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BIG BBD Announcement!

BIG BBD Announcement!

Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

At BBD, we are already jumping into 2015 with a BANG – starting with our new way of doing business as a Public Benefit Corporation. Yesterday was our kick off meeting with the press and BBD was the first to officially file with the MN Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie.

In recent years, critically urgent environmental, social, and economic problems have become top-of-mind issues for our global society. Real solutions are required to solve these pressing and ever-accelerating problems. There is a great need for our business, community, and national and world leaders to go beyond the status quo and begin using their influence to create meaningful and positive change.

At BBD we know that leaders need the self-understanding, mindfulness, inner balance, new skillsets and tools to lead their teams to success during times of instability. At the same time, leaders must answer the call to meaningfully contribute to finding solutions to the issues that are crippling our culture.

As we move into this new way of doing business, we want to offer proven tools, services and process models to help leaders discern the path forward.

Never before have these skills for survival been required of leaders. We’ve honed our strategic, leadership and executive coaching services along with our team training programs to help leaders achieve new heights by capitalizing on change and complexity rather than resisting it. With our focus on businesses, social enterprises and public benefit corporations, BBD’s coaches, mentors, and strategists support leaders in all walks of life to begin effective positive change in our world.

Looking forward to change in 2015!


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