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How to Find Your Life Purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose

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A great friend of mine, Sue, is here enjoying the beaches while I’m working.  She’s been fascinated at the journey I’ve been on over the past 25 years.  I met Sue while I was walking down our neighborhood street with Chad on a tricycle and pushing Tricia in a stroller.  We met Sue and her son who was Chad’s age, and since I was the organizer in the neighborhood, connecting everyone, planning outings at the park and the beach, and BBQs for the neighborhood, I was happy to have met them and included them as well.  At this time in my career I was working part-time in accounting.

A lot has changed in 25 years in finding my life purpose!

1.      Invest in YOU! As I progressed in my life and became a General Manager for a Live Events company in Minneapolis, I worked with a corporate coach and was not only thriving under her direction; I also became very interested in coaching as my next career.  In addition, my boss wanted me to go to a Tony Robbins’ event to learn how he moves large audiences, since that’s what we were doing with Fortune 100 clients. I became very interested not only in to the psychology of how Tony works with large groups, but also the content I was exposed to through his seminars.  That was enough to change my life purpose and career direction from General Manager to Executive Coach and one of Tony’s elite coaches!

2.      Take Action and Turn Your Dreams Into Reality! I wanted to learn all I could about the coaching profession.  I went to numerous seminars, became trained and certified in coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic  Psychology), Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Healing Touch.  In 2002 I exited corporate and started up my business and have loved not only my journey, but also working with all of my clients across the globe, supporting them in their goals and dreams.  I definitely walk my talk!  I work with my clients on defining with absolute clarity their goals and together we set up a plan on how to achieve each and every goal.  80% of your effort must be on your goal and why it’s important, and 20% is the actions you take to get there.

3.      Live Your Life Purpose! By applying my systems and technologies, my clients are now on course with their life purpose and career they’ve created through our coaching process.  Yes, sometimes it’s a lot of work, and there’s also a lot of fun and adventure as you begin YOUR journey to live your life purpose.

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