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Staying Sane During the Holidays

Staying Sane During the Holidays

Staying Sane During the Holidays – Is It Even Possible?

This is such a busy and exciting time of the year. The parties, the travel, the gifts, the cooking, the decorating – oh and you need to fit running a business or going to work in there somewhere.

Sometimes the Season of Giving can quickly become the Season of Overdoing.

How do you create a holiday season that is full of joy?Happy Holidays

Even for me – this year our holiday is completely different. With both of my kiddos living out west, we had to change up our holiday tradition. That means we are celebrating three weeks early! Yikes!

If there was ever a year that I needed to create a sane holiday – it is this one!

Here’s the Keeping the Holidays Sane List I came up with:

1. Reduce the Stress

Typically stress is caused by overdoing or having a to-do lists a mile long. Let’s face it, even when it isn’t the holiday season – we all have huge lists of stuff that needs done. This year get rid of the stuff that isn’t necessary. Do you really need to send out 200 holiday cards? Do you really need to bake 10 dozen cookies? Take a red pen to that list and cross off what isn’t a must do.

2. Slow Down

Regardless of how busy the day is, be committed to slowing down for a few minutes. Meditate, pray, go for a walk – just take a breather or two to ground yourself and regroup.

3. Stop the Comparison

This time of year it is easy to be a perfectionist or to try and keep up with the Jones’. Keep this part of the holidays in check. Is it really necessary to start the Elf on a Shelf? Do you need to have 1000 lights up outside to outshine the neighbor?

4. Laugh Often

Laughter is the best medicine, so even when the going gets tough – take time to laugh each and every day!

5. Get to the Heart of What Really Matters

What do the holidays really mean? What is important to you? Spend time with those that you love. Give back to those in need. And most of all take the time to enjoy what you have in your life. I promise that next year – you won’t even remember what kind of bows were on your presents 🙂

Here’s to your sanity!


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