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How To Impact Your Organization and Team with a Corporate Coach

How A Corporate Coach Positively Impacts You, Your Organization and Team

corporate coachAs a Corporate Coach, I can’t stress enough, the importance of having a positive mindset.  My clients learn, through the coaching process, that they can’t control their boss, their team or their environment.  That’s actually good news!  It would be a tough job if you have to control everyone and everything around you.  I’m here to tell you that is definitely not the case.

It’s your job to manage your own positive mindset – as a corporate coach, I share with my clients that ‘you’re the change you want to see in others’.  If you want to see your organization positively impacted, you take the first step towards making a positive impact, and the next step, and the next step, and so on.  Your organization and your team will begin to look for you for that ‘breath of fresh air’ attitude – not from a whimsical place, but from a place of deeply rooted optimism.  Plant the seeds everywhere you go, nurture them with positivity and encouragement, and watch them grow!

Cultures can be contagious, good or bad.  A study of 70 work groups across a variety of industries found that people who work together share moods, positive and negative.  And when you begin paying attention (80% of our culture is not!) you can begin to positively impact you first, then watch the positive ripple affect across your team.

Corporate Coach; Here are 5 easy ways to positively manage your organization and team:

  1. Smile! Nothing better for optimism than a smile on your face.
  2. Passion! Live your life with Passion – doesn’t need to be in every area of your life. Focus on at least one area you feel passionate about and observe how it positively impacts your life and the lives of those around you.
  3. Confidence! What are you really good at?  What do you do quicker, better faster than those around you?  Build roots around that confidence and let it ripple out to other areas of your life.
  4. Appreciation! Appreciate your gifts and talents and the gifts and talents of others.
  5. Reflection! Reflect in gratitude, there is always something to be grateful for.  Taking quiet time for reflection is a priceless gift for you.

Utilizing a corporate coach teaches you how to be a leader in your organization and team not only positively impact sustainable results on the bottom line, you will also positively impact the bottom line that’s not measured on the balance sheet – the importance of human capital and creating a positive, sustainable environment and organization.

Create A Million Dollar Career

I’m a Million Dollar Woman. People Working With Me Create A Million Dollar Career

million dollar careerDo you want to create a million dollar career?  I hear a resounding ‘Yes’!  And as an executive coach I do and I am!

I’m all about creating a million dollar career, yes!  Many clients have done exactly that, and many clients feel like they’ve created a million dollar career because when they get up every morning they’re excited about what the day will bring.

Yes, go ahead and look at the financials to analyze your assets, and don’t forget about the million dollar feeling that every client I know is looking for.

3 Biggest Problems That Prevent You From Creating a Million Dollar Career:

  1. There are million dollar career s out there where the stress and hard work — playing political games and working from old, outdated models — does not feel like what you signed up for.  You get caught up in the struggle and you know there has to be a better way and don’t know what.  There is a better way, an executive coach is a great resource to specifically guide you out of the ‘endless loop tape’ you’re running, and into forward momentum.
  2. You’re focused on what the competition’s doing and you’re not working your own plan.  Make your competition irrelevant! Know who they are and how they’re solving problems in the marketplace, and then get back to focus on creating from your unique advantage in the marketplace and begin working your plan.
  3. You get caught up in Overwhelm which only takes you down this road:  Over thinking, which leads to Hesitation, which leads to Procrastination.  You must chunk things down so you can constantly keep the momentum going.  Do not link everything together – today take one area of Overwhelm — Write it Down —Prioritize — Take Action.

Yes, as an executive coach I support many of my clients in creating million dollar career s, and it’s never just about the money.  It’s always about the quality of life they choose to lead.

Executive Coaching has been such a rewarding field of work for me.  You are all gifted in many ways and your stories are unique.  My executive coaching systems and technologies are also unique and customized and easily applied to each individual and organization.  I’ve been fortunate to have worked with hundreds of clients across the globe with a total net worth of over two billion dollars.

  • Are you an entrepreneur looking for a sounding board to create your million dollar career?
  • Are you a leader who’s ready to step up into an entirely new game?
  • Are you a CEO of an organization who needs executive coaching to be an even stronger leader?

Contact for more information — and make it a million dollar career day!

How Today’s Successful Leaders Leverage Time Margins™

Time Margins™ — The Amount by Which Revenue of Time Exceeds Stress in Business

I’ve seen and heard this from successful leaders over and over again: Clients’ first story or excuse about why they’re not where they want to be, is either time or money.  Together we bust through that story pretty quickly, as I know and you know, every successful leader out there has the same amount of time.  Money may be a slightly different story, and it is still widely overused as an excuse as to why you’re not where you want to be. I also find that a successful leader’s negative mindset about money can stop their business from growing – or them from advancing.  A positive mindset can also leverage you into numerous success strategies that you may not have thought about before.

Now I know most successful leaders have heard of Profit Margins before.  Profit margins are defined as “The amount by which revenue from sales exceeds costs in a business”.

What about Time Margins™:‘The amount by which revenue of time exceeds stress in business”.  Have you ever thought about how to quantify that?  We know ‘time is money’ and ‘stress diminishes health’.

Isn’t it equally important for successful leaders to leverage both Time Margins™ and Profit Margins?

There is a brand new perspective with Time Margins™. Access the most cutting-edge Time Margins™ system based on efficiency and productivity – saving you 30% of the number of hours/week you’re currently working, (and I know many of you are working +80/hours per week!).

Successful Leaders learn not to manage time, as time is not something to be managed, time just ‘is’.  If anything, time is an emotion.  Notice how quickly time passes when you’re doing something you love, vs. how slowly time passes when you’re doing something you dread.

Discover the power of Time Margins™, a system especially created for the busiest and highest achieving leaders —created while working for hundreds of successful leaders across the globe. When it comes to working more efficiently and effectively, you will have the most powerful model to help you chunk time using a revolutionary system. It’s all about managing your psychology, it really has nothing to do with managing your time.

You will learn an entirely new efficiency model for successful leaders.

Not only is handling the faster cycle times and more diverse leadership challenges associated with business a lot of fun if you follow a correct system, it also allows you to Become The #1 Successful Leader in Any Company no matter what the economic conditions are like. As the Baby Boomers generation retires in the U.S. and other nations, there will be a greater need for speed and effectiveness in developing the next generation of leaders simultaneously.

Simply put…the old advancement model is too slow for today’s successful leaders who don’t want to play the political games their competitors have to play. Even worse than this, today’s typical advancement model prevents you from creating cutting-edge Time Margins™ systems easier than your competitors as you will see — they all are following an outdated model too!

Contact Joy(a) Today To Begin Implementing Time Margins™ In Your Life As A Successful Leader.


You’re Probably Familiar with ‘Professional Branding’ — Have You Ever Thought About ‘Posturing’?

Posturing allows you to benefit from my highly-guarded formula for instantly posturing your ideas and advice that will put you in the power position of being the one that people listen to first.

Professional branding briefly explains who you are, what you do, and what you’re best known for in the workplace.

The difference in Posturing is in how you play BIG.

posturingIn today’s world, there are not always opportunities to play really BIG.  Who really gives you permission to do that, including yourself?  Sure there is support out there, yet to play really BIG, what does that mean?  Here’s an example:

It means that just today, I received a call from an ecstatic client of mine.  Six months ago she was sought out for a much higher level executive position than she currently had, and with a new cutting edge technology company.  Within that six month timeframe her boss has already confided in her that he’s finalizing his succession plan  which has her ‘postured’  to take over his ownership position.

Throughout our coaching relationship she learned and practiced the distinction between ‘branding’ and ‘posturing’.  Now whenever I see her the first thing she says is “I Love My Life”!

The new Posturing System will eliminate your risk of being incorrectly positioned (my client was definitely incorrectly positioned before the coaching process), which leads to one of the greatest problems that many of you have and this is sacrificing your health and the time spent away from those you care about the most. Most importantly, you will have a posturing system that helps you develop the confidence to play big. You will understand a new model that ordinary leaders are using today to easily work more efficiently and effectively

Call me today at 877.569.2511 to find out more about posturing so you’re always in the power position.

Manage UP – A New Corporate Leadership System

Access Our Unique ‘How to Manage UP’ Corporate Leadership System for Knowing How to Stealthily Manage the Key Decision Makers in Any Corporation

This is the backbone of the New Corporate Leadership System.

corporate leadershipThe leaders in your corporation will never realize how you are hypnotically controlling them to attend to you over everyone else.  You will give yourself the perfect unfair advantage as others play the typical political games, selling their soul and shortchanging their quality of life.  The ladder climbers in your corporation will NEVER know how you are stealing the attention away from them no matter how hard they climb!

Competition for top leadership positions is at an all time high. Emotional Intelligence and a solid background may be the price of admission, and they’re not enough. A high-potential candidate must master the intricacies of a proven proprietary Corporate Leadership System to move faster without losing out on any perceived chance.

If you were afraid of heights would you be standing on a high bridge looking down?  I don’t think so, you would probably be looking up.  Same thing with your team.  Empower those underneath you to be forward thinkers and contributors – train them and take the roadblocks out of their way – allow them be effective and efficient you while you Manage UP to the corporate leadership levels you have always strived for.

Corporate Leadership Systems are breaking down all around us, it’s no longer true that your boss expects you to be the one doing the following.

Is there some risk Managing UP?  The way I teach Managing UP to my clients makes that risk minimal with the benefits far outweighing any risks.  It’s done respectfully, relying on personal empowerment, self confidence and trust, and by following my carefully considered coaching.

My clients Manage UP by following a Corporate Leadership system of conversation, finely tuned listening skills, understanding who they’re managing up to, and a well thought out plan. You will be very successful in your ability to persuade, influence or “sell” one or more of those above you who will follow your lead or initiative, and they will be thanking you! And as a bonus of Managing UP, since you’ll be doing it quickly and hypnotically, the leaders will be coming to you first.

To be most effective in Managing UP you want to know what’s happening above you.  Map out, or outline exactly where you’re going.  You’ll want to highly influence the leader above you by knowing what is most important to them and what their obstacles are.  Know most objections and handle them before they are even brought up.

You’ll learn how to know their style, their motivators and their success strategy, and you’ll be able to handle issues for them quickly and effortlessly.  Again, they will thank you! You’ll have a Corporate Leadership strategy that will be flawless and hypnotic as you begin to Manage UP, paying attention to the nuances that will support your process without having to wait for the typical long Corporate Leadership climb.

If you’re ready to master our Corporate Leadership system of Managing UP contact us today to learn more at




Secrets About Leadership Training

Discover Why 40 Percent of an Organization’s Success Can Now Be Credited to Its Leadership

More and more attention is now being directed towards the importance of human capital and the ever increasing importance of leadership training.  It’s not just about the numbers.

The assets and liabilities on a company’s balance sheet now account for only 60% of its real market value and this number is going down!”
Dr. Lev, Professor of Finance and Accounting, NY School Of Business

leadership trainingWhen an organization places the spotlight on the balance sheet – as many do – numerous times they are not measuring the critically important human capital which accounts for 40% of their assets. There are inaccuracies in your financial snapshot when you do not take into account the intellectual property of your human capital within your organization.  The strength of your leadership and their specific, measureable goals must be taken into account when setting any specific measureable financial goals.

Yes of course the financials are very important when it comes to reporting for your shareholders, lenders, etc.  And that financial snapshot is only one way to measure the organization’s success– that must go hand in hand with your human capital goals.  All of the leaders in your organization – CEOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, etc.  absolutely must be empowered with accountability, authority and responsibility, now more than ever, as their contributions will continue to have more and more of a powerful influence on measuring an organization’s growth and strength.

Ongoing leadership training is critical to your leadership team’s success.

I can’t tell you how many times an organization gets off track because it’s so easy these days to go into overwhelm.  Leadership training will guide you and keep you focused on what you must be tracking and measuring to have long term growth and success.

Clients come to my company from over 100 industries, from entrepreneurial start ups to corporate executives – companies whose leaders need to reinvent themselves quickly.

A client on mine who was a former CEO of a bank, left to start up his own bank right before the economy crashed. He successfully raised $22 million of capital in 5 months (April-September) in arguably one of the most difficult times in many years.   Before he started raising any capital, he was focused on building his human capital, as we worked together on this critical first step – and with that vital team in place he was ready to focus and successfully raise the financial capital.

Leadership training will strategically position your organization for long term success – with focused planning and execution so you never have an issue with these balance sheet inaccuracies.

Check out for additional information on leadership training or contact us at 877.569.2511.

Great Leaders; 7 Steps to Become One

Great Leaders in 7 Steps

great leadersYour leadership strengths may impact many areas of your life from the success of your business, to the size of your bank account, to your inner circle relationships, to physical wellness and more – leadership is critical to success – and basically impacts every area of your life.

Great leaders are developed.

As with most topics of interest, there are trends. Great leaders are not born, they are developed. Here are some business areas to focus on that may expand your specific leadership traits.

1. Great leaders hold the vision for themselves and for others.

  • It is imperative that you spend time focusing on where you’re going, and why.
  • It’s not your job to get caught up in the minutia, it is your job to be clear, focused and communicate in a way that allows others to support and create the vision with you.
  • A great leader puts their goals in writing. You cannot hit a goal that doesn’t exist. When you see your goal written out, you will be able to see it and to reach for it.
  • A great leader is someone who has a clear vision and can turn that vision into a vivid picture that others can see.

2. Great leaders are passionate about what they stand for.

  • Their passion inspires others to be their best and allows others to be great when challenges surface.
  • Let your passion for your vision shine through. Others will get excited by it and want to get on board with you.

3. Great leaders are decisive.

  • They have the ability to take all the facts and circumstances into account and make a decision that supports the vision. The thing about decision making, is that not making a decision…is also making a decision!
  • People count on you, as the leader, to be clear, decisive, communicate, and, most importantly, follow through.
  • You’re either raising the bar or lowering it, depending on leadership decisions you’re making.
  • Be the tower of strength and endurance that others can count on you for.

4. Great leaders guide, teach and mentor others.

  • Give your people both responsibility and authority, and be available when issues come up. Let others learn and grow through their own experiences.
  • A great leader knows how to inspire others to do their best.
  • Be invisible and take the road blocks out of everyone’s way so they can be great.

5. Great leaders strive for growth in their leadership role.

  • They stay sharp through ongoing education, involvement in leadership groups and utilizing personal mentors in their own life.
  • They seek wisdom and knowledge from every challenge and trial they go through.
  • A great leader is not lazy, they are willing to do whatever it takes to grow and become a better leader.

6. A great leader knows how to appreciate differences and understands the importance of having a variety of different styles on his team.

  • A great leader knows how to utilize different people’s strength and talent to strengthen the organization.
  • A quick and easy way to assess anyone’s style is by completing a behaviors and motivators assessment for leaders and team members. The report looks at the strengths and gaps of your style and outlines an action plan on what you can focus on for improvement.
  • Click below to take your behaviors and motivators assessment now!

Click Here to take assessment

7. A great leader is humble and treats others with respect.

  • Treat others with respect and genuine appreciation.
  • Care about the interest of others and demonstrate compassion.
  • Support and recognize others.

When you apply the 7 Steps to Great Leadership, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a great leader surrounded by a great team!

Call Joy’s office today at 877.569.2511 and say *Yes* to Joy’s coaching – receive ongoing support with the leadership goals to develop great leaders  that are a MUST in YOUR life!

11 Ways to Create an Abundant Mindset

Secrets to Mastery an Abundant Mindset

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

abundant mindsetThe Abundant Mindset, or lack thereof, can be an interesting discussion when working with clients.  There are the clients who are striving for abundance in many areas of their life.  They focus on what they don’t have rather than what they do have.  They make it about money, rather than about life situations and experiences.  There are also clients who have already achieved a high level of abundance yet their mindset hasn’t caught up with their success.  They still see themselves where they were years ago, before they made improvements to their life.  They’ve come from lack or scarcity for so long, that when they actually have what they want, they are sometimes the last ones to know.

Having an abundant mindset is similar to other positive mindset areas of your life.  I’ve noticed that clients typically go through a 3-step process to shift to the level of self awareness, or mastery.  You’ll no longer be the last one to know when you’ve followed this 3-step process.

Abundant Mindset Level 1.

Knowledge. Many times clients understand their success on an intellectual level.  They know they have the raise or the new job or a clean bill of health. They understand logically what that means, and that’s where their level of rationalizing stops.  They have the information (information overload these days), and don’t always know how to integrate the new information fully into their life.

Abundant Mindset Level 2.

Action. This is how you deepen the new information.  Remember when you learned to ride your bike or learned to read?  You practiced consistently until you got your result.  Now you ride your bike without thinking about how to keep your balance, and you read with minimal effort. Same thing applies to abundance.  You practice an abundant mentality by taking action on any of the 11 steps below, and you’ll start living in abundance effortlessly — it will become your natural mindset.

Abundant Mindset Level 3.

Self Awareness.  This is the third and final step to mastery.  You start identifying with yourself as ‘I am abundant’ or ‘I am wealthy’ or ‘I am fulfilled’ or ‘I am happy’ or ‘I am successful’ or ‘I am ____________’.  Because you learned it, have practiced it and now identify with it, you have now mastered an abundant mindset.


Here are 11 steps to help you get to the Abundant Mindset.

1. Decide What You Want to Experience in Life. Without really knowing what abundance means to you in your life, how are you going to get there? Get clear by having a specific, measureable goal.  You can create this around any area of your life — happiness, money, health, friendship or anything else you desire.

2. Be Educated About Investing. During the past few years, while everyone was so worried about the stock market, many other people got considerable returns on their investments.  There were many opportunities that the media wasn’t talking about – they focused on how bad it was, when in reality many people benefited.

3. Create Financial Wealth. Abundance is not just about money.  Many times the first thing people think of as ‘abundance’ is financial wealth.  Keep in mind that financial wealth is only one aspect of abundance; there are many others such as health, relationships, spirituality and more. Yes, money is a necessary means of exchange, and it is certainly not the only way to define an abundant mindset.

4. Set Rituals. Starting your day with rituals is a great way to begin on a positive note.  What are the abundant lifestyle rituals for you that can ‘make’ or ‘break’ your day. Examples of rituals could be getting up early, exercising, eating a healthy breakfast, connecting with those you love.  What are empowering rituals for you?

5. Be Courageous in Your Life. Tap into the courage that lives deep within you – try new things. Sign up for a zip-line adventure on your next vacation, have the conversation you’ve been putting off, turn your dream into action.

6. Be Willing to Make Decisions. Decide and move forward. Indecisiveness stops momentum. Keep the momentum going by getting out of your rut – take a different route to work, take action on one item each week that you’ve been indecisive about. By practicing with small decisions, the others will come easier.

7. Appreciate What You Do Have. More than anything else, being abundant is about taking the time to value what is working in your life.  Celebrate your successes and celebrate for no reason at all.  Write a list of what you’re grateful for and keep adding to it.

8. Contribute to Others. Make a difference, even if it is a small amount of money, your time, a smile for someone who’s having a tough day.  Sharing with others is a wonderful way to positively impact those around you, and you benefit as well.

9. Create a Spending Plan for What You Really Want. Organize your finances by creating a spending plan. It’s not a budget, that’s like a diet, right?  This is your spending plan.  It’s all about choice.  Make decisions towards properly managing your investments, expenses and contributions.

10. Surround Yourself with Things That Make You Feel Good. Clear out what doesn’t help you, i.e. work spaces in your home office, garage, old emails in your inbox, etc.

11.  Seize Opportunities and Expect Them. Be optimistic. Dig in, do the work and be willing to do whatever it takes to create the life you want.