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It’s Not Serious; It’s Just Your Life

It’s Not Serious; It’s Just Your Life

If you’re in transition, and you’re expecting to solve the problem of ‘what to do next’, it may be time to invent a new way of being. This blog is about ‘brushing the dust off’ and seeing what’s going on from a more natural, creative perspective.

Transition is not a problem, it’s simply part of the journey of life.

Yet it feels like a problem. The older you get; the more you think you have to lose.

Changing the current situation of your life, by using your ‘tried and true’ solutions?  You will find they aren’t working anymore. This is a new moment in time.

Man stranded on a rock in ocean

When you get to a certain level of accomplishment, you do expect to be able to solve all kinds of problems of ‘what to do next’.  Yet, there’s nothing there.

It’s scary, and you feel stuck in the mud, like it takes forever.

If you knew you wouldn’t fail — and time, money, education, your age, your physical well-being if nothing was a consideration and you have carte blanche – what would you do?

(Having some humor goes a long way here. You’ve probably been very responsible; how could you even entertain such a thing?)

There’s nothing wrong here, even when you’ve arrived at the top and then you notice you’re standing at the bottom of another hill!  Or you’re searching, feeling isolated and alone in our vast world.  It’s just part of life; part of your finances or part of your well-being.

Join Joy and Rosie Horner in a three series teleclass to support your creative mode in addition to contributing ideas to others. You’ve all been lectured and taken the assessments.  This is about taking all that research you’ve done on yourself and practicing what’s coming out of your mouth.

I‘ve been through many different transitions in my life.  My latest career transition was leaving corporate America and starting my coaching, consulting and training business in 2002.  Rosie was a corporate coach who worked with me in the 1990’s, and because of our work together I made the ‘leap’ into entrepreneur-ship. —Joy

If you knew you wouldn’t fail what would you do?

During this teleconference series you can start letting ideas bubble up without needing a solution at the end.

It’s your personal design that will give you the ideas.  Your commitments and how it used to be, gets in the way of having decent ideas.  You’ve already used those up; been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

What is the possibility, if you knew you wouldn’t fail, and you were in touch with your natural design?

Join us for the three teleclass series starting May 20th: It’s Not Serious; It’s Just Your Life


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