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Back to the Basics: Handwritten Notes

Take the time to slow down and think about who has been on your mind lately. We are use to communicating with others by sharing url’s, browsing through social media, and reading texts and emails.

However, those communications come and go.

As you’ll see on the image, this is a part of my office wall. It is filled with notes from people who have been meaningful to me over the years. I still reflect on the notes and the relationship with that person.

As another way to reach out, consider writing a handwritten note to the person you are thinking about. This doesn’t have to be difficult. Take in account the following tips when writing.

  • Schedule time to write in your calendar so it happens consistently.
  • Write or type your message. Get out your thoughts and edit your message. This way, when you write the message on the actual card you’re sending, you won’t waste 10 cards in the process.
  • Write with your favorite notecard and pen. This will help you to slow down and think about your handwriting itself. Think about how your writing looks as you go. I’m better off writing notes in the afternoon when my hand has warmed up!  We want others to be able to read it!
  • This may seem obvious, yet make sure you spell the person’s name correctly. It is often easy to forget how to spell somebody’s name without it being in front of you. This could diminish the effort you put into writing your note.
  • Let the person know you genuinely care about them and you are thinking about them.
  • Check out this link for notecards you may enjoy:

Think about these tips as you write your handwritten message. Take your time and have fun with it! Set a goal of 3-5 notes per week and notice what happens!

We would love to hear how this supports you and your relationships. Feel free to comment below.