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Together series: A Powerful Force

When you add the word ‘together’, a phrase and its meaning undergoes significant changes.

  • Working… becomes:   Working together. Which becomes an accomplishment.
  • Creating… becomes:   Creating together.  Which becomes an invention.
  • Thinking… becomes:  Thinking together. Which becomes an innovation.
  • Relaxing… becomes:   Relaxing together. Which becomes a regeneration.
  • Eating… becomes:       Eating together.      Which becomes a celebration.

When are leaders at their best? Could we be audacious enough to propose that the answer is, you guessed it, together.

Above are five examples of things we’ve all done alone. And yet, when combined with this reality that we are at our very best when we are accomplishing, growing, progressing… together. And now we have the opportunity to be together…apart…

As a leader, do you TRULY believe that you are at your best when you are relationally healthy, well connected, and including others in your vision?

This surpasses imagination, prose, and theory. When we do things and take action together, we instantly become a powerful force.

In your company or organization, do you have the culture of all the creating resting on the shoulders of one person, or do you create collectively? How would your own creativity transform and develop if you included others in the conversation?

Share your own ideas and things you’ve done to spark togetherness in your leadership.


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