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Excel with these Professional Business Coaching Tips

Excel with these Professional Business Coaching Tips

Looking for a professional business coaching tip to consider implementing today?  How about the focus on developing a sense of trust with your 6453718_sprospects.

How many times have you completely zoned out when a sales pitch begins, either reading one or hearing one?

Maybe this is what is happening in your head as the seller talks:

Seller: You are our number one priority.

You: Yeah right, I hear that from everyone.

Seller: We have the best in class product or service.

You: Sure you do.

Seller: We have a unique solution to your problem.

You: I’ve heard that before.

Let’s face it, we are constantly bombarded with sales pitches that are coming at us from all directions. Have we gotten to the point where we don’t even believe much of what a sales person says or how sales information reads?

As business owners, how are we to build a solid relationship with our potential customers right up front, while at the same time selling our services or products?

Even if you have a unique service or product that offers a unique solution, is best in its class, and you always keep your customers happy, how do you relay this information and make it believable?

3 Simple Strategies to Help Your Customers Trust You

1.  Stop bragging about your business: It may not seem to you that you’re bragging, and for many of you who don’t have a team around you, you are excited and just want to talk about your great new service with someone other than yourself, or you want to share great accolades a client recently conveyed to you!  You may have every right to brag, yet the more you talk about how great you and/or your business are, the more turned off a new prospect may feel.

Please don’t start a new conversation by saying nice things about your business, your product, or your service.

And it’s really not necessary to hand them any glossy brochures, either.  A follow up call, note or email offering specific feedback on what you heard them say in your initial interaction, will go a long way and be much more helpful than handing them your company’s generic brochure.

2. Focus on your prospect: At this point in a new relationship, it’s appropriate to place all of your attention on your prospect. Quiet the mind chatter that’s going on about you and the next brilliant thing you’ll say to impress this person. Instead, be curious and thoughtful with your focus being on them and how you can help them.

This is what your customer cares about – how will you, your product or your service help me?

Don’t be afraid to offer them initial feedback based on your wisdom or guidance as initial insights or ideas, based on what you hear them say.  Then you’re back to #1 – sending them a follow up call, note or email based on what is important to them and a few more ideas on how you can be of help.

3. Be honest: Being honest can be extremely scary, especially in this somewhat ‘colorful’ world we live in.  It’s always interesting to me when I hear a sales person’s interpretation of a product or service that I’m very familiar with, yet when I hear them ‘pitch’ it I’m wondering how they can possibly make these claims. You may have experienced this too?

Honesty is critical to beginning and sustaining relationships.

If you have a product or service that will not help this prospect, or if you feel you are not the perfect match for them, simply let them know. (You may have met this person because they’ll become a future colleague or friend.)  Offer them a few recommended resources of others who may be able to help your prospect get to where they want to be. You will be surprised at how being honest will put you further ahead in the long run.  And who knows, they may want to do the same for you.

Building trust is key to creating not only a successful business, but a business that excels. Long lasting relationships with your customers begin at the very first interaction.

Step Out of Fear and Into Action

Create Your Excellent Life by Stepping Out of Fear and Into Action

Life CoachIs it possible to step out of fear and easily move towards your goals?

Whether you are looking to grow a business or advance your career, sometimes it can be uncomfortable! Many times when we are moving forward or stepping out of our comfort zones we can have days that fear is running our life. However, problems arise when we let that fear lead us and become part of our decision making process.

So, how do you step out of fear and into action? These tips may help…

1. Stop and recognize the fear. Before you can move away from fear, you need to recognize that it is present. When you are feeling disconnected from your goals or unmotivated, stop and determine what the cause may be.

2. Determine the best route. If you are struggling with the route you are on, find an alternative one. Don’t just stop or do nothing. Be creative and resourceful and choose to do something different.

3. Bring yourself back to the current moment. Typically when we are faced with fear, we are anticipating the future and future events, or we’re in the past rehashing something that we’re not thrilled about. Ask yourself if you are okay at this precise moment. Nobody can predict the future – not even you. Usually when you come back to present time, you can think more objectively.

4. Find your determination to excel. Dig deep if you need to and keep your eye on your goal. If you need to find support or experts to help, then be willing to do whatever it takes. Just keep that determination going.

Finding success is not always easy! Find a way to push yourself out of your comfort zone to truly live a remarkable life. And if you need help and support in the process – I’m always here.

Until next time …