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5 Steps for Living a Fearless Life

5 Steps for Living a Fearless Life

professional life coachI often ask my clients, people just like you: What would happen if fear was no longer a focus in your life? How would your life be different?

When fear is present, close and personal in our lives, there is no denying that it can give you the feeling of being paralyzed. If you find yourself constantly in a place of fear, then living your life to its fullest potential may be difficult to achieve. Fear can hold you back from stretching yourself to be your best self.

People who lead their life fearlessly, have some common traits and methods they use on a consistent basis which allows them to work through their fears.

Here are some steps to face your fears and live a fearless life:

1. Awaken your heart. Whether in life or in business, show that you care about the people who surround you. Awaken your heart and create compassionate connections.  Be willing to show that you are human and are not afraid to show your vulnerabilities. Help others be the best they can be, by showing them how it’s done!
2. Start being courageous. When you live a fearless life, that doesn’t mean that you will never feel fear again. The difference is that you know how to face your fears and overcome them, so you can enjoy the journey even more. Being courageous is a trait you want to feel comfortable feeling. Take it from me, sometimes, it is a leap of faith, but dig deep to find the courage to move on and live life on your terms.
3. Strive for excellence. Making a commitment to excellence does not mean having to be perfect. No one is perfect, that is not what this journey is about! If you continue to strive for perfection, you will set yourself up for failure. Striving to achieve excellence means doing your best everyday and committing to raising your personal and professional bar.
4. Express YOUR truth. Following a crowd is not going to give you the results you are looking to achieve. Often when people interact with each other, they hold back on their truth, so they don’t look foolish or stand out in a crowd. If this person is you, you are only hurting yourself. One of the most important things is to keep true to you and your authentic self!
5. Nurture yourself. Take the time to nurture yourself. To be able to reach your goals and conquer your fears, you need to take time for you.  Caring for yourself is showing you that you care for and love you. This includes understanding yourself and building a strong relationship with you.  Self love is a beautiful thing.

Overcoming fears and living a fearless life is not necessarily an easy task to do on your own.

If this means hiring a coach to guide you and hold you accountable, then do it. Invest in yourself – you are the only one that can!

If you are looking for support on conquering your fears, I’m here to support you.

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Put Down That Cape!

It is time that someone lets you know: There is no need to be a superhero!

super businessmanYes, it is time to lay down your cape!

What does that mean? It frees you up from doing it all!

You don’t need to be everything to everyone. Seriously, this mentality will quickly send you spiraling out of control – to a place of frustration, resentment, and mediocrity.

Regardless of whether or not you are a Type A personality that likes to have control over everything, or you just don’t like to say, “no”, finding a way to focus on what makes you shine and letting go of the rest will improve your quality of life and your quality of work.

5 Simple Tips on Saying “No”

1. Practice saying the word, “no”. Okay, so you don’t really need to practice it, but realize it is okay to actually say it! The world will not end or stop rotating because you said “no”. You are always at choice–it is in your control.

2. Look at your priorities. Before taking on a new challenge or project, be sure you do a check-in with your current priorities. What do you want to happen over the next 30 days? Is this new project in alignment with your longer-term goals?

3. Notice your reaction. If you are presented with a new project or option, and if your response is not a ‘Heck Yes’ response, then table the option for the future. It is okay to say that “‘right now’ is not the ‘right time’”.

4. No need for long explanations.  There is no reason to give a long explanation on why you are saying “no”. You don’t need to provide a detailed response. Sometimes when you try to over explain, it actually makes you look less confident. Stand strong in your “NO” – period.

5. Provide alternatives. If you really struggle with saying no, it is okay to provide alternatives instead. For example, if someone is interested in working on a project or joint venture with you and it is not an option for you, provide other leads or suggestions as a courtesy.

The funny thing is, the more you are able to say “no”, the more you look like the superhero! You are able to stand out and shine in what you are great at doing. You are in total alignment with your work and your strengths. Really! Don’t believe me? Give it a try.

Go ahead, what are you going to say “no” to this week?  Share with us below.