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Looking at your Business Through Green Colored Glasses on Earth Day

Looking at your Business Through Green Colored Glasses on Earth Day

Earth Day reminds us all to continue to step up our game when it comes to preserving our environment. Many conscious companies take their commitment to fostering a flourishing planet very seriously, leaving no green stone unturned in implementing green practices into their business.  Many of the world’s most recognizable brands leverage Earth Day to gain extra exposure and publicity for their brand and their passion for environmental issues.

Regardless of a company’s size, how the company executes its green efforts can give important insight into a company at its core. It’s critical that green programs be authentic and lasting for them to create a positive association for a company. The closer a company’s eco programs and Earth Day efforts are to their brand and the more supported the programs are by company leadership and associates, the more success the programs will have. Getting a green program off the ground and functioning at a level that truly makes an impact to the environment and external perception of the company requires internal and external marketing.

Start or expand your business’ earth-friendly efforts and ensure they work to grow awareness of your company and your positive impact on the earth:

Ask for input from other stakeholders – Contributors to any project respond well to being included in project planning efforts and diverse teams are the most successful.  Meet with your team to get their thoughts on your green programs, unique execution, and ways to get the word out.

Be open to new ways of thinking – Making real change requires new thinking. Proactively guide your own mind and your team through turning ideas upside down to look for new and better green processes and projects. The more creative your thinking the more excitement the programs and your company will generate inside your organization and beyond.

Look for meaningful partnerships – Consider the groups, organizations, companies and brands your company currently works with or could join forces with. Look for share interests, complementary opportunities and themes that multiple groups can support and where the impact is meaningful to all parties involved. Work together on broadcasting your great work in a way that benefits your partnership and your purpose.

Consistently Communicate As you begin to implement or grow your green programs, commit to providing regular updates to your constituency and external audiences. This ensures your programs are top-of-mind and more likely to be supported.  Invite information sharing and look for creative ways you can get your message out to a broader group of supporters.

Go Green or Go Home – Remain consistent and steadfast in your commitment to green programs. Look for green wins you can share to keep the enthusiasm going.  Make it a part of your company culture and it will become second nature to everyone. This makes the efforts an ongoing theme when conversations happen about your company.

Keep pumping good energy into your company; keep asking for new ideas for green practices that will work for your team; provide frequent updates on your progress. This change in your perspective can change everyone’s perspective about your company.

For more resources on making the most of your green efforts, check out 5 Green Ideas to Get Your Customers and Employees on board with Earth Day 2015.


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  1. Robin Apr 21, 2015 - 12:42 PM

    Super helpful in planning and sustaining a green program. I love that Earth Day gives businesses and individuals a focus on green efforts. Gorgeous photo!

    • Joy Pecchia Apr 21, 2015 - 03:57 PM

      Thank you, Robin – happy to hear that you might be planning and sustaining your own green program!