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Leadership: Motivation from the Inside Out

Are you in a leadership role looking to find ways to motivate your team?

Do you find your team not working to their full potential?

Whether you are a CEO of a company or a manager of a sales team, finding ways to motivate your team is key to your success. So how do you get it done?

The answer is simple and may surprise you.

It is the nature of humans to be more motivated and committed to the outcome of the situation when individuals make their own decisions.


Motivation comes from within. In order to tap into that potential, decisions that are made from your team members enable them to become more attached to the final outcome. This means that they are more motivated to see the project through successfully.

For many in a leadership role, this is a difficult method to adopt. You may feel you are giving up control or that you have the best answer. However, if you really listen to your team, you might be surprised at the hidden gems you have from within.

This article from the Harvard Business Review, titled: Increase Your Team’s Motivation Five Fold, explains the reasoning and methods behind team motivation.

Do you agree with this collaborative approach to leadership?

Comment below or visit us on Facebook and tell us why or why not.

Are You Using Social Media?

What are your thoughts on Social Media for your business?

I’ll admit, that I didn’t want to give into the social media craze. However, I’ll also admit when I’m wrong.

Social media is here to stay. The fact remains that these sites are changing the way that businesses operate and connect with their customers.

Whether you are talking about a blog or a network like Twitter, social media is all about relationships.

I recently read a quote saying that it is about the social, not about the media.


As a coaching and consulting company, the use of social media fits in nicely with how we interact with our customers. Building quality relationships within our company and with customers is key to success.

What better platform to emulate this, than through social media methods.

I’m sharing an article with you that I find interesting on social media statistics. The article titled: How the Fortune 500 Use Social Media in 2012, answers some questions on how these companies are finding success through these tools.

The part that really draws my attention is the statistic on blogs. Take a look at the comparison between Fortune 500 companies that have a blog verses the INC 500 fastest growing companies. Interesting…

Anyway, sometimes I get questions about the importance of social media for businesses. The facts are, it is not a get rich marketing scheme. It takes time to build relationships and gain the trust of your followers.

The most important part of social media to remember is, slow and steady wins the race! Don’t forget it!

Speaking of social media, are we connected on Facebook yet? If not, let’s change that. Come over and say hi, so I can see you. I often share tips on leadership, business, and even motivation.

Take Control Of Your Own Destiny With This Tool

Do you know how many free ebook invitations I received over the past week?

The number is quite impressive and somewhat disappointing.

Over the past year, I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of free ebooks being offered to help people market their businesses.

While the concept is fantastic, the impression that most of these are really “books” is rather annoying.


Many of you might know that BBD Leadership has added Jeanne Gulbranson, an award-winning author and strategist, to our team. When she joined our team, she immediately drew on her experience to add unique value to our contacts and clients.

A large part of this value-add was allowing our contacts to have a digital copy of her newest book Start Smart: Business-Building Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur.

Through her book, Jeanne offers “VentureSnip” information, guidance and techniques for new and established business owners. She teaches her readers how to take control of their own destiny with real life tips that they can implement now.

I want to offer this book to you, free of charge for digital download, but I’m unsure how to convey to you that this book is unique.


What I can say, is that Jeanne’s book, is not your typical ebook. This book is written by a well-established author, who is selling this same exact version on Amazon in both hard-copy and for Kindle.

If you are tired of receiving the same old free offer-after-free offer in your inbox and finding out that it’s only a three-page PDF or a PowerPoint presentation, don’t worry, this is not it that!

Sign up for a free download (Limited Offer through April 30th!) ― of Start Smart: Business-Building Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur, here and see for yourself.

Get your copy now–You won’t be disappointed.

Leaders: When Do You End Your Work Day?

If you are not taking care of you, how can you lead your team to its ultimate success?

What time of day do you leave your office or close your business for the day?

Do you find yourself working longer hours than you envisioned?

There was a time where working long hours was a sign of dedication and hard work, but some trends appear to be changing.

The stigma of checking out of work early can feel as if it is a sign of weakness, but is leaving the office at 5:30 really early?

Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, in the past felt she had something to prove. Although she always left the office shortly after 5 to be with family, she would send emails after the kids went to bed, to appear as if she was working late.

Now, she has changed her view and her priorities. You can read more about how she views the end of the work day here.

There are two points to consider as you read Sheryl’s view on the workday.

First, prioritizing is important. Finding that balance between work and life will help you become a more successful leader. Take time for you.

Second, showing up authentically and standing up for what you believe in is a sign of a strong leader, even if it goes against the norm. Take your stand and stand firmly.

Being an outstanding leader requires you to lead by example. What example do you want to set?

What are your thoughts on ending your work day? Comment below or visit us on Facebook. We’d love to hear and see you!


Getting the Executives to Talk

Getting The Executives To Talk

When you are kicking off a new project in your organization or supporting your clients in their initiatives, do you ever encounter resistance in getting the Executives to publically demonstrate their support? If so, this LeaderSnip may help you get past that resistance.

When we (at BBD Leadership) are beginning a new project with a client, and explaining the Project Initiation and Kickoff process, we include having the client’s Executive Sponsor express (either in writing or verbally or both) the commitment to the initiative. This includes why BBD Leadership was selected to support them. Occasionally, they may push back because:

  1. It seems like a “commercial” to them
  2. They don’t know what to say
  3. They aren’t committed to the project and didn’t want to pick us

It’s hard to know the truth, because they won’t express why they’re pushing back. The following will serve to get their cooperation or, at the least, help you figure out why they’re being resistant.

“Let me explain why this is important. During a project like this, in times of change, one of the most important success factors is the company’s trust in their leadership. They need to trust that the right decisions have been made, and that their top leaders are committed to the project. In some companies, the decision to go forward, or the decision to use (you or another as the project leader, or a consulting organization as support), may not have been universally agreed to. It’s important for the team and the company to hear that there were sound reasons for the decision and that you have confidence in your selection for support. This is one of the first steps to enhance their trust in YOU—and we want to be supportive of that trust-building at the beginning and all through the project.”

If they say okay, but hesitate—then it’s likely reason #2—they don’t know what to say. Offer to discuss how they’d express their support, so they’ll be more comfortable. This may include why they believe the project will benefit the company, how they intend to actively participate in or support their project, a thanks-in-advance for the team’s work, the reasons for the selection of the project’s leadership or consulting support.

If the top executive(s) still decline to publically state why you (or others) were selected to lead the project…then it’s likely reason #3—they are not committed to the project and didn’t want to pick you (or whomever is leading/supporting the initiative.) At least you know—and can watch your back!

If you want to know more, contact us at