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Conversations we Need to Lead

I couldn’t resist sharing a recent article I read as it supports my concerns about the approaches we’re currrently taking to protect our people, and what that might mean down the road.

It’s a fairly long article, and I think it will be well worth your time. It speaks to some of the conversations we need to be having, and this could provide a way for you to begin or continue a discussion with the people in your life.

Now more than ever, each of us has a responsibility to make a positive difference; consider choosing something that fits with who you are and your contribution to the world.

heart centered leadership in these times to get us through

What is the ‘one thing’ you’re willing to contribute based on this article, in the way of heart-centered leadership? Please comment on the blog.



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  1. CK Apr 01, 2020 - 03:56 PM

    Good article….probably too long to get mass readership given the attention spans nowadays. Should be required reading to those making policy decisions. Point I liked was that at some point as a society we need to accept some inherent risks to live fulfilled lives….vs measuring success in our ability to quantitatively prolong lives.

    • Joy Pecchia Apr 15, 2020 - 02:23 AM

      Yes, I agree it is quite lengthy and seemed really important to share. Readers have become experts at scanning! 🙂 I recently led a retreat on L.I.F.E. Living In Full Expression. Let’s continue to live as fully as possible while we appropriately navigate through the mystery of what comes next.