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At BBD we are “People Strategy Partners” who work with authentic, integrity-driven leaders just like you, who value personal and professional development and the benefits received for yourself, your team and your company.

As an experienced Coach, Joy has invested hundreds of hours in her own personal and professional development. The benefits and outcomes have been invaluable and priceless.  She has grown exponentially and takes her clients’ success seriously; walking the journey with you towards your desired success.

Coaching is a powerful way to influence change and growth required in today’s world.

We help you set big picture goals and devise practical action plans for how to achieve them. Our coaching is designed for high-performance professionals and we offer a blend of guided and self-directed sessions to help you discover your unique skills and talents and how to align them with objectives that powerfully influence you and your organization.

Scenarios where coaching can help:

  • Reducing stress and obtaining optimal life balance
  • Increasing performance with measureable results
  • Expanding conflict resolution and relationship agility
  • Developing communication skills and emotional intelligence
  • Stepping into a new leadership or management role

Study after study report the measurable results of coaching and benefits it can have on organizations.

The Manchester Consulting Group says coaching resulted in an ROI of almost six times the program cost and had the following results:

  • 77 percent improvement in relationships
  • 67 percent improvement in teamwork
  • 61 percent improvement in job satisfaction
  • 48 percent improvement in quality

The Value of Wise Coaching

BBD Coaching is proud to offer you exceptional coaching and development. Through a series of monthly sessions and ongoing conversations over the course of a specific timeframe, coaches help to empower you to accomplish specific leadership goals.

Through coaching you will have access to:

  • Your dedicated, experienced coach with deep experience, knowledge and insights about the dynamics of leadership, and the skills to foster reflective wisdom and discernment.
  • Organizational self-assessment tools and feedback via BBD’s Center for Systems Leadership
  • Private and confidential conversations to support and enhance your personal and professional growth.


BBD’s ‘Speed-to-Advancement’ (STA) Coaching & Development Programs provide a proven leadership model to accelerate your development in all aspects of personal and professional leadership. STA’s coaching process is a critical factor for your success, and a ‘normal and natural” way to develop as a leader.

STA Resident Coach Training Programs:

  • Training and Supervision: Trains and supervises internal coaches, HR managers and other organizational leaders. Companies are ready and eager to reap the benefits of having internal coaching onboard to ensure key members of the workforce thrive and contribute at high levels.

STA Coaching Programs:

  • Executive Presence: Supporting your baseline of self-confidence and tools to manage (up) any unpredictable situations. Hone your communication skills by finding your executive voice in listening, thinking and speaking that results in the successful blending of temperament, competencies, and skills.
  • Bold Leadership: Addressing professional, personal and inter-personal concerns to create the self-awareness required to achieve the results you desire and deserve. Rather than surviving, start thriving while freeing up more of your time currently spent on those all too familiar blocks of distraction and indecision.
  • Life Transition: Creating a smooth transition with an expert by your side whether it’s onboarding your new career, discovering your next path, or entering another phase of your life journey.  We’ll clarify a baseline of your personal strengths and professional brand – including a customized transition blueprint.  You will learn how to be a master of your emotions while achieving your desired future.
  • Direct Sales: Crafting your unique action plan using your natural abilities in confidently building your team, making serious money, and living your vision of a successful lifestyle. We discover your secret sauce that allows you to rise to the top levels of your company, and stay there, by using unique tools, innovative strategies, and intuitive methods designed specifically for ongoing direct sales’ success.

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