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Why Gratitude?

Why Gratitude?

Why Gratitude?

We are constantly hearing about the power of gratitude and that in order to live a happier life we need to be thankful. However, what does this really mean? What kind of impact might you expect when you show gratitude?

The effects of gratitude on our lives is not just hypothetical. There is actual science behind this information.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, it is a time to show our thanks for all that we have. However, why is it only one day a year that we are encouraged to show our thanks? How would our lives and our world change if we made this a daily habit? So, my challenge for you is to make gratitude part of a daily practice and watch how it changes your life.

If you are wondering about what you might experience with this practice or how you can show your gratitude, be sure to review the infographic below provided by Mind Valley Academy.

12 Steps to Thrive


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