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3 Tips on Working Through Transitions of Life

3 Tips on Working Through Transitions of Life

3 Tips on Working Through Transitions of Life

Life is full of transitions – some feel great, while others feel not so great. However, regardless of whether the transition is welcomed or not, it just may be causing you some stress.

This time of year is full of transition – especially if you live in the upper Midwest. Did you see the weather that we are already getting here? Yikes!photo-4

Whether you are working through a transition of the season or a major life transition, these three tips may help you weather the storm.

1. Flexibility is Important

The number one tip on working through transition is to stay flexible. Regardless of what type of change you are experiencing – flexibility is an important piece to reducing stress and enjoying the journey.

Life is not stagnant, nor would we want it to be that way. There are lessons around every corner, and remaining flexible allows you to find those lessons and learn.

2. Find the Silver Lining

Yes – even though I am not a fan of snow in early November – or anytime for that matter, lol – I can find the silver lining in that cloud. The snow fills the water table and keeps our earth healthy.

Finding the silver lining in the transition allows you to change your feelings about what is happening. Sometimes you need to dig deep to find that positive spin on a situation, but it really does make a difference with how much stress you feel during the change.

3. Find Support

The good news is: You never need to do transition alone. There are people waiting to help you through the process. Whether you find a close friend or loved one, mentor, counselor or coach, there is always help available. Find the support you need to work through the change. You might be surprised about how a new set of eyes gives you a much needed change in perspective.

Change is natural, and so is transition.  Even though it may not feel great right now, the end result can be a change in the outcome of your life.  Move through it with Joy, I am here to support you. [no pun intended, lol]


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