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Knowledge is Power!

A few recommendations for you:

  • The Law of Divine Compensation, by Marianne Williamson.  On work, money and miracles
  • Swimming with Sharks in Dark Water, by Athene Brinson. Having race and working with grace in corporate white America
  • Man’s Search for Meaning, by Viktor E. Frankl.  Finding purpose and strength in times of great despair.
  • Control you Inner Conversations, by Neville Goddard Lectures. The thoughts you think and nuture the most become your reality
  • Dare to Lead, by Brene Brown. Brave work. Tough conversations. Whole heart.

Please feel free to share your favorites in the comments below.

Together Series: Creating Together

Most likely you’re reading this on your mobile or tablet, so we’d like you to consider now the genuine power that you’re viewing as one avenue of togetherness: Creating.

Here’s a Prime Example of Creating Together

Let’s review a simple case study in creating together: Apple. The year is 2007, there is plenty of hype, hunger, and hope with what could very well be the greatest technological advancement by many estimations. The iPhone is unveiled and it is, in an instant, widely produced, promoted, and purchased. In the first two days alone, 250,000 were sold. Some three years later, we were shown the iPad.

Each app is not created, produced, and offered by Apple. No, there are creators and contributors across the world who have chosen to accept the Creative Party invitation Apple sent out to the world. A decade ago, the App Store had more than 300,000 applications. A study done in September of last year revealed there are now over 2 Million apps in the App Store. That number, is of course as you can imagine, growing steadily.

As even this Apple product user would agree that life has changed quite a bit due to the functionality and friendliness of their products, what is far more impressive is these thousands upon thousands of apps available to us. This is the power of togetherness.

Why is this? It’s certainly not because experts are keen on inventing more and more software. As lucrative as that may be, it doesn’t reveal the almost magical reason why there are various app offerings. I’d like to propose to you it’s because Apple is making it very welcome to create together.

As even this Apple product user would agree that life has changed quite a bit due to the functionality and friendliness of their products, what is far more impressive is these thousands upon thousands of apps we can find in Apple’s App Store. This is the power of togetherness.

Amateurs and idea enthusiasts have found a safe place to explore their solutions and offer their findings. As leaders, we should be doing the same for those we have been assigned to.

A few helpful links:

Apple’s Inclusion and Diversity Web page :Click here

NY Times on App Store Content: Click here

How can we promote a more welcoming environment where people around us are empowered to take risks? What are some things we can say and do in each of our realms of influence to communicate I believe you have something to offer, be that a talent, a gift, an idea. I want to make sure your voice is heard and your ideas receive the validation they deserve.

As leaders, this is sometimes a challenge. If we think a person’s idea will overshadow our position as a leader, and we put up roadblocks for a person’s growth, then we really shouldn’t be leading in the first place. When we are leading, we must do all we can so that people become the absolute best version of themselves and have every available resource they need to do just that.

Let’s make the move. Deliver the truth. Set up others for success and, we might even find that our ability to create will become exponential when we do it: Together.

So, the question is, what are you willing to create in your community or culture that would require some bravery on your part? Have you been withholding any truth you want to declare to your people because, even in a small way, you think it would cause someone to shine brighter than you?

In the comments, would you be so bold as to share your greatest opportunity to build an environment that encourages creating together?

Together series: A Powerful Force

When you add the word ‘together’, a phrase and its meaning undergoes significant changes.

  • Working… becomes:   Working together. Which becomes an accomplishment.
  • Creating… becomes:   Creating together.  Which becomes an invention.
  • Thinking… becomes:  Thinking together. Which becomes an innovation.
  • Relaxing… becomes:   Relaxing together. Which becomes a regeneration.
  • Eating… becomes:       Eating together.      Which becomes a celebration.

When are leaders at their best? Could we be audacious enough to propose that the answer is, you guessed it, together.

Above are five examples of things we’ve all done alone. And yet, when combined with this reality that we are at our very best when we are accomplishing, growing, progressing… together. And now we have the opportunity to be together…apart…

As a leader, do you TRULY believe that you are at your best when you are relationally healthy, well connected, and including others in your vision?

This surpasses imagination, prose, and theory. When we do things and take action together, we instantly become a powerful force.

In your company or organization, do you have the culture of all the creating resting on the shoulders of one person, or do you create collectively? How would your own creativity transform and develop if you included others in the conversation?

Share your own ideas and things you’ve done to spark togetherness in your leadership.


Together. Eight letters that, together, create one powerful word.

Typically, people meet together. You talk together. You travel together. You work to solve problems together. You live together. You play together. You create together. …and so on…

People are endlessly invited into the experience of togetherness.

Over 7,500,000,000 people on the planet, and you are in relationships with a select number of them. As human beings across the globe, we are all now, in a very real sense, together.

As leaders, we truly are better – together. Before March 2020, it seemed that heart to heart connections with others may have been forced or uncomfortable. The broad range of electronic tools, apps, and screen related avenues to “talk” with people while connecting us in a more meaningful way, was eluding us.

And many of you are currently experiencing how the broad range of electronic tools available to us are creating togetherness now.

I’d like to propose that the word, which is firmly supporting these influential times in your own history, is the word: together.

  • The word is filled with meaning and inspiration. It makes all the difference between a group of individuals plotting their own course and a unified team.
  • The word symbolizes the culmination of actions individuals can take and fits them, piece by piece, into collective power.
  • This powerful expression describes how individuals can collaborate to achieve extraordinary results – together.

Leadership is about togetherness. It’s about creating as one, adventuring uncharted waters as one, learning as one, transforming as one, working as one, innovating as one, operating as one, and managing as one.

It’s quite possible that during this time we are currently in, you have the opportunity to re-evaluate the strength of togetherness in your family, in your community and in your workplace. Could a fresh vision for connections shift from an antiquated “command and control” model to a more empowering, supportive and successful “agile and adaptable” model?

What would your influence as a leader look like on a daily basis if you intentionally began using the word ‘together’ more?

We’d love to hear your ideas on how you are bringing people closer together, and how togetherness plays a role in your leadership. Please comment below with your supportive ideas and thoughts on the value of togetherness in today’s current global situation.

The Importance of Executive Coaching for Start-ups

We already know that executive and business coaching holds numerous benefits for those who seek it. Whether this is done to streamline your career, negotiate a career shift or raise your levels of productivity, there is no doubt to how beneficial seeking executive and business coaching can be!

So Many Start-Ups

There are numerous start-up companies and businesses that have recently sprung into the market. Many of these offer similar services and products so what separates the best from the simply good tends to boil down to the finer things.

Executive Coaching for Start-Ups

One of the things that can seriously benefit a start up business, company or organization is executive coaching.

Over the course of this blog, we’re going to elaborate on how this is so.

A Removed Perspective

Many of those involved in starting and running their own start ups are passionate individuals. Further, the startups they are invested in hold much significance in their lives emotionally and otherwise. Though this kind of commitment is great, there are times when one needs to take a step back and view situations more objectively for the greater good of the business.

At times like those, where a director or owner cannot distance themselves from the emotional investment, an executive coach can offer valuable perspective.

Goal Setting and Management

Setting goals is an important part of any business; as is managing and seeing them through. A start-up receiving executive coaching will be supported greatly in the area of goal setting and management.

An executive coach will not only help the start up figure out its priorities and vision for growth. They will also provide support and motivation helping those working for the startup see these goals through.

Early Risk Assessment

Executive coaching can help you identify potential risks, losses and pitfalls a lot earlier in the game than you would without it. This is because the executive coach you work with has likely worked with numerous businesses, start ups and individuals.

They also have a realistic idea of what different markets are like and are informed by way of trends. In other words, they not only help you make the right decisions but also help you to avoid numerous risks by identifying them early.

Team Evolution

Managing a new team can at times be tricky. At the same time, if your team is not getting along it will probably be quite difficult for your upstart to thrive. Similarly, an unhappy team means shoddy work. An executive coach can help streamline team interactions and help with motivation as well as morale. They work with the team evolving them into the happy yet productive force you need to function well and make it big!

Sculpting Leaders

Last but not least. an executive coach will help you sculpt yourself into the right kind of employer, partner or leader.

They will inform you about qualities that will help with your work and interactions and provide guidance. They offer perspective and can help you become more aware of your strengths so you can play on them. They will also alert you to growing edges and professional weaknesses that you could work on to be better. Needless to say, a team with good leadership will get places!


If you’re involved with a start up and feel you could use the extra support getting up on your feet that’s perfectly normal! Better yet, we’ve got you covered! Those looking for executive coaching in Minneapolis can give us a shout or visit our webpage for more on the effective executive, business and career coaching we offer!

New thinking gets Lean

New thinking gets Lean

Most leaders have at least one area of concern associated with their businesses that keeps them awake at night. To keep a finger on the pulse of what executive leaders are facing, the Executive Development Associates, Inc. conducts a survey every other year to understand the trends, growth, and evolution of executive development.

The group was surprised to see a shift in the top hot topic of executive development away from leadership, as it had been for over 20 years. Now ‘critical thinking’ has become the top issue that has executive leaders concerned.

Many companies are making critical thinking a part of their culture by implementing Lean thinking. The core idea of Lean thinking is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste   The concept has a goal to problem solve until perfect value is provided to their customer, through a value-added process that has zero waste. It works to ultimately encourage businesses to never stop looking for ways to improve their businesses, the value they give to customers, and saving as many resources as possible across multiple areas and systems of the company.

At one time, Lean thinking was considered to be most important for the manufacturing industry. Yet determining how to add value while stripping waste can and does apply to every business and every system or process, and Lean thinking is now spreading across all industries and services including healthcare and government.

These groups are applying Lean principles as the way they think and perform in every part of their jobs. Their Lean processes may be branded differently so that the company can feel an ownership of the process. The process becomes an operational philosophy that dramatically improves on those big critical thinking issues.

Regardless of where your business is, the concepts of Lean thinking can stimulate the way your associates develop their critical thinking skills. You don’t have to know all the ins and outs of Lean thinking to start applying the concepts to your work and business – check out this simple cheat sheet.

Already applying Lean techniques to your business? Share with us how you’ve been effective.