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Business Life Stage

What Is Your Business Life Stage?

business life stage

Your Business Life Stages 1-9

  1. Birth Business  Life Stage
    A business is really started when you take on personal risk. Most people at this stage have a job, not a business. To grow out of this stage, you need to think about the needs of the business as very separate from your own. You are not your business.
  2. Infant Business Life Stage
    This is the stage where you hire another expert to handle the additional workload you have from successfully completing Stage 1. You may have independent contractors or a few employees, and it’s basically still you running the business. Cash flow may be one of the issues that keep you up at night.
  3. Toddler Business life Stage
    Now your business is really starting to move forward. You’re building your management team, and you’re still in control. Your team works well together, yet they still run all their ideas by you, as you’re still the main decision maker. Everything begins to accelerate during this stage. Cash flow may still be a concern, and most importantly, you are making progress.
  4. Teenager Business Life Stage
    At this stage, you begin to develop your team to manage the business. Cash flow is no longer an issue – growth and innovation occupy your thoughts. During this stage you may become overconfident and mistakenly believe more means better. It’s easy in this stage to discount accountability [big mistake!], and you haven’t yet built strong, sustainable systems.
  5. Young Adult Business Life Stage
    Now you’re really beginning to anticipate the future and make more educated and committed
    choices. You limit what you focus on — especially the systems that build long term success.
    You settle down and get serious. Congratulations, you’ve grown up.
  6. Maturity Business Life Stage
    Yes! You are now reaping the rewards. You’ve developed a life and business system
    that’s sustainable. Celebrate your successes and hard work! The business has now been branded, there is a clear leadership vision and direction, and your teams are aligned. Sales and profits are growing, your original vision has come to life.
  7. Mid-Life Business Life Stage
    Unfortunately, at this stage of business, as in life, things begin to deteriorate and fall apart. What do you need to do to reenergize the business? If you don’t tend to this issue it will continue to age. What worked well in the past is no longer working. This is the time to re-innovate, re-create and re-energize! At this stage you may also consider putting your exit strategy in place.
  8. Aging Business Life Stage
    If you fail to take action in Stage #7, your business will continue to break down, especially if you, the owner, are in denial. You may begin to lose talented team members if this denial continues.
  9. Institutionalization Business Life Stage
    Your company is in demise and is only kept alive by what was originally put in place: the systems, rules, policies, and procedures. You’re no longer putting energy towards innovation or creativity. Your business may cease to exist.

Email today to set up a time to review these stages in more detail and learn what you MUST do to avoid Business Life Stage #8 and #9!

Deciphering Good Information In Making Business Decisions

Dig In and Get the Facts, Good Information

Many of us rely on internet, newspapers, television, and radio news to find out about what is happening throughout the world. Unfortunately, along with factual and informative reports, are a large number of stories based on slanted facts or lies. The stories can certainly be entertaining and do support the media business’ ROI, yet when you believe these stories to be the truth, you can come away with a picture of the world in a very slanted way.

good informationStanley Milgram’s Law – People Blindly Believe the Words of An Expert, may be at play here. Milgram was in search of some deeper explanation of social obedience – which can lead to normally rational, well-intentioned people, folding under peer pressure. This can have a significant effect into how we respond to and believe our news sources, especially when the majority of our culture seems to blindly follow along.

The Importance of Knowing Your Sources for Good Information

Quality sources of good information form the foundation of any good article, and the ability to judge quality comes with experience.

1. Get to the source of good information. You’re more likely to get accurate answers to your in-depth questions if you ask to interview the experts themselves.

2. Understand angles. Whether it’s a person, publication or organization, take into account any biases that might be in play. Most writers are aware of this but fail to dig further when a bit of this information supports a claim or falls in line with their personal beliefs.

3. Ask for proof to verify good information. Even if the source is well-respected, ask for documentation to support their facts. Just because someone says it’s so, that doesn’t make it so. The question is, can they prove it, and will they prove it for you?”

4. Avoid off-the-record discussions. Integrity comes from due diligence and research. Keep digging until you know you can trust the facts.

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Considerations in Giving

Considerations in Giving

According to the website of Volunteering in America, Seattle ranks 4th in volunteering in the large city category. The data states the following:

  • considerations in givingThere are 943,600 volunteers in the Seattle area.
  • 34.9 percent of residents volunteer—ranking Seattle behind Minneapolis-St. Paul, Portland and Salt Lake City.
  • $2.5 billion worth of service is being contributed by volunteers.
  • The volunteer retention rate in Seattle is 73.9 percent compared to the national rate of 65 percent.

(In fact, despite the current economic downturn the number of volunteers increased nationally by 1.6 million from 2008 to 2009.)

Considerations in Giving: Two Different Approaches…

Consider these two Seattle-related giving-back situations:

  • Along with Warren Buffet, Seattle native, Bill Gates, initiated The Giving Pledge. This is a commitment from fellow billionaires to donate most of their wealth to philanthropic causes of their choice.
  • One Seattle-based non-profit, See Your Impact, features specific needs and shows donors the impact of their micro-donation.

Two Great Results from considerations in giving!

While the billionaires pledge their enormous wealth to worthwhile causes, See Your Impact’s website posts small targeted funding requests to help reduce poverty world-wide.

For example, their website asks potential patrons to give $15 for a back-to school kit for a kindergarten aged Columbian child. The kit contains a new backpack, notebooks, paper, pencils, watercolors, brushes, crayons and a toothbrush.

One of the backbone concepts of See Your Impact is that people want to see where their gift goes. They want to know the impact it has. So, soon after the money is disbursed to a See Your Impact recipient, the donor receives a photo or video of the recipient.

Who Gives?

There are many theories as to why Seattle gives back. But it all comes back to why anyone gives. As a local Seattle business woman, Alice Cunningham, stated when profiled in Seattle Woman:

“You get to a certain age when you’re no longer a guest, but a host on the planet.”

So, it’s no surprise that because of their sheer numbers and where they are at on the life continuum that baby boomers lead the way in volunteering and giving. But the Millennials (those born after 1982) are no shirkers either. In fact, 10.8 Millennials dedicated 1.1 billion hours worth of service across the country in 2009.

It’s Not Easy

As rewarding as it is, and as easy as it may seem to do, giving, like any noble task takes work. Five considerations when deciding to donate either money or time include:

  • Whether it is animals, poverty, illness or whatever, discover an issue you care about.
  • Research your interests and charities on the internet. Educate yourself about the group and the way it goes about achieving its goals.
  • Act out of boldness about supporting your causes. Many more people rue missed opportunities than regret having given.
  • Make sure you are comfortable financially about giving. Earmark the money in your budget and do not overextend yourself.
  • Shout about your cause from the rooftops! Not to draw attention to yourself but to encourage other people to also give (maybe even to your charity!).

The Biggest Considerations in Giving

We are all both guests and hosts during our brief sniff of life on this planet. Let graciousness considerations in giving reign over the way we accept and the way we give back.

Develop Yourself with a Success Tool

A Sneak Peak at one of my Success Tools; Develop Yourself!

Develop Yourself

develop yourselfCreate a focused, empowered plan that gets you excited to jump out of bed every morning.

“You can become the expert in your area of interest over time and with a specific, measureable plan.” Joy Pecchia

Read a book about something other than sports. Attend your next local Orchestra Hall symphony event instead of another evening in front of the TV. Take a walk or a bike ride instead of getting in your car.

Better yet, change a habit you wish you didn’t have. A habit of doing depression; having angry outbursts; or using food, alcohol or drugs to control your moods or feelings.

Not only can it be done, in many cases it must be done for you to live a fulfilling life.

It is very tough to do because of this: As we go through life, we act as though we know how our minds work and why we behave the way we do. It’s surprising how often we have no clue.

Even though that may be true, here are five ways to trick your mind into changing and help develop yourself:

5 Ways to develop yourself

  1. Write it Down or Type it In: Every one of us has made rising out of bed pronouncements like: I’m going to make a change today. Unfortunately, as we all know, that is not enough. Write the goal down. Set a start and end date of not more than 90 days. Note why it’s a must for you to achieve the goal, acknowledge what the obstacles are and what any triggers to relapse might be.
  2. Be Focused: Often, after a change we lose enthusiasm without allowing time for the new habit to become a part of your life. Give it at least thirty days before reassessing, and be as consistent as you can in following the necessary steps to achieving your goal.
  3. Stay committed: One way to maintain focus is to initially look at your goals every day and log your progress in a journal. This keeps your mind focused on the goal. It also allows you to chart your progress. Sometimes it’s difficult for clients to see their progress when they’re in the game. Reading your journal allows you to be more objective in your life and acknowledge how far you’ve come.
  4. Shout it From the Rafters: Let everyone in your inner circle know about your plan. Let them know how they can specifically support you in achieving your goals. Maybe you want them to ask you a question or send you an email to check in – let them know what it is that you need. It’s critical that you set yourself up to have people in your environment who want to support you in being great. This journey is not meant to travel alone.
  5. Create a Supportive Environment: Spend time in your favorite environment — a favorite room or chair in your home, outside at a nearby park, hiking in the mountains or surfing the waves.And a question for you: Does the environment you spend most of your time in appeal to you? Be sure to surround yourself with favorite photos or artwork, listen to your favorite music, paint a new color that feels good to you, those kinds of things. Remember that sometimes it’s the small things that give you the biggest result.

And a question for you: Does the environment you spend most of your time in appeal to you? Be sure to surround yourself with favorite photos or artwork, listen to your favorite music, paint a new color that feels good to you, those kinds of things. Remember that sometimes it’s the small things that give you the biggest result.

These strategies help leverage your total commitment to the changes. Don’t worry about thinking you might appear silly if you falter. Just keep at it and remember your commitment. It is much easier to make changes when you have a reliable support system. It’s just about impossible to change without one. Surround yourself with others who care about you and who want you to develop yourself to be great.

Try A Working Sabbatical

A Working Sabbatical is Healthy

What about you? Do you desire a working sabbatical? Yes, I realize that most sabbaticals are an opportunity to get away from your work, yet when you’ve created a career [like I have!] that you love, you really can’t tell the difference between work and play. And if it’s been a priority to you like it is to me, maybe you’ve recreated your career so you can choose to continue your work from any environment.

I’ve got to tell you, it was a lot of work preparing to work from another location for a month. I see clearly why some people don’t do what it takes to live their dreams. And yet once I got clear and made the decision I started talking about it and so much support showed up that allowed me to be here. If you focus on the how, or the logistics, you’ll probably view a working sabbatical as just one more good idea that you’re not going to follow through with. Yet when you truly associate to your outcome, associate to your WHAT and WHY, when that becomes your priority and focus, the logistics don’t take center stage in your plans, rather they are something you simply check off your list as you stay fully associated to your outcome.

A working sabbatical is time away from your typical routine – a time to immerse working sabbaticalyourself in a different environment, giving you a chance to see your life from a different perspective. Here are some of the reasons my clients choose a sabbatical, and as you’ll see, there’s a variety of reasons why.

Why a Working Sabbatical is good for you.

  • Learning a new language or skill
  • Considering a second career or retirement
  • Contributing to a community or organization you’re passionate about
  • Creating an amazing adventure
  • Time away for self reflection and purpose
  • Opportunity to connect deeply with your dreams
  • Slowing down to listen to what your heart and soul are telling you
  • Taking an earned respite
  • Writing the book that’s been inside of you
  • Rediscovering your specific needs and goals
  • Planning for fundamental life changes
  • Discovery through personal growth and exploration

In fact the freedom to explore beyond the bounds of your normal routine is often essential if you are to connect deeply with yourself and your vision for what is next in life.

Part of the reason that sabbaticals have such an enduring appeal is that they might offer people a chance to be themselves rather than their work roles (i.e., a CEO or a doctor). Stepping outside of your false identity (that you are your job) gives you access to immense personal freedom and spiritual renewal.

And, it is not uncommon for clients to take their significant other or their entire family. It is inspirational and life changing for all parties involved.

Right about now you might be thinking about all the reasons why you can’t do this. Start by writing those negative or disempowering thoughts down on one side of the paper, and on the other side write the empowering or positive thought or idea to focus on instead. This will allow your brain to begin considering other choices you might not have thought about before. And check in with your heart, with your intuition, what do they want you to pay attention to?

working sabbatical belizeIf living your dream was easy everyone would be doing it! I work with individuals who are willing to step up and do whatever it takes to live their dreams. No one ever said this journey was easy, and yet living your dreams is so fulfilling and does truly give you that deep sense of peace and happiness you’ve been craving.

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Goal Setting with the GAP System

Strategically Positions You for Success and Goal Setting


My proprietary GAP™ [Goals, Action, Purpose] System is a proven technology that makes the goal setting process simple and very effective.

In a previous article on maximizing your career, there was a pdf to download to review the categories of your Career and Life wheel. Did you take the time to use your Wheel? What did you learn? Now you can take one of the categories with the biggest gap to expand on as this tool:

Goal – What?– 80% Action List – To Do – 20% Purpose – Why? – 80%
Timeline of 90 days or lessSpecific and measureable Actions to take and check off your list. Your To Do List – but only for this specific goal. Why is this goal important to youWhat will this goal give you

Why MUST you accomplish this goal

Yes – Emotionally Associate No – Emotionally Associate Yes – Emotionally Associate

80% of your success is based on having specific, measurable goal setting and knowing why. 20% is taking action.

Emotionally Associate to What and Why. To have successful goal setting, create a vision board, closed eyes visualization process, know what it will feel like when you have it. Visualization is the greatest tool you have to create what you MUST move towards in your life.

Don’t Emotionally Associate to your Action unless it’s something you enjoy doing. Sometimes the Action list will contain things that are difficult or feel uncomfortable, which is why you’ve probably stopped yourself in the past.. Important to Note: Take these actions and move through them, or you’ll continue to stop yourself like you probably have in the past with previous goal setting.

Remember, you don’t want to schedule a goal out more than 90 days or you’ll go into overwhelm. Where MUST you be 90 days from now? Not where you’d like to be or want to be – but where you MUST be. Make it easy to be successful when goal setting.

Please comment on the blog and share the results of the goals you’ve set. I would love to hear how this was helpful for you in moving forward with clarity in the most important areas of your career or your life today!

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Maximize Your Career and Your Life

How To Maximize Your Career And Your Life

Tools to Maximize your Career – Career and Life Wheel

As business professionals, we know that the strength of an organization depends on good leadership, strong practices and focused effort. Just as important, is the time and dedication you apply to your health, well-being and life success. I like to call this the Business of Living. Today I’ll share a specific, simple tool, the Career and Life Wheel, to clarify, measure and maximize success in Your Career and Your Life.

It’s a great time to gain even more clarity in the categories that are most important to you. If the need to Maximize Your Career and Your Life is a MUST for you, then NOW is the time to decide and commit that 2011 is the year to move away from ‘resolutions’ and ‘wants’ and move towards ‘goals’ and ‘MUSTS’.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

Maximize your career with the career and life wheel

For this example, Download the pdf and print out the wheel you want the most clarity on now:

Career and Life Wheel pdf

Feel free to change, split or rename any category so that it’s meaningful for your Career and your Life.maximize your career

Next, taking the center of the wheel as 1 and the outer edge as 10 [being most], rank your level of satisfaction with each area by drawing a line to create a new outer edge. No need to over analyze, go with your first gut response.

The new perimeter of the circle represents your ‘Wheel of Career or Life’. Is it a bumpy ride?

Draw another line to rank your level of where you must be in the next 90 days.

Shade the area between the level of satisfaction to where you must be. Now you clearly see your shaded gaps in the categories of your career and your life. These are the areas for you to focus on in the next 90 days.

Stay tuned for next month when we place your gaps into a GAP™ system that strategically positions you for success. My proprietary GAP™ [Goals, Action, Purpose] System is a proven technology that makes the goal setting process simple and very effective.

Please comment on the blog and share the results of your wheel. I would love to hear how this was helpful for you in gaining clarity with the most important areas in your career or your life today!

Learn about goal setting in this article.

Call Joy’s office today at 877.569.2511 and say *Yes* to Joy’s coaching – receive ongoing support with the Career and Life goals that are a MUST in YOUR life! If you haven’t moved towards success in your life during the past year, then now is the time to start benefiting from YOUR customized coaching process and maximize your career.

The Importance of Professional Business Coaching

Anyone Who is a High Performance Player Knows The Importance of Professional Business Coaching.

If you’re about peak performance, it doesn’t come in a box!  Professional Business Coaching gives you new ways to achieve your peak performance.  You’ll find out how to permanently be close – I hate wasting time – you know you want to be close to the source of momentum.

In our Professional Business Coaching program we give you our tested, proven system you’ve been looking for. It includes stealth professional coaching tools that are a MUST if you want to focus on different components of peak performance.  Our exclusive systems and technologies give you something greater than what you’re doing.  There is pain in moving backward in your life!

The importance of Professional Business Coaching, examine the Cone of Learning

To understand the value of professional business coaching, I like to share the ‘Cone of Learning’ with clients.  If you want to remember what you’ve learned after two weeks have passed,  you want a system that guarantees you retain 90% of what you learn through the professional business coaching process.

“I see and I forget, I hear and I remember, I do and I understand.” – Confucius

professional business coaching

You are actively ‘doing’ in the coaching process – simulating the real experience and doing the real thing, that’s a 90% retention rate!  Many of my clients come to me for coaching after they’ve read all the books and attended all the seminars, yet they’re still stuck in the same place in their life and their career.

See the results of professional business coaching

Here are some testimonials from now happy, focused, successful guys I’ve worked with:

“Before working with Joy my health was declining, I wasn’t focused on specific goals, I was stressed about the growth of my business.  I am now at the fitness level I was in college [and I’m in my 40’s!], I have specific goals that generate success in all areas of my life, and minimal stress!”–Steve, Virginia

“In working with Joy I received a ton of value.  I took risks that there is no way I would ever have done on my own.  Joy held me accountable to following through and it was an unbelievable process.  I am now fully present in my life, contributing more than I ever thought possible, and the growth of my business and my relationships is off the charts!  I am finally creating the legacy that was once just a dream.–John, Mississippi

“Wow, the mentoring process with Joy is truly priceless.  I knew I was capable of so much more in  my life and in my business, and relied on Joy’s invaluable perspective on how to get there.  My life now has laser sharp focus and I am easily accomplishing 25% more in less time!  I am consistently achieving every one of my goals.”–Michael, Massachusetts

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