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Who attends LIFT Your Relationship!?

  • Couples attend who already have a strong, healthy relationship, and couples attend to get back on track. Joy welcomes all couples who want to work on making their relationship stronger.

I’d love to come to your workshop but my partner is a private person and is not comfortable sharing. 

  • No Joy provides lots of extra square footage for privacy while couples engage in the workshop exercises. Joy is available to work one-on-one with couples who desire support and assistance during exercises. Joy’s philosophy during her Retreats is that the participants have wonderful insights to share with the other participants, and yet there is no mandatory sharing.

Are we appropriate for LIFT if we don’t have any huge problems.

  • Couples who attend LIFT are typically interested in enhancement. Our brains are more open to new learning when we are not stressed out, and LIFT is designed with plenty of humor and resources, so enhancement couples have a terrific time while learning.

Are there any prerequisites to attending?

  • Yes, you will receive profiles and assessments to complete – anything from your favorite foods and beverages, to your communication and other style assessments. The workshop is self-contained and is appropriate even if you’ve never worked with Joy before.

Do you have any lodging recommendations?

  • Yes, we will provide hotel suggestions. If you are local, you can certainly go home. However, we recommend you try to preserve your focus on your relationship throughout the entire LIFT event, if possible. Try not to go home to kids, jobs, neighbors, pets, all the daily distractions and stressors that you might be facing. Keep those 3 days reserved just for the two of you if at all possible.

What do we wear to LIFT?

  • Wear something comfortable; come casual. If you are cold natured, then bring a light sweater or layers as the room tends to be cool.

Does LIFT provide meals?

  • LIFT provides a meal and snacks.

How often do we have breaks?

  • Generally we break every two hours for 10 -15 minutes.

What makes LIFT different from counseling?

  • We share resources and perspectives, and don’t give you any advice. You’ll find your own answers as you participate in the event.

We don’t or can’t communicate with each other, can LIFT teach us how?

  • Communication or the lack of is a major issue in many relationships. Many couples have poor communications because they stop communicating their thoughts and feelings with each other. They stop because they are tired of repeating themselves or because they are tired of being hurt by their partner. LIFT helps couples start opening new lines of communication. You and your partner will start expressing your feelings and concerns with each other in a healthy, positive manner.

Does LIFT provide child care?

  • LIFT does not provide childcare. Please make arrangements prior to attending.

Is LIFT a private setting?

  • LIFT takes place in a small, private and confidential setting. There are Rules of Engagement that are reviewed and agreed to at the beginning of LIFT in order to play full out while respecting others’ experiences.

Our children are gone, we’ve grown apart we have nothing in common anymore, can LIFT help us?

  • Many couples invest so much time into their children’s lives that they forget to invest time in themselves or their partner, much less their relationship. Once the children are gone they are finding that they have no common ground anymore. LIFT helps couples to be able to reconnect and to find that ‘loving feeling’ again.

We have serious issues in our relationship.  Can LIFT help us?

  • LIFT is designed to help couples who currently have a strong foundation in their relationship, and who want support in enhancing their communication, love and intimacy in their relationships.

How does it work?

  • Joy presents numerous resources and opportunities that are designed to help couples open up and communicate in ways they may not have communicated in the past. The tools that you experience while at LIFT can be continued when LIFT ends so that you and your partner will have a new life and new relationship of open communication and a stronger bond.

Do we have to be married to attend LIFT?

  • LIFT welcomes all couples whether dating, engaged, married or partnered.

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