

Facilitating a group is very similar to maneuvering a boat: a sailboat can’t move quickly or in the captain’s intended direction unless all hands are engaged and collaborating well.

Outcome: Back on land, you’ll be equipped with different ways to enhance your leadership skills and integrate it into your daily leadership.

Let’s Go Sailing!

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