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Having Trouble Staying Focused? Five Steps to Improve Your Time Management and Avoid Distractions.

Staying Focused Is Time Management for the Important Things in Your Life

staying focusedMost everyone is aware of how difficult it can be staying focused these days with all of the distractions around us, whether it’s the numerous interruptions caused by advances in technology, your family’s needs, or your finances, not to mention your health, relationships and all other areas of your life that can distract you or require your immediate attention. Needless to say, staying focused on time management is even more critical to your success today.

Below are 5 Steps you can focus on today to begin mastering life management skills on your personal development path to the desired quality of your life.

Staying Focused Tools:

    The 80/20 rule applies to this. What I see, over and over again with clients, is that 80% of you having what you want is to be very clear on what you want and why you want it. Be sure to begin with the end in mind. It’s critical to be clear and focused on this first step. Write it down, post it up on your bathroom mirror, car dash, desktop – visualize it – feel what it feels like when you achieve that outcome.
    Then begin to capture your actions – and this is only 20% of achieving your outcome. If the action is not something you enjoy, or is uncomfortable, don’t focus on the action, focus on the outcome. When you keep your focus on the 80%, your desired outcome, the 20% will appear to fall into place. Prioritize your actions and leverage and/or delegate anything you don’t need to spend your own time on. Then schedule these actions into your calendar and make them a MUST.
    Your body has a natural ultradium rhythm every 90 minutes. This natural rhythm allows you to focus for a specific period of time [90 minutes], and then it is time to take a break. This means you can set yourself up to work optimally by scheduling actions into 90 minute cycles on your calendar, with a break in between. These breaks or rests, allow you to refresh yourself and begin again renewed with a feeling of vitality and motivation. They can be 20 minute breaks to get up and walk around, handle other priorities, or when you are on deadline and don’t have the 20 minutes available, then drinking water, deep calming breaths or stretching can quickly support you towards a renewed feeling of energy and focus.
    Establish times and spaces that give you the opportunity to disconnect from work in order to create more balance in your life. By disengaging for short time periods, you will increase your energy and focus. What creates more balance in YOUR life? Running? Working out at the gym? Hanging out with your family or friends? Contributing to your community? Reading? Yardwork? Even 10 – 15 minutes is very rejuvenating.
    By far, one of the greatest time management issues is when you allow other people to distract you from your predetermined Musts. When you’re focused, you create a boundary and simply do not allow this to happen. You may need courage, clarity or motivation to communicate your boundaries to others, not denying an interaction, simply delaying it so you can stay focused on what’s most important in the moment.

So there are your 5 strategies to staying focused. Be sure to develop a basic time management or life management system that makes it easy for you to follow through with your commitment. You will be amazed at how sharp your focus can be.

Begin today. Remember it takes practice and time to make this change automatic. The effort is absolutely worth it in staying focused.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Building Rapport

Building Rapport with Others by Influencing Them So They Feel Comfortable in Your Presence

Rapport Building Audio

building rapportRemember the old saying, “A first impression is a lasting impression.” It’s true. Rapport is about making the other person feel important or at least liked and understood. It may take extra focus and time initially, and successful people will agree that it’s time well spent. If you cannot communicate effectively, then you won’t be able to sell yourself to others or build rapport.

Often building rapport is something that is left to chance and to happen naturally over time, and if you want to create it instantly, you’ll want to follow the ideas below.

Match and mirror the person you are trying to build rapport with. Matching and mirroring basically means copying the other person’s way of being; from the way they talk and the length of their gait, to their body posture and breathing speed and even their speaking mannerisms.  When we like someone we unconsciously copy his movements and characteristic behaviors, this happens naturally in nature.The first time you experiment on someone, you will be surprised at how effective it is. Like anything else new that you learn, you’ll want to practice rapport building skills until they become more natural or automatic. Here are some specific ways to build rapport by matching and mirroring, to get you started:

Tools for Building Rapport:

  1. Physiology. Their posture, significant gestures, facial expression, eye blink, and breathing – which is the deepest form of rapport. Match what the other person is doing with their physiology. If they’re leaning in, you lean in, if they have big gestures then you make big gestures. This may seem like mimicking someone else, and you really are, yet when you do it in a natural way the other person actually feels more connected to you.
  2. Tonality. Voice, tone, tempo, vibration, volume, pitch and pauses. If they speak softly, you speak softly, if they speak fast, you speak fast, if their voice is loud, you be loud. You don’t need to over exaggerate any of this. Even copying them slightly will unconsciously make them feel as though they are more connected to you and that you care.
  3. Words. Key words and phrases, common experiences and associations, big picture or details. Find common interests quickly. Keep changing subjects until a common interest is found. Match their vocabulary level. Some people find it more important to show their superiority and mastery of language rather than to communicate effectively. Sales people who use jargon that I am not familiar with will not get the sale. Do your best to match the vocabulary level of those with whom you speak.

By learning the art of building rapport and making it a part of your everyday life, you will become a person who makes friends, influences colleagues, and rises to the top.

Six Stealth Tools for the Successful Entrepreneur

The Importance of Having a Support System in Your Life for the Successful Entrepreneur

Successful People Audio
successful entrepreneurWe are not meant to travel this life journey alone. Don’t let your independent nature get in the way of reaching out when you need it, whether it’s corporate team building, creating support systems or whatever else it is to be a successful entrepreneur.

Read below to find out what I’ve noticed about the successful entrepreneur:

    1. The successful entrepreneur invest in their personal growth and learning consistently either through reading books and articles, listening to audio, attending seminars, workshops and/or teleclasses. They know they don’t have all the answers so they seek people that have the answers they’re looking for.  And then they get out there and take action on what they learn.
    2. The successful entrepreneur model other successful entrepreneurs. You do not need to re-create the wheel. In fact why would you? Your idea is probably not vastly different from what someone has already created and that you can model. Connect with those mentors, ask questions, get their ‘recipe’ for success so you can map it on to your life. This will save you a lot of time and money and give you much higher chances for success. Are you reinventing the wheel or learning from the wisdom of others who have succeeded before you?

“Be brave enough to accept the help of others.” — Melba Colegrove, Harold Bloomfield, Peter McWilliams

  1. The successful entrepreneur recognize that through their personal insights, in meditation, journaling, or spiritual practice, they will be supported and guided in living a ‘holistic’ life. You live with trust, not fear; faith, not worry. You begin to live an authentic, congruent life from the inside out. What would your life be like if you were living in full expression? Playing full out? Imagine the possibilities…
  2. The successful entrepreneur lead well-balanced lives. They take time for their families and fun times. They celebrate the whole of their lives, not just parts of it. Mix it up and notice how much more energy you have in your life. Be creative about the different ways to connect with others in a way that feels balanced for you.
  3. The successful entrepreneur hires an expert. If you want a fit body, hire a personal trainer; if you want to cook healthy meals, hire a chef; if you want your finances in order, hire a financial expert; and if you want to live an outstanding life, hire a life coach. Experts create a bridge that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be. Just as top athletes have coaches to bring out their best performance, coaching helps clients build on their own inner strengths. Your coach is invested in your success and provides insight, structure, and encouragement for increased effectiveness and fast improvements.
  4. The successful entrepreneur arrange for at least one social break during the week. Schedule breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a walk with a colleague, vendor, or friend. Join a business networking group, or sign up for social activities such as dance class or recreational sports league. Don’t go into hermit mode — it can be self-destructive!

The truth is, engaging a strong, active support system is one of the most effective strategies for creating changes that last. Use these suggestions to identify any holes you need to fill in your support network. Doing so will absolutely pay off. Treat people right, do your work well and “what comes around goes around” and you’ll end up at a more desirable place than if you ignored this reality.

We are all works in progress, living examples of art. Continuous self-improvement keeps you turned on and tuned into life. And as a result, you evolve as a human being. You make a difference in the world by being the best YOU that you can be.

Being a successful entrepreneur inspires others to be their best, and the very nature of humanity improves.

Is It Time To Get Clarity On Your Upcoming Career Change By Taking A Career Break?

Consider Taking A Career Break

Working Sabbatical Audio

Yes, I realize that most career breaks are an opportunity to get away from your work, yet when you’ve created a career that you love, you really can’t tell the difference between work and play. And if it’s a priority to you like it is to me, maybe you’ve taken your own career advice and made a career change so you can continue working from any environment.

I’ve got to tell you, it was a lot of work when I prepared for my career break. I see clearly why some people don’t do what it takes to live their dreams. And yet once I got clear, made the decision and began taking action on it, so much support showed up that allowed me to make my dream real. If you focus on the how, or the logistics, you’ll probably view a career break as just one more good idea that you’re not going to follow through with. Yet when you truly associate to your outcome, associate to your WHAT and WHY, when that becomes your priority and focus, the logistics don’t take center stage in your plans, rather they are something you simply check off your list as you stay fully associated to your outcome.

career breakA career break is time away from your typical routine – a time to immerse yourself in a different environment, giving you a chance to see your life from a different perspective. Here are some of the reasons my clients choose a career break, and as you’ll see, there’s a variety of reasons why:

Reasons for a Career Break:

  • Learning a new language or skill
  • Considering a career change or retirement
  • Contributing to a community or organization you’re passionate about
  • Creating an amazing adventure
  • Time away for self reflection and purpose
  • Opportunity to connect deeply with your dreams
  • Slowing down to listen to what your heart and soul are telling you
  • Taking an earned respite
  • Writing the book that’s been inside of you
  • Rediscovering your specific needs and goals
  • Planning for fundamental life changes
  • Discovery through personal growth and exploration

In fact the freedom to explore beyond the bounds of your normal routine is often essential if you are to connect deeply with yourself and your vision for what is next in life.

career break is goodPart of the reason that career breaks have such an enduring appeal is that they might offer people a chance to be themselves rather than their work roles (i.e., a CEO or a doctor). Stepping outside of your false identity (that you are your job) gives you access to immense personal freedom and spiritual renewal.

And, it is not uncommon for clients to take their significant
other or their entire family. It is inspirational and life changing
for all parties involved.

Right about now you might be thinking of all the reasons why you can’t do this. Start by writing those negative or disempowering thoughts down on the left side of your notebook, and on the right side of your notebook write the empowering or positive thoughts or ideas to focus on instead. This will allow your brain to begin considering other choices you might not have thought about before, and it could also be an opportunity to consider any career advice you may have received. And check in with your heart, with your intuition, what do you need to pay attention to?

A career break could be just what the doctor ordered

If living your dream was easy everyone would be doing it! I work with individuals who are willing to step up and do whatever it takes to live their dreams. No one ever said this journey was easy, and yet living your dreams of a career break or a career change is so fulfilling and does truly give you that deep sense of peace and happiness you’ve been craving.

Business Symbiotic Relationships

3 Areas to Establishing Business Symbiotic Relationships

Business Symbiotic Relationships Audio

Many leadership teams today are focusing on team building, be it vendors, employees, customers or other companies, who have the greatest potential for symbiotic relationships. The term ‘competitors’ can certainly be a hot topic out there, and in reality you can look for the complex symbiosis between two groups: meaning mutually beneficial relationships between different organisms in the universe that allows them to flourish or, bottom line, they need each other.

Here are three examples of business symbiotic relationships:

  1. Referral Marketing The cycle self-perpetuates with more satisfied customers referring others to your company. You both flourish in this type of relationship.  We are definitely living in the ‘recommendation age’ more so than the ‘information age’.  We all have so much access to information these days, that it’s highly desirable when recommendations or referrals are made.  That initial trust factor is more apparent, and you’re one degree closer to your goal.
  2. Branding and ROI Campaigns Some of the best online campaigns in recent times have used advertising to drive metrics for both branding and ROI. Specifically targeting your ads to engage your customers in a series of focused communications will most likely result in maximizing the long term value of your investment.
  3. Large Companies and Small Businesses The corporate world’s glass towers, large conference rooms and grey suits may be intimidating, and it’s imperative that small businesses place a high value on their viable business and negotiate accordingly. Large companies may assume roles as business partners, product distributors, or customers for small businesses. Good communication practices are essential to all business relationships, both internal and external, and team building with large companies is no exception.

Keep in mind that a symbiotic relationship has the potential to turn parasitic when you’re not paying attention.  Work smart by building relationships in these three areas, and reinforcing that with strong leadership, team building and follow up.  Your business symbiotic relationships will be worth it.

Preparing For Your Medical Procedure: An Anxiety Disorder Treatment

An Anxiety Disorder Treatment For Your Next Medical Procedure

anxiety disorder treatment
In preparing for your medical procedure it is extremely beneficial to your healing to reduce anxiety or fear before the procedure with an anxiety disorder treatment.

I have partnered with one of my long term coaching clients, Dr. Anthony DeMarco, a board certified Anesthesiologist, in creating an audio download for you that has had incredible initial results with his patients.  Dr. DeMarco noticed there was a need to help people prepare for their procedure with an anxiety disorder treatment. Normally when he interviews a patient, his time with them is very short. He doesn’t feel that he’s fully prepared the patient for this procedure and feels the patient deserves more.

The benefits of an anxiety disorder treatment:

By listening to the audio before your procedure, it helps to lower fears and anxieties before your medical procedure. Your mind and body can be conditioned to already begin the healing process prior to any of the following procedures:

  • Surgical
  • Dental
  • Local
  • Colonoscopy

The benefits may be:

  • in lowering fear and anxiety you may lower your adrenalin, or in medical terms, your sympathetic outflow.
  • in lowering your adrenalin, you may lower your heart rate and blood pressure

This is what Dr. DeMarco noted after patients shared with him:

  • 66% of patients who listened to this download the first day after surgery: Had no complications
  • Did not take any narcotics.
  • Patients who listened to this download 6-7 times before their medical procedure reduced their anxiety levels prior to their procedure by 60-70%.*

One of my coaching clients downloaded the audio for her husband before his surgical procedure. This is what she noticed:

“He was up and out as a spectator at sporting events and continued on with his normal routine within 2 days after his surgery. His friends were so surprised to see him out and about so quickly. He went to the doctor for his post surgery exam and the doctor was very pleased with how quickly he was healing. He has another medical procedure coming up in the next few weeks and he has already started listening to the download again and he expects similar results.”

Here are Dr. DeMarco’s goals for you in listening to this guided meditation:

  • You are so well prepared that you notice a decrease in both your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • This empowers you by giving you a sense of control and involvement in your procedure.
  • Realize and feel grateful for all the people who are helping you through the procedure.
  • To know that one of the reasons people go into health care field is to help others, they sincerely do care about you.

I’ve partnered with Dr. DeMarco and have created an anxiety disorder treatment for you in this guided meditation.

Preemptive Healing Audio CD – An Anxiety Disorder Treatment

an anxiety disorder treatmentThis exciting audio is Joy’s latest coaching offering. It features her “Preemptive Healing Meditation”, a powerful tool to use before a medical procedure or anytime you need a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation. Joy takes you through a soothing 12-minute meditation with tranquil music that will calm, center and inspire you!

Download for $19.97

Follow the simple instruction in the audio, relax and enjoy preparing for your next surgical procedure, with the benefits of reduced anxiety and fear.

[*The more you listen to the audio the better the results.  We are not guaranteeing these specific results for you.]

Top Seven Passive Income Tools

Business Coaching Breeds Success in Creating Passive Income


passive income

Many of my clients sign on for business coaching to create success through passive income.  They’re looking for that additional ‘edge’ in creating an even stronger legacy to leave behind.

I had a funny conversation about this with my partner the other day.  He’s a GM for a large corporation, works hard at his corporate job and manages a large sales team.  When he heard ‘passive income’ the first thing that came to his mind was his sales guys sleeping on the job.  Hehe, I thought that was pretty good…

What is passive income really? According to Wikipedia, passive income is “an income received on a regular basis with little effort required to maintain it.” Although this can be true once your passive income funnel is created, the process of generating this passive income still requires skill, hard work and determination up front.

Here are the Top 7 Passive Income Tools that have supported my clients the most:

  1. Brainstorm 3-5 business ideas that you are passionate about and that would meet your passive income goal.
  2. Do your due diligence!  It’s time to research those ideas and then narrow it down to the one that you will focus on and begin!  I provide my clients with my Decisive Action System™ so they have a strong process for clarity in this important step.  Do not leave this one out!!
  3. You must create this passive income business the same way you’d create any other business.  You Need A Plan!!  Before working with me, many of my clients think that because they came up with this great concept it will just naturally happen.  Sorry to say, that’s not how it works.  Corporate America doesn’t create businesses without a plan and neither should you.  Here’s how you can make this process easy:
    • Start with an outline of your business plan
    • Create goals from that plan
    • Decide on what the priorities are
    • Take small actions
    • Schedule those small action steps in your calendar
    • Follow through!
  4. I give you permission to Play Big!  So many of my clients now know what this concept of Playing Big is all about.  It’s time for you…to Play Big!!
  5. You must find a positive ‘frame’ for discipline as it does take plenty of discipline to stay on your passive income path.  Here are some frames my clients have used:
    • Discipline = Power
    • Discipline = Freedom
    • Discipline = Achievement
    • Discipline = ________________ [what defines this for you??]
  6. Business coaching is a critical part to my clients’ success.  They need someone to bounce ideas off of, hold them accountable to their commitments, get them off that ‘procrastination’ train and celebrate their successes along the way.
  7. Begin now and let me know how you’re doing!

My main goal as an executive coach is to work side by side with you to leverage your success.

Is creating passive income YOUR ticket to freedom?