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How to Focus in Your Life

How Tele-Coaching Helps You Focus

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In a recent post I mentioned Nivya’s video about focus in your life.  Nivya is such an incredible human being.  She started the coaching process, like she said, with a lot of ideas and many things she wanted to do and become. Nivya is an excellent coaching candidate.  She follows my carefully considered coaching and because of this she has soared.

Focus keeps you prepared

Nivya leaves next week for a fitness competition.  She has never been more prepared, more calm, more centered.  She comes from abundance and even had some fun and bought great ‘bling’ to wear during her competition!  As you can see in her video, she shines, she’s present, grounded, and grateful for her journey.  She has very high expectations and has been meeting those expectations consistently.  She is now writing her book and conducting fitness trainings, goals that she always wanted in her life and hadn’t made any progress on…until coaching.

And yes, she’s right – there is homework!  I don’t do the work for Nivya or for any of my clients.  It doesn’t work that way.  I’ll give you a plethora of resources, guide you and hold you accountable, and you will learn to love doing your homework because you will see phenomenal results and learn to focus.

Focus cultivates success

Nivya is a stellar example of what can be accomplished through the coaching process.  She works with me through my tele-coaching where I utilize proprietary systems and technologies that give her the results, and much more.  She still has a lot going on in her life, and is much more focused, directed, grounded and extremely successful.  And on top of all that, she is truly a warm, loving human being.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have to coach Nivya and so many amazing people across the globe.  Through the coaching process your life will be on purpose, with focus and clarity, in ways that will simply amaze you.

Decide today, that you’re ready – now more than ever – and begin your coaching journey.  Check out Joy’s website to read about more testimonials at

Tips for Your Personal and Professional Success Ritual – Simple and Highly Effective!

Your Personal and Professional Success Ritual

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Hi there, I’m starting my virtual work day from the beach with my daily success ritual – Starbucks and a walk on the beach while I think through everything I’m grateful for and then plan my day, go inside and eat a healthy breakfast, prioritize my day and get started – by then I  am fired up and ready to get to work.

Successful people add a success ritual to their life.

Wikipedia’s definition of a success ritual is a set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value. Another ritual I have is symbolic – swimming in the morning to train for a triathalon to achieve my goal of being a triathlete!  Another ritual towards my triathalon goal is training with a client of mine down here in the Caribbean, Nivya, who is a fitness trainer and competitor.  Watch what Nivya has to say about her rituals in a future video post.

When my clients begin their day in a particular way, the rest of their day goes much easier – it has a flow.  Like most new things you’re incorporating in your life, start small with simple basic steps.  As your success ritual becomes a pattern and they’re happening consistently, then add in something else.  You don’t have to go from zero to sixty – add in one success ritual or routine action in the next few days, let the momentum begin to build, and by the end of 30-60-90 days you’ll have some solid success rituals as your foundation for success.  Your success rituals may continually evolve (especially if you like variety!) based on the seasons, personal or professional goals, or when it’s time to step it up again.  Doesn’t mean you stop having success rituals, and you do get to choose when you want to change it up to keep it fresh and energizing for you.

As I’m writing this post today I already feel like I accomplished a lot because my morning success rituals gave me a strong foundation for my day.  What a great mindset, yes!  As you’re reading this, did you start your day with a ritual?  If you did, that’s great, then I know you’re already feeling successful in your day!  If not, tomorrow’s the ideal day to get started.  You’ll appreciate just how grounded and focused you will be throughout your day.

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Joy Pecchia is the founder of Minneapolis, MN.-based Behind Boardroom Doors™ a Leadership Development and Professional Advancement firm that educates Executives, Entrepreneurs and Teams on how to effectively increase profits and stealthily manage in any direction.  Pecchia is also the author of an upcoming book on becoming the #1 Leader in Any Company.  E-mail to be notified when it’s available.

Working Virtually

Hi I wanted to check in with you from the warm sunny Caribbean beaches while I’m working virtually.

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Working from here while Minnesota has yet another 18” snow storm has been fantastic.  My daughter is here visiting from Denver with her girlfriend, they can’t get enough of the soft sandy beaches.

working virtuallyI dreamed of working virtually for years

– and waited patiently while my three children left home to begin their adult lives.  My son Chad will be here from Chicago later this week, and for now Ben needs to continue studying in his college sophomore year in Wisconsin – next year he’ll be here too.  I know I wouldn’t see my children in Minnesota this time of year so their visits are another bonus of working from the beach!

This feels so right — to be working virtually, especially from the warm sunny beaches.  Many of my clients are working and living globally – and I have learned how to connect with and coach them by utilizing the great mobile technology available to all of us.  I’ve become an expert at knowing exactly what clients need to launch them towards success, and have never had to focus on face to face communication – that’s great – and part of my business plan has always been to work with a broader geographic base.

What about you?  Do you have a life or career plan in place for the next 5 – 10 – 20 years?  Many of my clients use to be the ‘I’ll be open to whatever happens’ or they’ve been searching for a teacher who can help design and create their career and life on their terms.  They are more alive and present and successful than ever before.  They literally wake up every morning happy and grateful.

We’re all human – everyone has fears that may tend to stop or slow down your progress – and everyone also has courage that allows you to take the leap of faith and live your dreams.  You too could be working virtually.

Don’t let another year go by without an expert in your life!


Joy Pecchia is the founder of Minneapolis, MN.-based Behind Boardroom Doors a Leadership Development and Professional Advancement firm that educates Executives, Entrepreneurs and Teams on how to effectively increase profits and stealthily manage in any direction.  Pecchia is also the author of an upcoming book on becoming the #1 Leader in Any Company.  E-mail to be notified when it’s available.

How to Find Your Life Purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose

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A great friend of mine, Sue, is here enjoying the beaches while I’m working.  She’s been fascinated at the journey I’ve been on over the past 25 years.  I met Sue while I was walking down our neighborhood street with Chad on a tricycle and pushing Tricia in a stroller.  We met Sue and her son who was Chad’s age, and since I was the organizer in the neighborhood, connecting everyone, planning outings at the park and the beach, and BBQs for the neighborhood, I was happy to have met them and included them as well.  At this time in my career I was working part-time in accounting.

A lot has changed in 25 years in finding my life purpose!

1.      Invest in YOU! As I progressed in my life and became a General Manager for a Live Events company in Minneapolis, I worked with a corporate coach and was not only thriving under her direction; I also became very interested in coaching as my next career.  In addition, my boss wanted me to go to a Tony Robbins’ event to learn how he moves large audiences, since that’s what we were doing with Fortune 100 clients. I became very interested not only in to the psychology of how Tony works with large groups, but also the content I was exposed to through his seminars.  That was enough to change my life purpose and career direction from General Manager to Executive Coach and one of Tony’s elite coaches!

2.      Take Action and Turn Your Dreams Into Reality! I wanted to learn all I could about the coaching profession.  I went to numerous seminars, became trained and certified in coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic  Psychology), Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Healing Touch.  In 2002 I exited corporate and started up my business and have loved not only my journey, but also working with all of my clients across the globe, supporting them in their goals and dreams.  I definitely walk my talk!  I work with my clients on defining with absolute clarity their goals and together we set up a plan on how to achieve each and every goal.  80% of your effort must be on your goal and why it’s important, and 20% is the actions you take to get there.

3.      Live Your Life Purpose! By applying my systems and technologies, my clients are now on course with their life purpose and career they’ve created through our coaching process.  Yes, sometimes it’s a lot of work, and there’s also a lot of fun and adventure as you begin YOUR journey to live your life purpose.

Step up today, and eliminate two to three steps on your ladder to success in your life and career! Check out Joy’s website to find out more about her services at