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Leadership Development Habits

Leadership Development Plan: Are Your Habits Supporting You?

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leadership development habitsAre you aware of your habits? Many things you do each and every day happen automatically. Habits can be a huge support in accomplishing what you need; however, they can also be a hindrance. Habits can hold you back from accomplishing your goals and your dreams.

Your leadership development plan for the week: Assess Your Habits!

For you to live the best life possible, take the time to become aware of your habits. Pay attention to your normal routine and notice if the action you’re taking is serving your needs – or not.

Becoming aware of your habits may sound easier than it is. Habits can occur with little effort or thought, so here are a few examples of how you might change them.

How to Notice Your Habits

  1. Choose a specific day. Make a conscious choice to notice your habits by choosing one day that you plan to pay close attention to your habits and your thoughts. On this day, carry a journal or something with you that you can track the habits you routinely perform.
  2. Stop at regular intervals. In order for you to notice your routines or habits, make frequent stops during the day. The easiest way to do this might be to set an alarm for every hour. Each time the alarm goes off, stop and notice what you are doing and what you did during the past hour.
  3. Document your findings. After you stop and notice, write it down. Don’t judge or over analyze your findings, just write them down. This is part of your leadership development plan, – no negative self talk allowed.
  4. Make adjustments.If you are unhappy with what you are doing when the alarm goes off, it’s your responsibility to make a different choice. Determine what you need to be doing instead – ask for help from a coach or someone else if you need ideas that would help you move towards your goals.
  5. Assess your findings. When your day is complete, look over your list and find the common themes. Are there consistent habits that are not serving your purpose or goal? Is there something else you could be doing? Make the changes you think are necessary and move forward.

Keep in mind that habits can be difficult to break. Give yourself time to break those habits that aren’t serving you, and your new actions will soon become your new habits.

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Please share your story with us, so we can benefit from each others experiences. We’d love to hear about your habits and how you are able to change them.

Sales Leadership Training and Sales

Sales Leadership Training Tips to Skyrocket Your Success

Essential Steps You Need to Take for Increasing Sales and Leadership Training Development

leadership-trainingRegardless whether you work for an employer or have your own business, sales leadership training is crucial to your success. It doesn’t matter what business you are in or what your position is, there comes a point when you need to sell. So, if everyone needs to do it, why does it sound like a bad four letter word?

Selling, or influencing, is part of life. From the moment you are a young child and throughout adulthood, these skills are needed. Whether or not you want to enhance those skills, though, is up to you. Sales leadership training can help!

There is no denying it – that asking someone for money can be a difficult challenge. The good news is that you and only you can get through this challenge. Contrary to what you may believe, you are not born a salesperson. These skills are learned and developed – meaning fear and hesitation can be overcome.

Sales Leadership Training Tips for Your Success

  1. Discover your fears. If you are going to become a better salesperson, you might consider taking the time to determine what is holding you back. Most likely, you will discover you are afraid of something. What’s the fear? Are you scared of rejection? Making a fool of yourself? Success? Whatever the reason, determine what that reason is. Be brutally honest with yourself.
  2. Transform your fear into an opportunity. After you discover what is causing your fear, find a solution on how to deal with it. For example, if you happen to discover that you hate selling because you don’t believe in the product or service, change your perspective. You will have a hard time selling anything that you can’t stand behind.
  3. Focus on the customer. Take the pressure off of yourself! Get out of your head and out of your own way so you can focus on the customer. If you stop talking and listen to what they are saying, they will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about why they need your product or service. Listen to their words for pain and pleasure points. Reuse their own specific words to describe how you can help them.
  4. Allow imperfections. You don’t need to be perfect. Don’t worry about memorizing a script word for word. Be yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes. When you are uptight and worried about being perfect your customers will pick up on your nervousness. Be able to laugh at yourself and relax, so your customers can also relax.
  5. Dive in! You can practice all you want and worry all you want, but until you take action, you won’t be successful. Dive in and know with each and every customer you speak with, you will gain more and more confidence.

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Take Leadership Development Off Your List

Leadership Development Plan 101: Take *it* Off Your List Once & For All

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leadershipDo you have something on your list that you consistently ignore? Something you know you need to do, but you’ve been procrastinating on it…a lot? Maybe you’ve decided that you need to start a new exercise program, make cold calls for your business, or organize your office?

Your leadership development plan for the week: Just Do *It*!!

It may sound simple to say, but in reality, if you haven’t completed *it*, something is holding you back. Procrastination or overwhelm? Fear of failure or utter dread?

Before you can actually complete the task at hand, you need to figure out your WHY. Chances are, if you’ve been continually adding the same task to each new list, you don’t know or understand your why.

Get extremely clear on the benefit you want to receive from completing the task. For example: if you’ve been thinking about adding cold calling to your business marketing, but hate the thought of the actual task or are scared to death of rejection, if you don’t understand the results you want to achieve, you will continue to add *it* to your list. Why would you even add cold calling to your action list – more leads, build your list, play the ‘sales numbers’ game towards profitability, etc.  Focusing on your WHY generates enthusiasm and possibilities – before you know it you’ve made the calls and actually enjoyed the process.

Online leadership training tip of the week: Understand the WHY of your *it* so you can take *it* off your list!

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Be an inspiration to us all and share your success on this blog! Let’s all take *it* off our list this week!!

Leadership Development Plan – Dependability

How to Make Dependability Part of Your Leadership Development Plan

 LeaderSnips™ – Your Online Leadership Training Tips

One of the most important steps for leadership development is to plan on keeping your word – no matter what. Most people will tell you that they keep their word all of the time, but when you really sit down to think about it, you may surprise yourself.

To become an effective and strong leader, you need to make keeping your word a key ingredient of your leadership development plan. If you find yourself only keeping your word some of the time, people may begin to see you as undependable. What message are your actions portraying to others?

Here are some online leadership training tips on how to keep your word and be dependable:

  1. Stop saying “yes” to everything. Unless you are Superman or Wonder Woman it is not possible to do everything and do it well! Stop saying you are able to do something because you’re afraid of what others might think. Only commit to activities or projects that you intend on doing.
  2. Speak your truth. Be courageous and speak your truth. If a project or activity can’t fit into your schedule or you can’t put the attention into to it that it deserves, speak up. No one knows what you are thinking or capable of doing except you.
  3. Honor your commitments. No matter what – if you say you are going to do it, then do it. Even if you are tempted to procrastinate, finish what you start. Honoring your commitments allows others to view you as effective and dependable.

Only you control your dependability and your leadership development plan – choice wisely!

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Online Leadership Training Steps

Steps to Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone – Online Leadership Training

LeaderSnips™ – Your Online Leadership Training Tips

leadership trainingStaying in your comfort zone will get you nowhere. Make the commitment to get over yourself and out of your own way.

Try these online leadership training tips to get you started:

  1. Face Your Fears: What is the worst thing that can happen? In order to move through your fears, face what you are afraid of.  List the top three fears that are keeping you stuck.  Now – what are the direct opposites of those fears – list those positives next to the fears you’re facing.  Whenever the old fears show up, you are now  aware of exactly where to put your focus instead.  Remember, you get what you focus on.
  2. Take One Step at a Time: There may be many steps to take, to get you from where you are today, to your outcome. The first step is the most difficult. What is YOUR first step? Take a small step if you must or a even half step, either way it begins to move you in the direction you want, and starts to create the momentum.
  3. Find an Accountability Partner: Whether it’s a coach, a friend or a coworker, find someone who will hold you accountable for your initial steps in getting started. Tell them exactly what it means to really hold you accountable.

Begin the process of stepping out of your comfort zone. In order to excel as a leader, being comfortable is definitely not the goal. Comfortable will keep you right where you are. Ask yourself – Is right where you are, where you want to be?

Let me know how it goes, I’d love to hear!

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