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LIFT™ Your Relationship!

Transform your life where it matters most.

Just what you need to bring the *spark* into your relationship!

After years of working with leaders, just like you, it seems more important than ever to have relationship tools in your toolkit.  Relationship tools that are available for you to cultivate essential relationship skills of:

Love Inspiration Forgiveness and Trust (LIFT!)

LIFT is a time for you and your partner to grow and also to have fun! You will create once in a lifetime memories and experience personal growth like never before. Our program makes it easy and enjoyable for you to discover new tools that will enhance your most important relationship.

LIFT Your Relationship! is great for couples who may be interested in:

  • Stepping it up another notch.
  • Acquiring new tools to deepen your relationship.
  • Rediscovering why you fell in love.
  • Navigating any new season or change in your lives.
  • Learning how to effectively give and receive love.

LIFT offers an opportunity of how to ‘be’ in relationship –  even when a marriage license or a partner agreement doesn’t necessarily provide any training — even though it’s your primary, most important relationship!  Similar to the lack of parenting training, right?

We have combined essential resources specifically designed toward revitalizing and reinforcing a foundation of communication, love, and trust. All that’s necessary on your part is an interest and a willingness to improve. We’ll help you do the rest.


If you want your relationship to be an area of excitement, juice, passion and aliveness, then you want to be aware of the tools that can give you the ultimate advantage.

We will arm your relationship with the communication tools that will last long after LIFT has ended!

Joy, your facilitator, is well aware that a loving, passionate, and intimate relationship can be challenging to sustain, as she’s certainly been through the ‘school of hard knocks’ in the past.  Not any more, though!  Joy has successfully utilized the tools and is enjoying an ultimate relationship.  This proven program will give you the ultimate advantage.

These events are focused on LIFTing Your Relationship! LIFT is designed for you to create once in a lifetime memories and experience personal growth like never before.

What if you could ignite more love, joy and excitement in your relationship starting right now?

What creates extraordinary passionate and loving relationships? What are the forces that inspire the utmost excitement, joy, love and passion between two people? LIFT provides the tools and strategies to create sustainable excitement and lasting fulfillment in your relationships.

What will you learn?

Joy is offering an unprecedented opportunity – combining customized Relationship Coaching and Facilitation with you and your partner by utilizing the Robbins Madanes Ultimate Relationship program.

This is the most state-of-the-art coach and intervention system in existence. When you register for LIFT, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the areas that are the most important to you.

  • Discovering how to Close the Gap from where you are to where you want to be in your relationships.
  • Defining What You Really Want at this stage of your life in your intimate and other key relationships.
  • Understanding the Power of Polarity to ignite or reignite passion at levels you may have previously thought impossible to regain or achieve.
  • Employing a Commonsense Strategy for strengthening your bond and rekindling intimacy.
  • Breaking Through Your Barriers as well as those of your partner using the 6 Human Needs.
  • Uncovering and conditioning a set of Daily Practices to bring out the best in you and your partner.
  • Practicing the Art of Giving; balancing your partner’s needs with your needs and outside pressures.
  • Clarifying your priorities, resolving conflicts of loyalty.
  • Rediscovering Your Love as a couple.
  • Aligning with your partner and creating a common bond and vision for your future.
  • Realizing The Three Levels of Mastery that you must attain to create substantial results in any area of your life. (Most of us never go beyond the first level of mastery because we don’t even know the other two exist!)
  • Finding, nurturing and creating a fulfilling relationship through The 7 Master Skills of Relationship. These fundamental skills are critical to your success. Just one of these skills will spark passion in your lover even if it has been dormant for years. Another skill helps you fortify your relationship by strengthening yourself in a way that magnetizes your partner to you rather than pushing him or her away.
  • Shifting the current dynamic of your relationship with The 10 Disciplines of Lasting Love & Passion. These are the daily practices you can start using and can continue to use to steer your relationship toward calm waters.
  • Meeting Your Partner’s Deepest Needs & Desires. If our needs are not met within our intimate relationship, we look elsewhere. Food, family, kids, career, other people, material possessions, drugs or alcohol become our outlets and nourishment.

The Ultimate Relationship Program was created by Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes. At LIFT you will receive 3 days of Anthony Robbins and Chloe Madanes content (along with many other experts such as John Gray, Gary Chapman, Helen Fisher, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Joy’s wisdom and more!) for a fraction of the cost.

LIFT Will Rejuvenate Your Relationship in a Fun and Exciting Way and Will Create Your Relationship at a Level You Never Imagined!


Imagine how the behaviors you can’t seem to kick could naturally subside when you begin meeting your needs wHuman hands and young plantithin your relationship.

By now you’re probably aware that there’s no fairy tale formula for true love.

It begins and blossoms with partners committing and recommitting to each other, both in words and in action.

Isn’t your relationship worth the investment in your future, the future of your partner, and the additional investment bonus of the direct positive impact it will have on every relationship in your life – your family – your friends – your colleagues and more!

LIFT is not a place for:

  • Airing your ‘dirty laundry’.
  • Digging in your heels.
  • Counseling to ‘fix’ something because something’s ‘wrong’.

LIFT is an opportunity for:

  • Looking at your relationship through a new lens.
  • Learning valuable resources to enhance your relationship.
  • Contributing to yourself, your partner and others.

Joy is offering an unprecedented opportunity – combining customized Relationship Coaching with you (and your partner), by utilizing the Robbins Madanes Ultimate Relationship program, in a small setting.

No matter how much we have achieved in any area of our lives, true fulfillment can only be found in one thing:

The Emotional Quality of our Personal Relationships.

The principles shared in the LIFT Your Relationship! seminar will help you create a level of joy, passion, ecstasy, and love that is unsurpassed—by taking your current relationship to a new level, by helping you make a decision about what you’re no longer willing to settle for, and/or by helping you clarify what you are committed to seeking out with your relationship and/or partner.

Take action now and start to personally learn, witness and experience what’s possible when you transform your beliefs and master the fundamental skills necessary to create the ultimate relationship you desire and deserve.


Your Ultimate Relationship will create your relationship at a level you never imagined!

No matter how much we have achieved in any area of our lives, true fulfillment can only be found in one thing: the emotional quality of our personal relationships.

Unfortunately, most of us have settled for something that falls below our deepest desires. We all want love and passion, yet most of us fill ourselves up with work, friends, sports, food, or causes outside the realm of passion, ecstasy, and intimate love.

The good news is that regardless of your past experience or current relationship, the promise of something deeper, richer and lasting is now within your grasp.

LIFT Your Relationship by Creating, Transforming and Celebrating the Greatest Gift of Life

Take action now and join Joy at LIFT to personally learn, witness and experience what’s possible when you transform your beliefs and master the fundamentals required to create the ultimate relationship you desire and deserve.

Never Again Settle for Something that Falls Below Your Deepest Desires.


LIFT will give you new insights and research-based skills that can dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you manage conflict in a healthy, positive way. Along with the memory of re-connecting and the knowledge that ‘we can do this’.  You will take home a workbook and journal to support your relationship in your everyday lives.

As a result of this workshop, you will be:1233

  • Fostering respect, affection, and closeness.
  • Building and sharing a deeper connection with each other.
  • Strengthening and appreciating the love in your relationship.
  • Discovering new possibilities!

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Meet Joy, Your LIFT Facilitator and Coach:

joy-pic-2Joy Pecchia is trained and Certified as a Strategic Interventionist, Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.  She has also been trained and certified in the Ultimate Relationship Program by Cloe Madanes and Tony Robbins, who have joined forces to form the Robbins-Madanes Center of Strategic Intervention. Joy enjoys the privilege of coaching with this series of training materials that are completely unique in the world of coaching and communications.

Since 2002, Joy Pecchia has been a leadership expert in providing insightful strategies and tools to the best and brightest leaders in today’s world.  She has over three decades of personal and business coaching, speaking, and most importantly, real life, in the trenches life experience; having worked with hundreds of clients across the globe, Joy is referred to by many in her business and personal life as an agent of change.   Her passions about business, life and adventure have encouraged many leaders to expand their personal and professional boundaries.

Joy is sometimes referred to as the “People Whisperer” for her coaching and facilitation skills that bring out the best in people. Her fusion of real life stories and her conversational techniques connect her with audiences at personal, passionate and memorable levels.

Joy is a Board Certified Coach and an accomplished Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator who delivers keynote addresses, meeting presentations, retreats and workshops.


I am so glad to have spent time with Joy and to have approached this Retreat with an open mind. My biggest takeaway was the understanding that my perceived challenges can be approached with small, actionable steps that are tackled in the most simple yet effective ways.  The tools that Joy presents are not just “fluff” – they are measured and attainable. Thank you, Joy for igniting this new excitement and journey to find my full potential.  Ju A., CA

Joy provides a safe and nurturing environment – and is truly there to guide you and call you out as needed (which I loved!). There is the right amount of push/pull and opportunities to open yourself to new ways of thinking and feeling. And I learned SO much – new tools, a new language and best of all, how much BIGGER we all are.  Thank you Joy (and the other participants)! Debbie L., NY

The Puerto Rico retreat was a mind-bending experience. Always the consummate life coach, Joy helped me to remember parts of myself long forgotten in the daily grind. Using excellent and efficacious exercises, she helped the group to explore and find answers to questions long buried, yet just waiting to be discovered.  It was an awesome time!  Deb P., MI

Joy is an outstanding coach and trainer who is well worth the price of admission. On top of that, she is sincere and authentic in every way. If you have the opportunity to work with Joy, I am certain you will find the time spent to be of great benefit. —VP, SamsNet

 Thank you for being so giving of yourself and your wisdom.  You are changing the world!  ―Participant, Annual Yoga Retreat

 Hi Joy, I was so happy to be able to attend your session.  You have a wonderful, graceful way of presenting.  ―Director – Integrative Health/Wellness, Normandale Community College

Thank you so much for presenting at our firm.  You were excellent and I have received extremely positive feedback. —Attorney, Messerli & Kramer

“The workbook content was very helpful and all of the exercises and interactions were extremely beneficial.  Joy’s knowledge, tips and energy was great. I would highly recommend Joy!”  ―NAWBO Business Mastery Conference Participants

It was absolutely wonderful, very motivating and uplifting, and a great information piece, especially on how things were done in the past and how things need to change. I’m an entrepreneur and am excited to apply what she’s offered. —Participant, Business Mastery Event

Joy, in looking at what has been accomplished since our last summit, and adding the energy of the new organizations that participated this year, I am really inspired.  I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thanks again!  You Rock!  —Director, Animal Ark

love your tools, and it was very interesting for me to see the group WAKING UP and seeing the world in a different way—Participant, LIFT for Leaders 

My goodness, I learned a lot today, and I felt significantly connected. I left feeling very much upLIFTed (pun intended). —Participant, LIFT for Leaders

I enjoyed meeting people who have similar concerns, and it was nice to be in a ‘no risk – high reward’ environment. —Participant, LIFT for Leaders


Who attends LIFT Your Relationship!?

  • Couples attend who already have a strong, healthy relationship, and couples attend to get back on track. Joy welcomes all couples who want to work on making their relationship stronger.

I’d love to come to your workshop but my partner is a private person and is not comfortable sharing. 

  • No Joy provides lots of extra square footage for privacy while couples engage in the workshop exercises. Joy is available to work one-on-one with couples who desire support and assistance during exercises. Joy’s philosophy during her Retreats is that the participants have wonderful insights to share with the other participants, and yet there is no mandatory sharing.

Are we appropriate for LIFT if we don’t have any huge problems.

  • Couples who attend LIFT are typically interested in enhancement. Our brains are more open to new learning when we are not stressed out, and LIFT is designed with plenty of humor and resources, so enhancement couples have a terrific time while learning.

Are there any prerequisites to attending?

  • Yes, you will receive profiles and assessments to complete – anything from your favorite foods and beverages, to your communication and other style assessments. The workshop is self-contained and is appropriate even if you’ve never worked with Joy before.

Do you have any lodging recommendations?

  • Yes, we will provide hotel suggestions. If you are local, you can certainly go home. However, we recommend you try to preserve your focus on your relationship throughout the entire LIFT event, if possible. Try not to go home to kids, jobs, neighbors, pets, all the daily distractions and stressors that you might be facing. Keep those 3 days reserved just for the two of you if at all possible.

What do we wear to LIFT?

  • Wear something comfortable; come casual. If you are cold natured, then bring a light sweater or layers as the room tends to be cool.

Does LIFT provide meals?

  • LIFT provides a meal and snacks.

How often do we have breaks?

  • Generally we break every two hours for 10 -15 minutes.

What makes LIFT different from counseling?

  • We share resources and perspectives, and don’t give you any advice. You’ll find your own answers as you participate in the event.

We don’t or can’t communicate with each other, can LIFT teach us how?

  • Communication or the lack of is a major issue in many relationships. Many couples have poor communications because they stop communicating their thoughts and feelings with each other. They stop because they are tired of repeating themselves or because they are tired of being hurt by their partner. LIFT helps couples start opening new lines of communication. You and your partner will start expressing your feelings and concerns with each other in a healthy, positive manner.

Does LIFT provide child care?

  • LIFT does not provide childcare. Please make arrangements prior to attending.

Is LIFT a private setting?

  • LIFT takes place in a small, private and confidential setting. There are Rules of Engagement that are reviewed and agreed to at the beginning of LIFT in order to play full out while respecting others’ experiences.

Our children are gone, we’ve grown apart we have nothing in common anymore, can LIFT help us?

  • Many couples invest so much time into their children’s lives that they forget to invest time in themselves or their partner, much less their relationship. Once the children are gone they are finding that they have no common ground anymore. LIFT helps couples to be able to reconnect and to find that ‘loving feeling’ again.

We have serious issues in our relationship.  Can LIFT help us?

  • LIFT is designed to help couples who currently have a strong foundation in their relationship, and who want support in enhancing their communication, love and intimacy in their relationships.

How does it work?

  • Joy presents numerous resources and opportunities that are designed to help couples open up and communicate in ways they may not have communicated in the past. The tools that you experience while at LIFT can be continued when LIFT ends so that you and your partner will have a new life and new relationship of open communication and a stronger bond.

Do we have to be married to attend LIFT?

  • LIFT welcomes all couples whether dating, engaged, married or partnered.

Need more information? Call us now to get on the path to a more confident, improved relationship.  (612) 227-8922



Why can’t we give love that one more chance

Why can’t we give love …

Because love’s such an old fashioned word

And love dares you to care for

The people on the (People on streets) edge of the night

And love (People on streets) dares you to change our way of

Caring about ourselves

This is our last dance

This is our last dance

This is ourselves

Under pressure

Just after David Bowie’s death, I listened to David Bowie and Freddie Mercury singing an acapella rendition of Under Pressure. Both of these artists, throughout their musical careers, called us outside the status quo of our deep social-cultural norms of male and female, of love and paradox. I invite you to read and reflect on the words of this song again. When you speak and utter the word love, what does it dare you to be, to do?

chinese-815390_640My Reiki Master/Teacher, Inamoto Huyakuten, says that in Japan and other places in the east, they do not use the word love. They speak of compassion or loving-kindness. This language of compassion and loving-kindness has helped us to reclaim the power, light and blessing of our western use of ‘love’ out of the trite idioms of many pop songs, valentine cards or romance movies that have little to do with the transformative essence and power of love. It saddens me that we have reduced our experience and understanding of love to mean what is shared in passionate encounters under the covers, hoping it will fix the emptiness inside.

We have stripped love of its radical nature and ethic to walk justly, to be kind and patient, to forgive and to let go of wrongs done. We have stripped love of its capacity to make us feel secure and confident that our physical and emotional needs will be attended to in a respectful way. We have stripped Love as the experience and essence of Abundance.


Love birthed us. Great Love nourishes us. We have learned that like food and water, we need love. Without love, infants die – ‘failure to thrive’, we call it. What is most sad and distressing to me is how so many people have no experience of this agapé LOVE. They haven’t experienced this love through their parents or community. It was gone from these guardians too. Or the hurt in their hearts has closed the door to Love and their tenderness within is starved of the nurturing it needs.

Recently I listened to a lecture where several experts were sharing their process and technology of transforming conflict into connection. At one point, they asked if either knows where Love comes from, and they didn’t know. The listening group had no real answer either. It just is. It arises when we open our hearts to the interactions between us or any living being. Amazing! When was the last time you really committed to learning to love—body, heart and soul?

Love tends to the needs of each member and tends to the well-being of the whole with heart. Like circle, Love is about WE and ME.

I invite you to attune to Love. Receive the gift of abundance that is LOVE. Start loving yourself, your neighbor, your life, your foe.  LOVE.


Shirley Lynn

© Shirley Lynn Martin, Soul Coach

Gratitude and Mindfulness

Gratitude and Mindfulness

Wishing you and yours a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday

Gratitude – a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation.

Mindfulness – paying attention to the present moment.

I wanted to share a few takeaways from a recent Mindfulness Lecture I attended featuring Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, hosted by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality & Healing. It seems especially appropriate to share some of those highlights during this week’s Thanksgiving Holiday here in the U.S.

Over 2,000 people were in attendance at this Mindfulness lecture. 10 or even 5 years ago there would not have been a full auditorium.

There is great potential in this mindfulness movement; the time is now.

joyHow much are we really living the life that is ours to live?  We seem to be always trying to get out of this moment to find a better moment; we’re conditioned this way.

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.
Henry David Thoreau

How many moments do we let slip away?

We can’t stop breathing.  We can’t stop our heart beating. In a very real way, there’s no end to a mindfulness practice.  Breathing is just one way to drop into the fleeting, present moment, as is noticing the beating of your heart.  It’s about the awareness that is an intrinsic part of our being.

We can test our mindfulness throughout the day by asking 3 questions:

1.  What am I doing in this moment?
2.  Is my mind on what I’m doing?
3.  Am I happy in this moment?

Most people polled were doing things halfheartedly; they weren’t fully engaged.  If you can’t be present for yourself how can you be present for another, take in the world or make wise decisions?  It’s not a luxury to create Mindfulness.  It’s an old tradition that is the most sophisticated psychology on the planet.

The more UnPresent you are, the more UnHappy you are.

Now that we’re attached to our mobile devices we’ve become perpetually addicted, it’s like we always want to be somewhere else.  A supercomputer in our purse or pocket, what a concept!  Rather than being mindful we’re looking for that next adrenaline or dopamine hit that seems so satisfying, yet is fleeting.  Having our devices so accessible destroys the depths of conversation because no one is being present.

Your creativity, intuition and imagination are all sitting right inside the multi-dimension of right now.  If we were trained in Mindfulness in kindergarten we would be cultivating a deep awareness that’s much deeper than thinking.  Inside each of us is vast open heartedness, spaciousness – sharing the same space of the world.

It’s simple, not easy.  Exercise the muscle.

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, take a few extra moments in bed lying down and see if you’re fully awake.  Let your mind and your attention scan your body from head into your toes and heels and feel your body being breathed.  Rest in awareness, an awareness that’s so big and so spacious, it’s wakefulness.  These are perfect moments to linger and be fully awake before you get out of bed.

A real mindfulness practice is how you move throughout your day from moment to moment; full presence with others at home and at work. You can have thoughts, just don’t get so attached to them.

We are completely connected with the planet, cycles, and with each other. We are beginning to transfer science from mind/body to larger society and planetary levels. We are these miraculous human beings who don’t know it yet. Find wise ways of being in touch.

Just be present. Just be with and love rather than fix or judge.

There is major research and programs in 4 areas:
1. Healthcare.
2. Education.
3. Business/Corporate.
4. Criminal Justice.

We need a thousand different ways to address issues currently happening in our society.  Consider practicing mindfulness rather than mindlessness.

Let’s not miss out on the most important dimensions of our own life.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Our dads are important leaders in our families. Our culture has provided a number of support opportunities for moms to take a break, express pent up emotions in healthy ways, and openly seek coping mechanisms for stress, all deservedly so. Yet occasionally, our dads might be a bit of an afterthought. How do we honor dad’s role in our family in a way that works for him and gives him opportunities to healthily blow off steam?

Statically speaking, the majority of men will make a series of lifestyle changes that will positively impact their health after they’ve become a father. Creating a family schedule for simplicity often means dads partake in more balanced and regular meals. Fathers tend be more physically active; however, family households are also experiencing a greater balance in child-rearing tasks across moms and dads. This balancecan have many positive influences on the family unit and also put fathers in a position of having to juggle many tasks at once.

The good news for dads is that with increased parenting and other household tasks being added to his plate, the value of fathers has also increased.  Although parental tasks were not included in this list below,’s annual Father’s Day Index values dad’s many other efforts at $25,709 per year. To get to this number, common household tasks are Index based on theBureau of Labor Statistics for specific tasks from plumbing, to coaching sport teams, to chauffeuring. This number is also based on working dads rather than stay-at-home fathers. Regardless, this number should help put dad’s contributions to the family into perspective.

The Father’s Day Index 2015

Dad’s job BLS occupation  Hours per week Weeks per year Mean hourly
Annual value
Family finances Accountants and auditors 0.5 52 $30.90 $803
Plumber Pipelayers, plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters 2 3 $30.53 $183
Helping with homework Other teachers and instructors 10 40 $27.40 $10,960
Coaching a team Athletes, coaches, umpires, and related workers 4 10 $24.35 $974
Handyman Maintenance and repair workers, general 8 6 $20.30 $974
Car maintenance Automotive service technicians and mechanics 2 10 $18.43 $369
Assembly of toys, bookshelves, etc. Miscellaneous assemblers and fabricators 3 10 $15.83 $475
Pest removal (spiders, gross bugs) Pest control workers 1 4 $16.33 $65
Scout leader Recreation and fitness workers 5 10 $17.90 $895
Driving Taxi drivers and chauffeurs 9 52 $15.23 $7,125
Moving furniture Laborers and freight, stock, and material movers, hand 2 3 $13.65 $82
Barbecuing Cooks 3 52 $10.40 $1,622
Mowing the lawn, landscaping, snow removal Grounds Maintenance Workers 2 52 $11.35 $1,180

Dad’s 2015 value: $25,709

Wage source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


This Father’s Day we also wanted to know what makes dads feel valued. We asked three popular dad bloggers, and their answers pointed away from fancy gifts and exotic celebrations and toward everyday stuff:

“It’s just knowing I’m providing for them, everything from their physical to emotional needs,” says Lin, creator of The Busy Dad Blog.  it’s often as simple as seeing the household operate as it should or watching his 12-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter play happily outside.  On Father’s Day, Lin likes to eat and relax with his family and take the day off from worrying.

“I grew up without my father and so I wanted to do things differently for my family,” says Fred Goodall, founder of Mocha Dad, a website focused on fatherhood, and is passionate about parenting and encouraging men to become better dads and husbands.Goodall still carries in his wallet a laminated card his 6-year-old son made a few years ago in preschool. As for celebrating on Father’s Day, each year he and his wife and kids get their photo taken wearing matching T-shirts. He also makes up a questionnaire and asks his kids to fill it out. He saves their hand-written answers from year to year.

“What makes me feel valued is when they do the right thing when no one’s looking. It shows the things you drive home with them stick, they’re learning while they’re watching you.” Says blogger Trey Burley, founder of parenting website Daddy Mojo.  Burley says his favorite way to spend Father’s Day is to go out to breakfast with the family at a nice bagel place and stop by the farmer’s market for fresh fruit.

With dads putting forth so much important energy to do their part to keep households running smoothly, doesn’t dad deserve some special thanks for Father’s Day? You might be surprised to learn that the things that would make dad most happy this Father’s Day is time with his family over expensive gifts. It makes perfect sense that with schedules getting busier for everyone that our fathers crave a little quality with the families they work so hard for.  Make extra time this Father’s Day to let the dad in your life know the value you place on him is priceless.

Green is in Fashion

Green is in Fashion

It’s wonderful to see how so many companies are taking a green approach to their businesses. We’ve talked in previous blogs about how more companies see that having a social consciousness program helps their bottom line. At BBD, we are inspired to see how more and more companies are creatively inspiring green tactics that are far reaching and becoming critical to the literal and figurative fabric of the company.

Eileen Fisher is a privately held company whose brand goes back to 1980’s. The company is known for its simple designs and creative marketing. Since the early 2000’s the company has been making green programs as vogue as their clothing and has added social consciousness to its reputation. The company follows Social Accountability International (SAI) SA8000 standards to ensure social accountability in the work place. The majority of the cotton in their clothing is organic and colored with chemical free dies.

In 2011, the brand began an effort to keep clothing out of landfills as well as provide a funding source to support causes for which the company has a passion. Green Eileen was the eventual product. The program takes in “gently worn” Eileen Fisher clothes, gives donors a $5 gift certificate per item and resells them with all proceeds going to nonprofit groups that have a mission of empowering women.

For Eileen Fisher, sustainability is a way of doing business and it’s been hugely successful. The history of this brand shows that when social consciousness becomes a part of your culture, the answers to what were once tough questions become more and more obvious.  We see many brands and companies demonstrating that cradle-to-cradle processes like the Eileen Fisher model are not only possible, they can be a part of valuing business success.

At BBD, we support companies in reaching their goals for social impact and believe that 100% sustainability is possible. We are here to help you begin making a shift that will show your clients that you and your company have sustainable style.

Green practices pay greenbacks

Green practices pay greenbacks

As of January of this year, an estimated 1,200 companies in the U.S. had B Corp status. A B Corp is a for-profit corporate entity that contributes positively to the community and environment through its products, services and operations. Even with the mounting increase of companies achieving B Corp status, CFOs still want confirmation that green practices and corporate responsibility will support the bottom line.  Luckily, consumer studies and handy new tech tools hold good news for sustainable companies.

A 2014 global study was conducted by Nielsen surveyed consumers on their willingness to pay for products and services provided by companies’ actively practicing conscious capitalism. The study found that 55% of respondents were willing to pay more for products and services from companies that are making a positive social and environmental impact. Nearly as many consumers (52%) had made a prior sustainable product purchase in the past 6 months.

While consumer-reported past purchases and purchase intent is helpful, it may not be the best predictor of actual conversion to a product purchase. To get the rest of the story, a review of sustainable product retail sales was performed. The review showed a 2-5% increase in sales depending on the product marketing.  Companies which included corporate responsibility as a part of their marketing message and on product packaging saw the most success.

More recently, consumer commitment to spending their green on green products and services can be seen in the creation and usage of complementary sustainable shopping apps. More apps are being developed and downloaded that help consumers find green products. Some examples include:

  • GoodGuide— helping consumers find ethically made, green products quickly
  • Fooducate— giving shoppers a product grade level for each scanned product based on its healthfulness
  • Social Impact— allowing users to search socially conscious businesses near their location

The results of the Nielsen study and the growth of socially conscious consumer apps demonstrates that a growing percentage of consumers are:

  • motivated to spend on sustainable products made by socially conscious companies
  • willing to pay more for them
  • influenced to purchase by a sustainable marketing message.

Share with others how your company is communicating your green efforts to your target market.

Social Enterprise Surprises While Traveling

Social Enterprise Surprises While Traveling

Social enterprise can be surprising, with new expressions of the movement popping up in unexpected places.  With BBD’s recent rebranding in the social enterprise area, it’s been so fun whenever I unexpectedly experience or hear about another company’s shared passion.

Gary and I recently had to opportunity to experience Argentina thanks to the generosity of Trapiche Wines.  Trapiche treated us to many wonderful events: watching the hottest tango show in Buenos Aires (Wow!!!) , visiting the area that Eva Peron spoke to her people (I’m a huge Evita fan!) and the historical cemetery where she was buried, tasting the malbec grapes (so delicious!) right from the vine, horseback riding in the Andes (spectacular mountain range), and witnessing the fall harvesting process at the winery (and enjoying a variety of wonderful tasting wines) – who knew all the effort it takes to produce that wonderful bottle of wine!

During one of the amazing dinners Trapiche hosted, they shared their incredible passion and vision for their vineyards and winery now and well into the future.  To my unexpected delight, they started talking about their social enterprising efforts.

The Trapiche brand believes in fostering more than a family wine making legacy.  Trapiche supports a social enterprise called Xinca.  Xinca is a unique group that saw an opportunity to clean up abandoned old tires that were left to clutter up their land and community. The Xinca team “hit the pavement” (pun intended) and found a way to convert the rubber waste of the tires and recycled pants into shoes while creating jobs for the people of Argentina.

Here are 3 ways you can help support Xinca’s mission.

  1. Give away your pants!  By law, companies must change required uniforms of employees twice per year.  This generates a lot of waste that can be used by Xinca. Encourage organizations that have scrap cloth and clothing to donate them instead of trashing them.
  2. Help social enterprise get traction!  Share Xinca’s story and stories like theirs via social media so all your socially conscious friends can be following in your Xinca clad footsteps. Show your friends how to be responsible consumers and post every time you hear about or purchase from companies like Xinca.
  3. If the shoe fits! Make social conscious shopping a lifestyle.  Seek out products that were made by companies that are strategically protecting the environment, operating ethically, and upholding social justice.   Take a step to support social enterprise and shop Xinca shoes. (Keep in mind the exchange rate. Reference this handy currency converter. )

Look around and like me, you may be surprised to see the many companies that are “stepping up” just like Xinca to make a positive impact on their communities.  Share this post to make a positive step-up of your own.