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Financial Freedom, Money and the Meaning of Life

11 Financial Freedom Tools to Maximize Your Wealth


financial freedom cruiseFinancial Freedom Tool #1

Your Definition of Money

What is your definition?   Maybe it’s freedom to travel or the opportunity to purchase a home, or that it’s a means of exchange….before we had money, we bartered:  My two goats for your camel, right?   When you get very literal about money, as I lay this pretend pile of money out in front of you, it’s literally pieces of paper and round metal disks.  And look at the power people give money.  How do you choose to define it?

Financial Freedom Tool #2

Decide the Feeling you Choose to Create for Yourself Around Money.

Some people, even those with a lot of money, may get an emotional charge that can generate a fear of scarcity around money.  And then there are those who have an emotional charge of abundance when they think of money, even when they have a low net worth.  Some people give money a feeling of power, so to them, not having money means not having power.  Since you do get to choose, what feeling do you choose to create around money?

Financial Freedom Tool #3

Uncover Your Unconscious Beliefs About Money.

Many of your beliefs probably came from your parents or other role models when you were younger, or they came from different conversations or experiences you had in the past. And as a result, that became a defining moment or particular decision that you made at that time.  This belief became ‘your truth’ unconsciously, probably when you were a child.  What people don’t realize is that old unconscious beliefs are still with you now as an adult, unless you’ve become aware of them and replaced them with new beliefs that better serve your adult life.

Financial Freedom Tool #4

Write Down Five Limiting Beliefs That You Have About Money.

What are five beliefs about money that get in your way of financial abundance, or that sabotage your financial dreams.  What are you saying to yourself?  Where do you feel it in your body? These beliefs may be yours, your parents, teachers, employers.  Now is a great opportunity to really take a look at them and decide if you choose to keep them.  Are these beliefs supporting you in your life of abundance or are they focused more on scarcity?

Financial Freedom Tool #5

Choose an Empowering Belief

Choose an empowering, or positive belief for each one of the top five disempowering or negative beliefs that you came up with.  So for example, if one was “It’s hard to make money”, the belief that you choose instead may be something like “It’s easy to make money”.

Remember, you actually made up your old belief, so now you can make one up that works better for you.

Financial Freedom Tool #6

Map it onto your Identity

Create an ‘I Am’ statement for each positive belief.  For example, “I Am great at making money.” Anytime you have an “I Am” statement, it’s a deeper level of mastery.  You could also say something like “I Am the money maker.”

Financial Freedom Tool #7

Support in Your Environment.

When you have your five positive beliefs and I am statements, post them up somewhere, (maybe on beautiful stationery), in your kitchen, on your bathroom mirror, on your car dash –  any place where you can be reminded on a daily basis that these are the new belief statements that you choose to focus on now.

Financial Freedom Tool #8

Ask Great Questions

If you identify with – I Am the Money Maker.  The question you could ask yourself is What’s Great About Me Being The Money Maker Right Now? And to deepen that even more, at the end of the day when you wind down, you could mentally review your day or scan your day in your mind and ask yourself, In What Ways Was I The Money Maker Today?  Just recall small moments, conversations, or experiences from your day.

Financial Freedom Tool #9


One of the things you want to do is make your change a must. After you decide what you really want, it’s about having the leverage to keep yourself moving forward.  It’s not about just desiring something, it’s about getting really clear.  Know what you want, and know why you want these new beliefs to be instilled and what they could possibly mean for you.

Financial Freedom Tool #10

Spending Plan

Organize your finances by creating a spending plan. It’s not a budget, that’s like a diet, right?  This is your spending plan.  It’s all about choice.  What do you choose to spend?  What do you choose to invest?  What do you choose to contribute?

Financial Freedom Tool #11


Make a difference with others.  It will give you a feeling of even more abundance.  It doesn’t have to be money, or more money than you’re comfortable with.  It can also be your time.  Find out what you are really passionate about and do that. Making a contribution is one of the most fulfilling ways to having an abundant lifestyle.

Enjoy your 11 Financial Freedom Tools on Money and The Meaning of Life.  “Money does not buy happiness, creating wealth from the inside out buys character.” Joy Pecchia

Financial Freedom, Money and the Meaning of Life – Copyright 2010 Joy Pecchia  All rights reserved worldwide.

Purpose In Life; What Is It?

The Big Question everyone’s asked at some point in their life is something like “Why Am I Here?” or “What Is My Purpose in Life?”


purpose in lifeThese questions are inquiries about your gifts, your passions, your contributions to the world. It’s about being in tune with who you really are and it comes from a very deep core level inside of you, and for many of you, when you have clarity on your purpose in life, it will feel like a spiritual experience.

I’ll never forget the time I discovered my purpose in life. I was at an Anthony Robbins 10 day Coaches Training. One of the processes we worked through was discovering, or uncovering, whichever way you want to look at it, our purpose in life. We worked on it for a few days throughout the training. By the end of the third day I was fairly close to what I wanted, so I got up the next morning for my daily morning walk through the hillsides of San Diego, and was compelled to sing my Purpose Statement, and as I sang this…”I am Joy I am Enthusiasm, Visionary Child of God, I Inspire Action in All His People, Awakening Souls Throughout the Universe”, and as I sang “Universe” the path I was walking on curved around the hillside and right there in front of me was the most spectacular sunrise I’ve ever seen, rising in the middle of two hillsides, and it immediately brought me to tears. That’s how I knew I was spot on with my purpose in life statement. That was in 2000, and it has clearly guided me in my life ever since.

Find your Purpose in Life


Here are some questions you can begin asking to be thoughtful and curious about your purpose in life. Make a commitment to yourself that you are taking this exercise very seriously, and that your 30 day outcome is that you will know in your heart, what your Purpose in Life Statement is. It’s certainly worth focusing on for 30 days of your life.

  1. What are my values that guide my life? Are you guided by honesty, compassion, intelligence, strength…what are your top 5-10 values that you live by.
  2. When you are at your very best in your life, who are you ‘being’? If you’re musical, are you ‘being’ creative, open, relaxed? Who are you really ‘being’ when you’re ‘doing’ something you love.
  3. What is your vision for your life? Who do you truly want to become, when you take away all the old stories, beliefs or rules that might limit you. Who are you really?

Imagine how different your life will be when you’re no longer asking yourself a question about what is my purpose in life, rather you are living it every day.

How To Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life Through Passion and Growth


enjoy lifeDo you know how to enjoy life, creating opportunities for yourself and others in a way that significantly enhances the life journey? In working with my clients, I have found that the following 5 Key Tools give their lives the greatest enjoyment. These tools are based on client success stories to enjoy life, and if the tools worked for them they’ll probably work for you too.

Enjoy Life with These 5 Key Tools

  1. You are responsible for your happiness and enjoyment. It’s up to you to focus on different ways you can enjoy life, whether you’re with a group or alone. I find that when my clients choose to be responsible for their own happiness, and finally realize that their enjoyment is not anyone else’s job — not your partner, not your colleague, not your friend, not your family. It’s up to YOU to decide what choices you are making every day that create the life you enjoy. Period. When you realize that it’s up to you to create a life you enjoy, it will actually free you up. It’s so much more refreshing than the ‘blame’ or ‘victim’ game that’s so commonly played.
  2. The two most fulfilling ways to enjoy life are through ongoing growth and contribution. It is a huge investment in YOU when you take a class, read a book, attend a lecture, etc. Many of you have heard the expression: If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Find ways that you love to learn and weave it into your life. Contribution is just as fulfilling. Make a difference in the world in whatever ways that feel right for you. A smile or greeting for someone you pass on the street, time or money to your favorite charities, joining a team on a walk or ride for an important cause. Honor and acknowledge the areas of your life where you can make a difference for someone or something else. Taking the focus off of you once in a while really does create a higher quality of life.
  3. You’ve all heard the power of activating your endorphins through laughter. This journey is not serious, it’s just your life! The quickest way for you to turn ‘lemons into lemonade’ is through humor. Create a file of your favorite jokes, start an album of the funniest pictures of you and others, watch a funny movie, etc. Have fun creating the lighter side of life for your enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others. A client recently told me all the reasons why he couldn’t be happy, and they were all external resources. Focus on what you can control and when you take specific action on how to enjoy life your perspective shifts, dramatically increasing your areas to laugh and have fun.
  4. What are you really passionate about? Everyone has hidden treasures or talents. If you’re not sure what your gifts are, ask people in your inner circle for their perspective on your gifts and talents. And when you know what they are, have fun creating a way to include them to enjoy life. When was the last time you picked up your guitar, played your favorite sport or planned a BBQ with your friends? Remember, sometimes it’s the simple actions that give you the biggest results.
  5. Let go of what no longer serves you. What are you giving energy to right now in your life that is really from your past. Are you following old rules or beliefs that actually get in your way of life enjoyment as you define it now. Have a VIP meeting with yourself and clear out anything currently in your life that needs to be replaced so your focus is more on how to enjoy life in the present, rather than any suffering you may be experiencing because you didn’t eliminate old negative patterns and replace them with something that puts a smile on your face.

Remember, whatever you hold in your mind expands, so think thoughts that empower you and support this incredible life journey you’re on.  Enjoy the process of how to enjoy life and focus on what’s great.

Are you Experiencing Brain Fog? Here are Five Tools To Finding Yourself

It’s Natural to have Brain Fog in Life From Time to Time.


brain fogMaybe you’re feeling a little stuck though? If you haven’t taken some time to find yourself lately, to connect with YOU, it is easy to be in the ‘brain fog’.

Here are 5 Tools to fight brain fog and rebuild those connections.

  1. Spend quiet time alone, with just you. Listen deeply, ask great questions. What are you proud of? What are you grateful for? What do you really feel, think, and want? Get in touch with your truth, re-live those moments when you were absolutely ‘on your game’.
  2. Accept yourself; the good, the bad and the ugly. You’re right where you need to be on your journey. Rather than being in judgment of yourself – your achievements, your body, your life path…how about practicing some self love? No, it’s not for sissies! The most successful people I know have learned to love themselves.
  3. Pay attention to your self talk. What do you notice about what you say to yourself? Is it kind and loving? Or are you beating yourself up? Thoughts and emotions are a powerful way to influence your reality. If you don’t have the life you want, create empowering, positive self talk and questions. Listen to your true voice.
  4. Treat yourself! What haven’t you treated yourself to in a long time…a massage…a quiet walk in nature…booking your next vacation…calling someone who makes you laugh so hard…? Whatever it is, commit to one loving action NOW … just because you love it and yourself.
  5. Remember, The Most Important Connection In Your Life Is To YOU. Love yourself…celebrate your successes…make things happen…contribute to yourself and others…and remember, LIFE IS A PROCESS, NOT AN OUTCOME.

What I’ve learned about finding yourself is that when you are ‘filled up’ there is so much more available to you, and for others. It’s about making that decision to ‘show up’ in your life, No Matter What. Don’t hang out on the sidelines in a brain fog, feeling disconnected like many people out there. Take a Stand! Step it up.

This is your life, and it’s your responsibility to create it in a way that you can be proud and not in brain fog.