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Archive for month: September, 2013

Your thoughts on ‘eager compliance’?

You are speaking to the Accounting Manager.  You are recommending that about one-third of the “Checks and Balances” procedures that she has implemented over the last five years be eliminated.

While all of the procedures are in place to strengthen control and audit trails, you are confident that many are redundant and add little value.  You have just given her a list of procedures that you’d like to discuss to discover which ones are required, and which ones might be streamlined or omitted entirely.

With very little energy and a rather blank expression on her face she replies, “Okay, we’ll do whatever you say.  Just tell me what you want to do next.”

Your cues to suspect resistance:

You have suggested a large change to procedures in which the client has significant ownership, and there is no negative reaction at all.

You are hearing no reservations about your action plan.

You have a slight suspicion that the objection will be expressed behind your back or after the plan is underway.  There is no enthusiasm for the plan.  The client makes no effort to understand the potential obstacles to the plan.  You feel the client may be too dependent on you to provide the entire solution.

You say:  “You seem willing to do anything I suggest.  I can’t tell how you really feel.”


“I’m not certain what it is you agree to about my recommendations.  Perhaps you could clarify what strengths and weaknesses you see in what has been presented.”

What recommendations or feedback could you share with us based on what’s worked for you when you encounter ‘eager compliance’?