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New Survey Shows What’s Most Needed by Today’s Leaders

New Survey Shows What’s Most Needed by Today’s Leaders

Korn Ferry, the world’s largest executive search firm, recent published the results of their new survey of 200 coaches about the challenges leaders most frequently face, and the skills leaders need to be equipped with when leading during every-changing business conditions.

Survey respondents were asked to identify the top 10 most frequent coaching topics by career level. If you are currently serving in a leadership role, you may not be surprised by the need areas that rose to the top. The survey showed that interpersonal and communication skills including influence, listening, and empathy were common themes across the board for leaders regardless of their level of leadership. Self-awareness also ranked high for leaders across the board.

As business continues to shift at an ever increasing rate, as communication tools expand, and as demands for more creative problem-solving are needed every day, it’s critical that leaders begin developing the skills they need in today’s world. Perhaps more importantly, our leaders have to be examples to others on how to recognize when and how to add these skills to any success toolbox. The Korn Ferry study demonstrates that great emphasis is being placed on the effectiveness of the leader as well as the cohesiveness of their teams.

What do the results mean for leaders, their coaches, and their teams? Here are a few strategies for you:

  1. Complete a self-assessment in the key skills areas mentioned, and identify your specific opportunities and a plan for growth.
  2. Pay attention to how your team works best. Consider the factors that are in place when your team is most open and available to sharing new ideas and provide that environment for your team as best you can at regular intervals.
  3. Plan to keep any interactions fresh by creating new ways to facilitate discussion and interact, while keeping in place what’s working.
  4. Engage with a coach to begin a discussion on your specific need areas and how your coach can support you.

You can open the door to leveraging growth opportunities for yourself, and open communication with your team. You’ll be working toward your goal of skill development, taking steps toward improved communication, and expanding your influence by setting a positive example.

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