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What (or Who) is Managing Who (or What)?

What (or Who) is Managing Who (or What)?

Recently, I heard from a gentleman who feels as though his business is managing him instead of the other way around.  He said that if he had to do it all again, he’s not sure if he would grow his business to the size it is now. Who is ‘in charge’ here?

Unfortunately, I don’t believe it’s him.

As business-owners, we’ve probably all felt that way periodically—who’s managing who? Our time is out of control.  We’re constantly playing a balancing game between business and family and trying to wedge in a little time for relaxation and/or volunteer work. We just can’t do it all! But yet…we continue to try.

When we started our businesses, many (most?) of us were ‘all things to all people’: marketing, sales, delivery, accounting, public relations—whatever the business required—we were the one and only go-to person. (If you’re like me, you also vacuumed the office(s), and washed windows—not often, but when it happened, it was me with the Windex.)

The remedies for the challenge of who is managing what is certainly not the same for everyone; they are a function of the nature of your business, the family and social obligations you have, and financial considerations. There’s a whole litany that makes your situation unique. But there are a few solutions that appear to be common to all of us.

That one is…

Know when you need help and get it! There are aspects of your business that only you can manage. But does that mean everything or everything that you’re doing today? Not likely. There are qualified marketers, social media, accountants, and yes, cleaning people. Look objectively at how you spend your time. Is it on value-added tasks?  Are you primarily focused on activities that contribute to your business growth and/or enhance the quality of your life? If the answer is “no”, and if those non-contributory actions are getting in the way of what only YOU can do—it’s time to get off the “too much, too often” roller coaster.

None of us can do it all—certainly not all the time. You have the right to say, “I need some help.” After all—you are in charge!


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