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If You Build It, Will They Come?

Are you building a new business?

Do you have a current business that you are wanting to grow?

Growing and building a business can have its ups and downs. Some days it can feel more like a roller coaster ride than work.

So what happens when you build something new or launch a new product and the customers don’t appear? Do you give up or throw in the towel? Or do you think outside of the box and come up with new alternatives?

Check out the following article from for tips on how to push forward and not give up, What to Do When You’ve Built it and No One Comes.

Whether you are in retail or service, you can build it, so that they WILL come!

How is Your Attitude Affecting Your Success?

Are you in touch with your attitude? Would you describe yourself as an optimist or a pessimist?

Did you know that according to a study done by the University of Pennsylvania, optimists outperform pessimists by up to 50%?

Read how Harvey Mackay, the author of Swim With the Sharks, describes the choices of optimism and pessimism and how they can impact your success in business and in life. Which one will you choose? Read here.


Start Smart Business Building

What would happen if you knew exactly where to start in your business building campaign?



January, 2012 – A New Year

business coaching 2012

Welcome, each and every one of you, to a brand New Year! Is 2012 the year you decide to say YES! to Stepping Up and Playing Big?

If you know me at all, you know I Love Playing Big – and am thrilled that BBD Leadership is beginning its tenth year in business. Our success has exceeded my original hopes and expectations as an internationally-acclaimed, successful enterprise.

Our success is because of the:
• Hundreds of business leaders around the world who report significant benefit from our leadership coaching and professional skills training
• Entrepreneurs who’s ventures continue to prosper after receiving business development and launch consulting in our ‘Speed-to-Advancement’ SmartStart™ program
• Established companies that have expanded or diversified through our Corporate Initiatives program, and leadership coaching

We look forward to ensuring your success during the next ten years of BBD Leadership!

Featured News

I’m hearing great news from companies all across the country—2012 is going to be a better year! The recession has turned the corner—the “dark days” are getting substantially lighter!

You may have already determined that it’s time to come out strong in 2012 and you want to bring a powerful message to your clients. My recommendation to you is to lead with compelling, innovative approaches, services and/or products. Let your customers know that it’s going to be a different world and that you are there to support them.

I’ve taken my own advice! I have added a highly-regarded consultant to the BBD Leadership team: Jeanne Gulbranson, a 20-year business strategist. You’ll find more information on the BBD website about Jeanne.  Together, we developed a program for our corporate clients who want to “start smart”…to benefit from (and help fuel!) the waves of economic recovery with quick-to-market, innovative messages and offerings.

We are pleased to introduce our ‘Speed-to-Advancement’ SmartStart™ Program, providing both strategic and tactical support to new entrepreneurs as well as well-established businesses to launch, stabilize, re-orient or grow their companies. We bring experienced, world-class visioning along with operational, in-the-trenches support to ensure that your initiatives all “start smart” and are focused on the outcomes you want.

I look forward to hearing about the strategic initiatives you have targeted for 2012, and to discussing with you how our SmartStart team can ensure that YOU start smart…and achieve the success you’ve worked for and deserve!

Contact BBD today so we can talk success for 2012!