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Something needs to change.

Is now the time for you to begin?

Are you ready to become a Bold, Brave, Dynamic leader who gets things done?

Raise the bar on your leadership and get remarkable results with BBD as your partner.

Ways of making the world and planet better, healthier and smarter is the innovation towards driving our passion and purpose.

We created BBD with a dual mandate: strengthen the core BBD business while driving new innovation through leadership that understands and appreciates the biodiversity of individuals, teams, leaders, companies and communities in Minneapolis.

We have a mission centric core: providing leadership development coaching to high performing, passionate leaders who want to improve balance in life, work and the way business is done.

It is our mission to make sure our services of coaching, training and LIFT adventures reach Bold, Brave, Dynamic leaders who are ready to lead their companies and communities into a new way of leading, working and living. We have innovation, biodiversity and leadership driving our core. We offer coaching and training for corporations, executives and leaders locally and virtually. 

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Conversations we Need to Lead

I couldn’t resist sharing a recent article I read as it supports my concerns about the approaches we’re currrently taking to protect our people, and what that might mean down the road.

It’s a…

I’m in Awe of your Leadership

As we navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic and the updated April 30th shelter in place in the US, I wanted to reach out and let you know I’ve been thinking of you and sending immense…

Leaders, Time To Get Your Shift Together

Don’t delay –  let’s get started and make shift happen.