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Take Your Business to Its Full Potential

2012 is the year! The year you are going to put your business on track to reach its full potential, right?


There is no doubt that you can have your best year yet in business in 2012, but there are key factors that you need to have in place to make it happen.

You can sit around and blame the economy or anything else you want to blame, but the facts are: Blame gets you nowhere!

Forward progress and action will take you where you want to go. So before you commit to making 2012 your best year yet, put the blaming to rest!

When you make the commitment to bring your business into its full potential, you are committing to the success of you and your business.

Are you ready?

Combine your commitment with these 6 simple steps outlined on to really skyrocket your business in 2012!

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To Grow or To Innovate?

What is more important: Growing your business or innovation?

CEO of Start Up America, Scott Case, says both are important.

Without innovation and new concepts, your business won’t grow. However, without proper execution, your customers and clients won’t hear about your innovation.

How you focus your time and energy really is determined by where you are in your business. If you are in start up mode or the infancy stages of a new business project, if you don’t have a plan in place to grow, it won’t matter how innovative you are. Take the time to get focused and on track, so you can execute it and see the results.

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Not Just a Title

We are all performance managers.  If we are not managing the performance of others, we are, at the least, managing our own performance.  We may choose to require the same, or more, or less of ourselves than we do of others.  This is our choice, and we should make, and manage, that choice consciously and with respect for the implications.

Implications of the Conscious Choice:

  1. We may expect the same of ourselves as we do of others.  This appears to be the most fair, unless our expectation of ourselves is exceptionally high.  We need to evaluate realistic capabilities of others in time, in ability and in role requirements.  If we evaluate those capabilities objectively, then expecting the same is the most fair.
  2. We may expect more of ourselves than others.  If so, we may be setting ourselves up for a “martyr” self-attitude in time.  We will resent our expectations of ourselves, and feel we’re overburdened.  This is the start of burnout.
  3. We may choose to expect more of others than we do ourselves.  If we make that choice, we may be disappointed over time, because we are not role-modeling appropriate behavior.  For example, repeatedly asking for quick response turnarounds will work—as long as we also respond quickly.  If not…we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.  People will not long “give”, what is not “given” to them.
  4. If we expect less of ourselves than we do of others, we need to rethink what we’re doing, and the commitment we are making to the job, to our company and to each other.

Whatever choice we make, it should be a conscious one.  Effectively working with and supervising others means understanding and respecting the implications of this choice.

Fundamentals for Business Success

Going Back to Basics for Your Success in Business

Sometimes it is the simplest things that gives the biggest rewards.

If you are planning to take your business to the next level, launch a new product, or start new venture, having the fundamentals in place is essential for your success.

Whether you are a brand new entrepreneur, or you’ve been a successful CEO for years, going back to the basics is always refreshing and motivating.

The Inc Grow.Co conference was held this week and one of their topics was the fundamentals of business.

One of the most important tips: Stop with the quick fixes and find the fundamental infrastructure investments that will keep your business thriving for years.

If you need to take a step back to basics and are looking for the tools to help you, check out’s post: 3 Fundamentals of Building a Great Business.