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How to Cultivate Business Passion From Your Team

How to Cultivate Business Passion From Your Team

110 percentAs a team leader are you creating passion from your team or dread?

Creating a workplace that enables creativity and passion to flow is up to you–the leader. You may be thinking you are doing all the right things, but actually it is easy to slip into bad habits that can cause more harm than good. In order to increase productivity, happiness, and excitement from your team, the environment you create is key.

Are you ready? Check out the list below to get your business moving in the right direction.

15 Do’s and Don’t to Keep Your Work Environment Innovative, Healthy, and Creative

1. Do speak authentically and openly.

2. Don’t speak when someone else is talking.

3. Do listen and be open to ideas from others.

4. Do hold yourself and others accountable.

5. Do admit mistakes.

6. Don’t think small or allow others to think small.

7. Don’t take others for granted.

8. Do show your appreciation.

9. Do provide honest and genuine feedback.

10. Don’t give less than 100%.

11. Do show you care and are interested.

12. Don’t gossip or allow others to gossip.

13. Don’t stomp on anyone’s idea.

14. Do allow others to use their strengths.

15. Don’t be afraid to give up control.

Building a business that you and others are proud of starts with you. Create an atmosphere that enables your team to be passionate about where they work, which ultimately leads to your success.

Do you need to make changes? What kind of atmosphere are you creating? Share your thoughts and comments below–we’d love to hear.


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