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The Leadership Gap – Building a Bridge

The Leadership Gap – Building a Bridge

Everyday more corporate leaders are retiring. In fact, the U.S. is facing the retirement of 33 million baby boomers by 2020, leaving a rather large and potentially threatening leadership gap for businesses to fill. The process of filling the leadership gap will not accommodate the time commitment needed for training the next generation of leaders.  Additional studies show that only 11% of employees are interested in pursuing C-level leadership positions critical to the success of an organization.

With these tough challenges, companies may need to take a “bamboo” approach to training. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world but only after it takes time to develop a robust root system. This system protects and supports the plant’s longevity, heartiness, and strength.  The bamboo becomes tough to uproot and the plant’s growth becomes explosive.

Companies can be like bamboo and develop a root system that will support them well into the future.Start by considering who the future leaders could be in your company. Who would shoot to higher levels of leadership with the right mentoring and training? Next, gather input throughout your organization, sister companies and trusted partners on the type, style, and execution of the training most relevant. Getting feedback lays the ground work to give a leadership training program that extra boost it needs to be successful. Consider how you might leverage mobile tools, personalization, and the ability to be flexible to help meet the user experience preferred by Millennials to drive engagement and follow through.

Once you have areas of growth identified, consider leveraging subject matter experts from in and outside of the organization to develop and deliver training materials. Keep the lines of feedback flowing and adapt as needed. Through this and other exploratory training and continued learning, your company can begin to tend to its next generation of leaders and grow them to become wonderful assets.

Most importantly, start your transition planning now. On an individual basis, consider how you can stretch your own mentoring skills and seek to teach potential prodigies to lead your organization in its next pursuits. Support them in growing deep strong roots as leaders in your company. If you’re a Millennial and are inspired to lead, seek out a mentor to help you identify your areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

Is your company ready to start a training program targeted to the future leaders in your organization? BBD is here to support you in understanding and executing training and coaching to help your business bridge the leadership gap.

Sales Leadership Training and Sales

Sales Leadership Training Tips to Skyrocket Your Success

Essential Steps You Need to Take for Increasing Sales and Leadership Training Development

leadership-trainingRegardless whether you work for an employer or have your own business, sales leadership training is crucial to your success. It doesn’t matter what business you are in or what your position is, there comes a point when you need to sell. So, if everyone needs to do it, why does it sound like a bad four letter word?

Selling, or influencing, is part of life. From the moment you are a young child and throughout adulthood, these skills are needed. Whether or not you want to enhance those skills, though, is up to you. Sales leadership training can help!

There is no denying it – that asking someone for money can be a difficult challenge. The good news is that you and only you can get through this challenge. Contrary to what you may believe, you are not born a salesperson. These skills are learned and developed – meaning fear and hesitation can be overcome.

Sales Leadership Training Tips for Your Success

  1. Discover your fears. If you are going to become a better salesperson, you might consider taking the time to determine what is holding you back. Most likely, you will discover you are afraid of something. What’s the fear? Are you scared of rejection? Making a fool of yourself? Success? Whatever the reason, determine what that reason is. Be brutally honest with yourself.
  2. Transform your fear into an opportunity. After you discover what is causing your fear, find a solution on how to deal with it. For example, if you happen to discover that you hate selling because you don’t believe in the product or service, change your perspective. You will have a hard time selling anything that you can’t stand behind.
  3. Focus on the customer. Take the pressure off of yourself! Get out of your head and out of your own way so you can focus on the customer. If you stop talking and listen to what they are saying, they will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about why they need your product or service. Listen to their words for pain and pleasure points. Reuse their own specific words to describe how you can help them.
  4. Allow imperfections. You don’t need to be perfect. Don’t worry about memorizing a script word for word. Be yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes. When you are uptight and worried about being perfect your customers will pick up on your nervousness. Be able to laugh at yourself and relax, so your customers can also relax.
  5. Dive in! You can practice all you want and worry all you want, but until you take action, you won’t be successful. Dive in and know with each and every customer you speak with, you will gain more and more confidence.

If you are looking to take your sales leadership training to the next level for your success, give yourself the support you deserve. Contact me to find out how: (612) 227-8922 or

How To Impact Your Organization and Team with a Corporate Coach

How A Corporate Coach Positively Impacts You, Your Organization and Team

corporate coachAs a Corporate Coach, I can’t stress enough, the importance of having a positive mindset.  My clients learn, through the coaching process, that they can’t control their boss, their team or their environment.  That’s actually good news!  It would be a tough job if you have to control everyone and everything around you.  I’m here to tell you that is definitely not the case.

It’s your job to manage your own positive mindset – as a corporate coach, I share with my clients that ‘you’re the change you want to see in others’.  If you want to see your organization positively impacted, you take the first step towards making a positive impact, and the next step, and the next step, and so on.  Your organization and your team will begin to look for you for that ‘breath of fresh air’ attitude – not from a whimsical place, but from a place of deeply rooted optimism.  Plant the seeds everywhere you go, nurture them with positivity and encouragement, and watch them grow!

Cultures can be contagious, good or bad.  A study of 70 work groups across a variety of industries found that people who work together share moods, positive and negative.  And when you begin paying attention (80% of our culture is not!) you can begin to positively impact you first, then watch the positive ripple affect across your team.

Corporate Coach; Here are 5 easy ways to positively manage your organization and team:

  1. Smile! Nothing better for optimism than a smile on your face.
  2. Passion! Live your life with Passion – doesn’t need to be in every area of your life. Focus on at least one area you feel passionate about and observe how it positively impacts your life and the lives of those around you.
  3. Confidence! What are you really good at?  What do you do quicker, better faster than those around you?  Build roots around that confidence and let it ripple out to other areas of your life.
  4. Appreciation! Appreciate your gifts and talents and the gifts and talents of others.
  5. Reflection! Reflect in gratitude, there is always something to be grateful for.  Taking quiet time for reflection is a priceless gift for you.

Utilizing a corporate coach teaches you how to be a leader in your organization and team not only positively impact sustainable results on the bottom line, you will also positively impact the bottom line that’s not measured on the balance sheet – the importance of human capital and creating a positive, sustainable environment and organization.

How Today’s Successful Leaders Leverage Time Margins™

Time Margins™ — The Amount by Which Revenue of Time Exceeds Stress in Business

I’ve seen and heard this from successful leaders over and over again: Clients’ first story or excuse about why they’re not where they want to be, is either time or money.  Together we bust through that story pretty quickly, as I know and you know, every successful leader out there has the same amount of time.  Money may be a slightly different story, and it is still widely overused as an excuse as to why you’re not where you want to be. I also find that a successful leader’s negative mindset about money can stop their business from growing – or them from advancing.  A positive mindset can also leverage you into numerous success strategies that you may not have thought about before.

Now I know most successful leaders have heard of Profit Margins before.  Profit margins are defined as “The amount by which revenue from sales exceeds costs in a business”.

What about Time Margins™:‘The amount by which revenue of time exceeds stress in business”.  Have you ever thought about how to quantify that?  We know ‘time is money’ and ‘stress diminishes health’.

Isn’t it equally important for successful leaders to leverage both Time Margins™ and Profit Margins?

There is a brand new perspective with Time Margins™. Access the most cutting-edge Time Margins™ system based on efficiency and productivity – saving you 30% of the number of hours/week you’re currently working, (and I know many of you are working +80/hours per week!).

Successful Leaders learn not to manage time, as time is not something to be managed, time just ‘is’.  If anything, time is an emotion.  Notice how quickly time passes when you’re doing something you love, vs. how slowly time passes when you’re doing something you dread.

Discover the power of Time Margins™, a system especially created for the busiest and highest achieving leaders —created while working for hundreds of successful leaders across the globe. When it comes to working more efficiently and effectively, you will have the most powerful model to help you chunk time using a revolutionary system. It’s all about managing your psychology, it really has nothing to do with managing your time.

You will learn an entirely new efficiency model for successful leaders.

Not only is handling the faster cycle times and more diverse leadership challenges associated with business a lot of fun if you follow a correct system, it also allows you to Become The #1 Successful Leader in Any Company no matter what the economic conditions are like. As the Baby Boomers generation retires in the U.S. and other nations, there will be a greater need for speed and effectiveness in developing the next generation of leaders simultaneously.

Simply put…the old advancement model is too slow for today’s successful leaders who don’t want to play the political games their competitors have to play. Even worse than this, today’s typical advancement model prevents you from creating cutting-edge Time Margins™ systems easier than your competitors as you will see — they all are following an outdated model too!

Contact Joy(a) Today To Begin Implementing Time Margins™ In Your Life As A Successful Leader.


You’re Probably Familiar with ‘Professional Branding’ — Have You Ever Thought About ‘Posturing’?

Posturing allows you to benefit from my highly-guarded formula for instantly posturing your ideas and advice that will put you in the power position of being the one that people listen to first.

Professional branding briefly explains who you are, what you do, and what you’re best known for in the workplace.

The difference in Posturing is in how you play BIG.

posturingIn today’s world, there are not always opportunities to play really BIG.  Who really gives you permission to do that, including yourself?  Sure there is support out there, yet to play really BIG, what does that mean?  Here’s an example:

It means that just today, I received a call from an ecstatic client of mine.  Six months ago she was sought out for a much higher level executive position than she currently had, and with a new cutting edge technology company.  Within that six month timeframe her boss has already confided in her that he’s finalizing his succession plan  which has her ‘postured’  to take over his ownership position.

Throughout our coaching relationship she learned and practiced the distinction between ‘branding’ and ‘posturing’.  Now whenever I see her the first thing she says is “I Love My Life”!

The new Posturing System will eliminate your risk of being incorrectly positioned (my client was definitely incorrectly positioned before the coaching process), which leads to one of the greatest problems that many of you have and this is sacrificing your health and the time spent away from those you care about the most. Most importantly, you will have a posturing system that helps you develop the confidence to play big. You will understand a new model that ordinary leaders are using today to easily work more efficiently and effectively

Call me today at 877.569.2511 to find out more about posturing so you’re always in the power position.

Manage UP – A New Corporate Leadership System

Access Our Unique ‘How to Manage UP’ Corporate Leadership System for Knowing How to Stealthily Manage the Key Decision Makers in Any Corporation

This is the backbone of the New Corporate Leadership System.

corporate leadershipThe leaders in your corporation will never realize how you are hypnotically controlling them to attend to you over everyone else.  You will give yourself the perfect unfair advantage as others play the typical political games, selling their soul and shortchanging their quality of life.  The ladder climbers in your corporation will NEVER know how you are stealing the attention away from them no matter how hard they climb!

Competition for top leadership positions is at an all time high. Emotional Intelligence and a solid background may be the price of admission, and they’re not enough. A high-potential candidate must master the intricacies of a proven proprietary Corporate Leadership System to move faster without losing out on any perceived chance.

If you were afraid of heights would you be standing on a high bridge looking down?  I don’t think so, you would probably be looking up.  Same thing with your team.  Empower those underneath you to be forward thinkers and contributors – train them and take the roadblocks out of their way – allow them be effective and efficient you while you Manage UP to the corporate leadership levels you have always strived for.

Corporate Leadership Systems are breaking down all around us, it’s no longer true that your boss expects you to be the one doing the following.

Is there some risk Managing UP?  The way I teach Managing UP to my clients makes that risk minimal with the benefits far outweighing any risks.  It’s done respectfully, relying on personal empowerment, self confidence and trust, and by following my carefully considered coaching.

My clients Manage UP by following a Corporate Leadership system of conversation, finely tuned listening skills, understanding who they’re managing up to, and a well thought out plan. You will be very successful in your ability to persuade, influence or “sell” one or more of those above you who will follow your lead or initiative, and they will be thanking you! And as a bonus of Managing UP, since you’ll be doing it quickly and hypnotically, the leaders will be coming to you first.

To be most effective in Managing UP you want to know what’s happening above you.  Map out, or outline exactly where you’re going.  You’ll want to highly influence the leader above you by knowing what is most important to them and what their obstacles are.  Know most objections and handle them before they are even brought up.

You’ll learn how to know their style, their motivators and their success strategy, and you’ll be able to handle issues for them quickly and effortlessly.  Again, they will thank you! You’ll have a Corporate Leadership strategy that will be flawless and hypnotic as you begin to Manage UP, paying attention to the nuances that will support your process without having to wait for the typical long Corporate Leadership climb.

If you’re ready to master our Corporate Leadership system of Managing UP contact us today to learn more at




Secrets About Leadership Training

Discover Why 40 Percent of an Organization’s Success Can Now Be Credited to Its Leadership

More and more attention is now being directed towards the importance of human capital and the ever increasing importance of leadership training.  It’s not just about the numbers.

The assets and liabilities on a company’s balance sheet now account for only 60% of its real market value and this number is going down!”
Dr. Lev, Professor of Finance and Accounting, NY School Of Business

leadership trainingWhen an organization places the spotlight on the balance sheet – as many do – numerous times they are not measuring the critically important human capital which accounts for 40% of their assets. There are inaccuracies in your financial snapshot when you do not take into account the intellectual property of your human capital within your organization.  The strength of your leadership and their specific, measureable goals must be taken into account when setting any specific measureable financial goals.

Yes of course the financials are very important when it comes to reporting for your shareholders, lenders, etc.  And that financial snapshot is only one way to measure the organization’s success– that must go hand in hand with your human capital goals.  All of the leaders in your organization – CEOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, etc.  absolutely must be empowered with accountability, authority and responsibility, now more than ever, as their contributions will continue to have more and more of a powerful influence on measuring an organization’s growth and strength.

Ongoing leadership training is critical to your leadership team’s success.

I can’t tell you how many times an organization gets off track because it’s so easy these days to go into overwhelm.  Leadership training will guide you and keep you focused on what you must be tracking and measuring to have long term growth and success.

Clients come to my company from over 100 industries, from entrepreneurial start ups to corporate executives – companies whose leaders need to reinvent themselves quickly.

A client on mine who was a former CEO of a bank, left to start up his own bank right before the economy crashed. He successfully raised $22 million of capital in 5 months (April-September) in arguably one of the most difficult times in many years.   Before he started raising any capital, he was focused on building his human capital, as we worked together on this critical first step – and with that vital team in place he was ready to focus and successfully raise the financial capital.

Leadership training will strategically position your organization for long term success – with focused planning and execution so you never have an issue with these balance sheet inaccuracies.

Check out for additional information on leadership training or contact us at 877.569.2511.

Career Planning; Reflecting on the Past

Career Planning: Reflecting Back and Moving Forward

A great way to reflect back on your life and career planning is to put together a best of/worst of list for the year. When you look at the good AND the bad… you will see trends. Set aside at least an hour and lock yourself away somewhere without your mobile, tv, or any other interruptions. If you need extra time for this exercise, it’s worth getting up an hour earlier or staying up an hour later. Download your PDF here and let’s get started! To begin, you must first get clear about where you really are now…

Career Planning Questions

1. What did you appreciate?

2. What was most memorable or extraordinary?

3. What did you accomplish in last year?

4. What do you want to be sure to recreate this year?

5. What was disempowering last year?

6. What were your challenges or learning opportunities?

7. What do you not want to repeat again? What will you do differently this year so it doesn’t happen again?

8. What did you learn? Why was that so valuable?

9. What decisions did you make that were positive?

10. What were some of the most important decisions you made?

11. What decisions could you make now based on these positive decisions?

For career planning, once you know where you are, you need to create certainty about your ability to make anything you dream about…become real…

12. Write down anything in your life that was once a goal, dream or vision. What are some of the things that at one time seemed extremely difficult or impossible to achieve?

13. Circle two or three items on your list above that seemed the most difficult or impossible to achieve.

14. For the two or three items you circled, write the down the steps you went through to turn each one of them into reality. You may not have done it consciously, yet look back on your success strategy. Did you focus on your goal continuously? Then what — did you actually create a plan or hire an expert? What were the steps you took?

Again, look for the trends.

Things that keep repeating themselves… things that have both positive and negative results for you.

You will gain clarity about where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you want to go.

This process will also help you create a simple plan to set up your new year so that it truly compels, excites, and drives you.

Now that you’re clear on where you are based on results, let’s create your new plans!

1. Write down every goal you’d like to accomplish in the next five years. Focus on the unlimited possibilities available to YOU!

2. Circle the top four one year goals [from your list of 5 year goals] that you are absolutely committed to, and the reasons why you MUST achieve them in 2011!

3. What are some of the actions you may must take that you don’t want to do in order to achieve these goals?

4. Decide now: What is one small thing that you will do immediately toward achieving one of your top goals (e.g., making a phone call, booking a meeting, getting on the internet to research, getting a coach, etc.)?

5. What is one BIG action you commit to doing immediately to achieve your goal (e.g., making a decision, setting up an accountability partner, giving something away, etc.)?

Build momentum by taking action right now towards one of those top goals. Take that first step now towards building success!

NOTE: Many people make New Year’s goals, yet have no plan or direction and take no action. Set a new standard for yourself. Now that you have your plan and direction, measure your progress weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Post your goals up where you’ll see them every day. I know many of you are visual, so look at your goals every day — on your bathroom mirror, the dashboard of your car, a white board in your office, etc.

Be very clear on all the reasons why these four goals are more important than anything else, and then start to write up your action steps for each goal. If you can only think of one action, then write that down. As you focus on what you want and why you want it, and take even one small step towards successfully achieving a goal, you will build momentum to live this year on purpose more than ever before!!

Call Joy’s office today at 877.569.2511 and say *Yes* to Joy’s coaching – receive ongoing personal support with any goals and career planning that are a MUST in YOUR life!