Beyond Boardroom Doors

Beyond Boardroom Doors is an internationally-acclaimed coaching, consulting, leadership and strategy training company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A Personal Message
from Joy Pecchia

My company and who-I-am are so intertwined that what
I value as a person and as a professional are inseparable.
I founded Beyond Boardroom Doors so that I could "live
in" my values for myself, and for all those with whom I
live and work.

Our 12th Year

As we begin our 12th year in business, I'm pleased to report that BBD continues to provide superior solutions as a trusted business partner, ensuring that our clients realize significant value - today, tomorrow and beyond.

Speed-to-Advancement™ System

The Speed-to-Advancement Training System is
the highly-acclaimed training and coaching model
of Beyond Boardroom Doors Inc.

  • Business & Executive Coaching

    Utilizing executive coaching has never been more crucial!

    If your “leader-heart” is strong and in-tune with the leadership skills that your people need, then you, and they, will be well-positioned for success! Learn why here >

  • BBD Strategic Consulting

    Reach higher levels of success.

    Leading a company is a pro-active and time-consuming responsibility. While many of employees may be focused on daily or monthly tasks, your vision has to extend far into the future and deep into your organization. Learn more >

  • Presentations & Trainings

    Human capital development is critical to your success.

    The 'Speed-to-Advancement' Training System is a highly-acclaimed business training program and coaching model of Beyond Boardroom Doors Inc. Learn more >

  • Residential Coach Certification

    Organizations are recognizing the power of coaching.
    Companies are using coaching to drive transformational change, leadership development, and employee engagement at every level. Learn more>