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Great Leaders; 7 Steps to Become One

Great Leaders in 7 Steps

great leadersYour leadership strengths may impact many areas of your life from the success of your business, to the size of your bank account, to your inner circle relationships, to physical wellness and more – leadership is critical to success – and basically impacts every area of your life.

Great leaders are developed.

As with most topics of interest, there are trends. Great leaders are not born, they are developed. Here are some business areas to focus on that may expand your specific leadership traits.

1. Great leaders hold the vision for themselves and for others.

  • It is imperative that you spend time focusing on where you’re going, and why.
  • It’s not your job to get caught up in the minutia, it is your job to be clear, focused and communicate in a way that allows others to support and create the vision with you.
  • A great leader puts their goals in writing. You cannot hit a goal that doesn’t exist. When you see your goal written out, you will be able to see it and to reach for it.
  • A great leader is someone who has a clear vision and can turn that vision into a vivid picture that others can see.

2. Great leaders are passionate about what they stand for.

  • Their passion inspires others to be their best and allows others to be great when challenges surface.
  • Let your passion for your vision shine through. Others will get excited by it and want to get on board with you.

3. Great leaders are decisive.

  • They have the ability to take all the facts and circumstances into account and make a decision that supports the vision. The thing about decision making, is that not making a decision…is also making a decision!
  • People count on you, as the leader, to be clear, decisive, communicate, and, most importantly, follow through.
  • You’re either raising the bar or lowering it, depending on leadership decisions you’re making.
  • Be the tower of strength and endurance that others can count on you for.

4. Great leaders guide, teach and mentor others.

  • Give your people both responsibility and authority, and be available when issues come up. Let others learn and grow through their own experiences.
  • A great leader knows how to inspire others to do their best.
  • Be invisible and take the road blocks out of everyone’s way so they can be great.

5. Great leaders strive for growth in their leadership role.

  • They stay sharp through ongoing education, involvement in leadership groups and utilizing personal mentors in their own life.
  • They seek wisdom and knowledge from every challenge and trial they go through.
  • A great leader is not lazy, they are willing to do whatever it takes to grow and become a better leader.

6. A great leader knows how to appreciate differences and understands the importance of having a variety of different styles on his team.

  • A great leader knows how to utilize different people’s strength and talent to strengthen the organization.
  • A quick and easy way to assess anyone’s style is by completing a behaviors and motivators assessment for leaders and team members. The report looks at the strengths and gaps of your style and outlines an action plan on what you can focus on for improvement.
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7. A great leader is humble and treats others with respect.

  • Treat others with respect and genuine appreciation.
  • Care about the interest of others and demonstrate compassion.
  • Support and recognize others.

When you apply the 7 Steps to Great Leadership, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a great leader surrounded by a great team!

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